Homemade Orange Chicken Recipe

Hi Guys,I’m Going To Make Orange Chicken Recipe.


  • Some Orange Zest
  • Some Chopped Scallions
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cornstarch
  • Soy Sauce
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Pinch Of Hot Pepper Flakes
  • An Egg
  • Salt
  • Vegetables Oil
  • Chicken Breast



You’ll need some orange zest and juice some chopped scallions, brown sugar, cornstarch, soy sauce, chopped ginger and garlic, rice wine vinegar, pinch of hot pepper flakes, chicken stock, an egg, white some additional cornstarch a little bit of salt and you will need some chicken and some vegetable oil now the chicken I prefer to use for this recipe is bone um it’s boneless skinless chicken thighs that. I cut into bite-sized pieces now that’s what I have in this bowl you can by all means use chicken breast. I think chicken thighs just taste so much better I’ve left a little bit of
fat on but I removed most of the fat.I just think a little bit of fat really gives you wonderful flavor so,I do like to leave a little bit on. you can make the same thing with chicken breast if,you prefer try with a chicken thighs because.I think they just gives this dish so much flavor.I I can’t even tell you and the chicken thighs just so succulent still.

I should sell the first thing I’m going to do is we’re going to work on the chicken. I’m going to season my chicken with a little bit of salt cornstarch and other sounds weird and looks pretty strange but trust me. when I tell you that it works and an egg white what this does is it creates like a coating around the chicken that helps keep the chicken like it gets nice and crispy and helps keep it moist it kind of like makes the outside get crispy but keeps all the moisture inside and now. I’m just taking a fork and mixing this together until. I want to get everything pretty combined and now.I’m going to just set it aside and let it sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes but my chickens been sitting for about 10 minutes and what I have here is a skillet with high size with a little bit of vegetable oil getting preheated over about medium-high heat.I want the oil to be nice and hot because when I add my chicken.

3I wanted to sizzle I want to develop really good color so, I’m just going to test it with one piece of chicken let’s see yeah that’s nice and hot.I’m going to add my chicken right into the skillet and now.I’m just freaking it up with my wooden spoon it looks like there’s a lot of oil in there there’s only like a little less than three tablespoons of vegetable oil. you just have when you put something in and kind of like move to the side a little bit but anyway. you’re going to cook this for about three to four minutes giving it a stir every once in a while until it’s developed a really nice color now in the meantime.I’m going to take my orange juice and zest now do use fresh orange juice and zest for this makes a big difference. I’ve got my chicken stock or chicken concentrate and a little bit of water if, you guys know.

I like to use my soy got my rice vinegar and give this a stir with a fork along with the brown sugar.I just like to mix those ingredients together to get them out of the way and now.I’m going to babysit my chicken.I’m going to tidy up a little bit and I’ll show you the next step once we are there my chicken has just beautiful color.I’m just looking at this you can just tell it’s gonna be delicious.I’m going to add in my ginger and my garlic now.I’m going to stir this in.I’ve lowered my feet just a little bit to medium because it was a little bit too high.I don’t want to burn my garlic and ginger oh the smell the smell of garlic and ginger cook like sizzling it’s amazing so,I’ll let this cook for about a minute and then.we’ll add in our sauce you’re gonna add in our sauce that. we mixed together it looks like a lot it’s going to reduce quite a bit don’t worry.I’m going to add just a pinch of hot pepper flakes you can make it as hot or as mild as you like and now.

5I’m going to just let that sauce reduce.I turn the heat back up to medium-high I’m gonna let that reduce until it’s reduced by about half. I can take up to about 15 minutes so, keep your eye on it and then. we’ll be pretty much really close having an awesome dinner. I look gorgeous. I’m going to thicken up the sauce just a little bit. you can see it’s reduced a lot it’s only been about 10 minutes but a little cornstarch here and a little bit of water may be a little bit too much water let me use this fork right here. I’m going to add this slurry and then all. you’re going to do is. you’re going to let that cook for just a couple of minutes and then all of a sudden. you have a thick and gorgeous sauce unbelievably good now. I’m also

going to do is. I’m going to add some not all of my scallions.
6I want to serve some from the top for the top right there oh just gorgeous.I’m gonna let this cook for just a minute or two until that slurry sort of cooks out and then we’re done look at that I mean tell me that doesn’t look ten times better than take out you know it does don’t.I have it done now. I’ve got a beautiful plate a fluffy rice here.I’m gonna put my chicken right in the middle look at that that is just a meal fit for company.I’m so excited to eat this and of course you need some four scallions on top mmm.I love our scallions okay I’m gonna go for this piece right here simply because if it looks left out so we’re gonna make them feel a little bit better by me eating it it has almost delicious beautiful orange flavor not overly sweet it’s a perfect balance of salty and a little bit of a little bit of like Tang from the rice vinegar but and it’s absolutely fine. I’m going to go back in for another piece.