Orange Scented Rice Pudding Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 55 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 5 mins
I Want To Share With You My Recipe For Orange Scented Rice Pudding.


  • Rice Pudding
  • Whole Milk
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Plums
  • Little Pinch Of Cinnamon



You can’t go wrong now the ingredients for the base of the rice pudding is gonna be some whole milk it’s some risotto rice or arborio rice. I will say though that you could probably make this recipe using like a basmati rice. I’ve personally never done it. I’ve always used a result to rice because the starch in that in the result the rice makes the rice pudding extremely creamy which is what I want so,let’s get right into it I’m gonna put my whole milk in this pan here in the saucepan and I’m gonna go wait for that to come up to a boil and when that does.I’m gonna add in my rice once I add in my rice.


I’m gonna turn it down to low and let it simmer for 25 minutes and then. I’m gonna show you the remaining ingredients you’re gonna need to finish off the rice and then to make the comfort now my rice has been cooking for 25 minutes. I just added my rice when my – my milk. when I first started to come up to a bubble and I’m gonna cook for 25 minutes on medium low heat and now to that we’re gonna add in a tad of sugar a little bit of vanilla not a whole lot just a bit of ins preheating and a little tiny bit of orange now you want to be careful because you don’t want to go overboard with the orange you want to be scented slightly with that sort of citrusy deliciousness but you don’t want to put too much so that’ll be fine probably about a half a teaspoon if that alright.


I’m going to let this cook for another five minutes or so and while that’s happening.I’m actually gonna put it on the back burner so we can start on making the fruit now for the compote. I’m just using some plums that I’ve just pitted and these are actually kind of really sweet but their heart is a rock so when you cook them they’re gonna cook down and just really really enhance that sweetness and I’m also using a Golden Delicious apple that I’ve peeled and I’ve just cut into bite-size pieces a small little pinch of cinnamon not too much and the remaining orange.


I’m gonna use the orange juice so everything goes into a small saucepan it’s very simple you can use any fruit that you’d like if,we can all try it so anyways got your fruit got your cinnamon now. I don’t want to cook this for so long that it becomes like Jam.I wanted to keep a lot of some of its texture and a lot of its color so, I’m just gonna squeeze my orange right in there and this is you know this fruit sauce or compote or stewed fruit whatever you want to call it is delicious on anything from ice cream to frozen yogurt the top waffles or pancakes you name it french toast it would be delicious but it’s gonna be delicious today on the rice pudding so squeeze and write orange I left the peel on the plums just because it doesn’t really bother me it’s not as tough that say the peel from me apple and it also gives a lot of good color to the sauce okay

5I’m using a sweet apple and because the plums are sweet. I’m not adding any sugar to this we did ask sugar to the rice pudding so, I don’t feel like it’s necessary but of course if, you’re using fruit that’s a little bit tart you want to use a little bit of sugar okay so, I’m gonna keep an eye on this stirring it as much as I can for about seven or eight minutes or until the fruit starts to cook down. I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s done and we’re ready to plate and eat that looks perfect if.