One Pan Roasted Chicken & Potatoes Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 35 mins
Ready in: 45 mins
I Want To Share With You How To Make One Pan Raosted Chicken & Potatoes Recipe.


  • Good Chicken
  • Dried Sage
  • Dry Thyme
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Granulated Garlic
  • Onion
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Lemon
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Potatoes
  • Black Pepper



You’ll need are some good chicken that what I suggest you use is chicken the drumsticks and the thighs bone-in skin-on those are the best for roasting if, you want you can buy a three pound you know three pounds of them like a whole fire gets been cut up around three pounds and you can use that. I for roasting chicken like chicken thighs and the drumsticks skin on bone-in that’s my personal preference and then to give them lots of flavor. I’ve got some dried sage,dry thyme, fresh rosemary or you can use dried rosemary pack break rag granulated garlic and onion some Dijon mustard.


You’ll need a lemon,salt,pepper and olive oil and then. we’ll take some potatoes extra rosemary and garlic in a little bit but before. we do that I want to marinate this chicken so, to my flavor to my flavorful mixture here. I’m going to add in a good amount of salt because remember. you are seasoning a lot of chicken so, don’t be afraid to season well and then that’s a black pepper nice and coarse give this a really good you can absolutely use chicken breasts if
you wanted to but just make sure it has skin on bone in otherwise it’s going to be dry and you don’t want that and then. I’m going to put the entire juice of a lemon in here seeds and all don’t worry about it it’s not like it sound like. you’re gonna be able to they’re not going into a sauce it’s a marinade so it’s all okay and then. I actually just cut the lemons and put them in there. I did wash my lemon so don’t worry about that and then we are going to add. I’d say all in all maybe about a quarter of a cup of olive oil.


I’m going to cut it quarter cup of olive oil because again. you get a lot of chicken there and then just use your hands give this smoosh around and now.we’re going to add in our chicken smells incredible.I didn’t add the paprika but then the following time.I did it I did add the paprika and it just not only gave a beautiful color but the flavor was outstanding so,I say go ahead and add the paprika that looks good now. what I’m gonna do is I’m going to cover this with plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge for a minimum of about a couple of hours but honestly you can do this the night before and then that way the next have such a beautifully flavored chicken and then all you got to do is bang it in the oven and you’re done and dinner will be on the table so, I’m just gonna let this go for a couple of hours and I’ll wrap it up first wash my hands wrap this up in the fridge and i’ll show you how to put the whole thing together my chicken was in the fridge for a couple of hours.


I’m just letting it come to room temperature just a little bit cause you never want to take really cold meat and pop it into a hot oven my oven that is preheated to 425 now. I’m going to prep some potatoes what I have here are some baby red skin potatoes and some Yukon Gold potatoes and all. I’m going to do is cut them in half that’s really about it and this is so easy and so simple if your potatoes are super small you can even leave them whole. I prefer to cut
them because that way the cut side gets really really nice and crispy and let’s face it it’s like the best part of the potato remembers potato in my opinion anyway so, I’m just going to cut all these up and get them ready for my baking dish. which I have here with giant roasting dish here now it’s not dirty it’s just stained you can see how much. I do use my pots and pans and baking dishes by the fact that most of them are stained but I feel like you know that’s that’s how they’re supposed to look. I mean. I cook every day so I’m not gonna buy new pots and pans and dishes all the time.

5I feel like they’ve got character and they’ve got history that’s. why I actually prefer when they look used but that’s just me. I’m just going to continue to cut these up and I’m ready I’m gonna drizzle them with just a touch of olive oil don’t eat too much because the chicken will render out some of the its own fat but this is going to cook in two and that’ll be delicious. I’m just putting some salt and pepper on the potatoes yeah just put a good amount of salt
because remember potatoes need salts and then. I just stripped some rosemary leave.I don’t even chop them. I just leave them whole as is the crisp up they taste lovely so all. I’m going to do now is toss my potatoes get them covered in the oil just putting my chicken in my big roasting dish and as.


You can see. I don’t want to lose any of that marinade so I kind of just swish my chicken around and then that way kind of coats it really well and the marinade and then make sure it’s all skin side up and before I add the lemons to this. I’m going to surround my chicken with potatoes because I want this to be a really lovely one pot kind of meal really easy squeeze things together if you have to remember this you know it’s a it should look like there’s plenty there. you don’t want four or five pieces of potatoes and then two and half pounds of chicken so, squeeze things together and it’ll all work out beautifully and then I’m taking my close of garlic unpeeled and I’m just sticking them all over and this does provide flavor but because. we’re leaving them on peeled. I don’t have to worry about them burning and they get really nutty and roasted and you can just pop them right out and it’s delightful so, get those in there and then.

7I take my lemons my lemon quarters and then it just pop them around because that is all good flavor and get that married mine on. I would be proud that I’m using all the marinade because hey, I put it together. I want to use it okay that is looking good enough for me. I’m going to pop this into my oven that’s been preheated at 425 and wash my hands first but, I’m going to pop this in there at 425 for about hour to an hour and a half. I really just totally depends on how hot your oven is you’re looking for this to get nice and crispy in the potatoes to develop beautiful color and it could take anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half bite my hands and get this in my chicken and potatoes were in the oven for exactly one hour at 425 that don’t panic at the top of the chicken gets a little bit dark that’s actually not the chicken it’s the marinade because I added so much of the marinade right on top of the chicken.

8I probably should have done that but it gets just a little bit dark but don’t worry about that you can hear the Kristen it’s crispy the potatoes look at these potatoes look at that look at the color. I have let this cool just for a few minutes look at those oh I will run in but put just a little something green and you like to splash splash sprinkle some parsley right on top and I don’t even chop it.