Orange Panna Cotta with Cranberry Recipe

I’M Going To Show You How To Make A Fabulous Orange Scented Panna Cotta With A Really Easy Cranberry.


  • Half-And-Half Heavy Cream
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract Orange
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Unflavored Gelatin
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Orange Zest



You just need some half-and-half heavy cream granulated sugar good, vanilla extract orange this is some white chocolate chips the best quality you can get your hands on you need some unflavored gelatin and you’re also going to need some of course currant fresh cranberries and a little bit more sugar and that’s really it now let’s get started in my saucepan actually. when I will do first is this I’ve got a little bit of water here in a bowl and to it.I am gonna sprinkle over my unflavored gelatin and this basically helps you helps set the panna cotta because panna cotta really it’s all it is it translates to cooked cream and all we’re doing is cooking up some cream and then it’s gonna send the fridge and it’s gonna be the most beautiful luscious velvet texture you can ever imagine.


So, I’m gonna set that aside because I don’t need that for a few minutes for a few minutes and in the saucepan. I’m going to add my half-and-half and my heavy cream and my sugar. you notice I haven’t turned anything on yet and I’m gonna need a little bit of orange zest not the juice just a zest so ,I’m just going to grate. I would say this is a pretty small orange so, I can probably get away with a whole orange zest here but if, your orange was really big then.I would just do half cuz you’re looking for about a teaspoon and have to choose teaspoons of orange zest now remember.I mean I want that orange flavor here it’s gonna be you know one of the main ingredients is beautiful citrusy fresh wintry scent of orange so, I’m just gonna go ahead and do the whole zest cuz


I said it’s pretty small and now all I’m gonna do is bring this to a simmer and I’m gonna cook it on but medium low heat just long enough for this sugar to dissolve and that’s it so this is pretty much exactly where I want it I can start to see some bubbles coming up around the edges like right over here if, you come close you can see some of those bubbles right up there so, I’m gonna turn this off the sugar has dissolved the orange because it’s been hit by that heat now it’s just fragrant and wonderful now I’m gonna add my chocolate chips white chocolate chips and a good splash of homemade vanilla extract now if, you’re not using vanilla extract you can just see mines full of vanilla beans then do use something about being paste because.


I think that makes a world of a difference and I want just the very best here because it is for a special occasion now you take this rather strange looking concoction and you add that right to the hot mixture and all you’re gonna do now is just carefully whisk all of this together until your gelatin has dissolved completely it will not take very long you just want to be patient and you want to make sure you turn the heat off because you don’t want to scorch your chocolate and that’s gonna add just another really lovely kind of sweet vanilla note to this that’s gonna make it a little sweeter a little sweeter we’re going to indulge a little bit because it is the holiday season so.

5I say you go all out that is perfect just try to shake off all the orange now it’s gonna be hard for me to tell you how many this makes because you can make a little shot glass you know being small portions for a little holiday party or something like that and you could get about 20 or you could get six to eight depending on how big your serving dishes are I’m hoping to get about eight out of this mixture six to eight let’s do what we’ll see we’ll see how it looks glad I like a really generous dessert even though this is quite rich I managed to get about eight servings out of mine.


I’m so happy with it something else. I wanted to mention too when it comes to a holiday get-together or a party or whatever don’t go out and buy all matching of the same thing if, you’re only gonna use it once or twice go in your house get Maino mix and match your cups midget mists and match your dishes because that’s liberating not having to worry about everything being so perfect allows you the hostess to have a good time so sing here I’ve got two other little glasses here that don’t match but it’s gonna be beautiful on my table so, I don’t worry about it a bit okay now this is gonna set for a bit I’m gonna work on the cranberry sauce even though I don’t need it right now but I want to kind of get it out of the way because it needs to cool so in this pan.

7I’ve got fresh cranberries. I need lots of sugar and then I need the zest of one orange and the juice of two oranges and then all of them to do is cook this and I would say a good twenty minutes or so on about medium heat and then I’m gonna strain it press it through my strainer and then that beautiful Ruby color juice is gonna go into the fridge to set not too cool along with the Pentecost and that means to set so that’s pretty much all. I’m going to do I’m gonna put the panna cotta in the fridge. I’m gonna cook my cranberry mixture like. I said strain it and then pop that into the fridge as well so that it all gets done at the same time and I’ll show you what it looks actually what the cranberry sauce looks like the sauce the beautiful liquid that’s gonna just be so perfect on the panna cotta once it’s cooked. I’ll show you what it looks like all right my cranberry has been crimini sauce has been cooking for 15 minutes and if you want to you can cool this as is and then top it on the panna cotta and it’s fine but I’m gonna strain it because I want a really lovely. I want it’s a really thin layer of the cranberry like liquid almost it’s fabulous.

8I just kind of strain it a little bit at a time and do be careful because it’s really really really hot and then just just take a spatula a heatproof spatula of course you see that you see that beautiful ruby syrup that is what I want to adorn on top of my white chocolate and orange panna cotta it is just really the kind of stuff that.I just dream about I love the texture of the two I just think this is fantastic and then I just discard the cranberries now don’t you dare get rid of those cranberries because you can add that makes two muffins you can add it on top of yogurt on oatmeal on anything this is good stuff right here I’m gonna fold mine in two muffins.

9I’m gonna make my orange cranberry muffins.I’m gonna cover it I’m gonna put both things into the fridge to set for a few hours and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s all ready to eat my panna cotta has set completely now and walk you through something really quickly cuz. I did fail to mention that. I was gonna do that so basically once you put the cranberry sauce and the panna cotta in the fridge after one hour the panna cotta will have set enough so, that you can top you. Can you know can top it with your cranberry filling because with your cranberry sauce because cranberry is that a lot of natural pectin.

10So, it starts to harden and set really easily so you want to work with it quickly so as soon as it’s cooled you want to make sure you give it a good stir with your spoon because it will kind of harden a bit and then you just top you put a cop down. You put it back into the fridge for a few more hours to set completely and now it’s done I like the top mine with just a little bit of shaved chocolate white chocolate you can add cranberries to this you can top it.