Patty Melts Recipe

Ready in: 55 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make A Really Good A Really Easy Patty Melt.


  • Ground Beef Sliced
  • Yellow Onion
  • Salt
  • Dry Minced Onion
  • Granulated Garlic
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Rye Bread
  • Mayo
  • Ketchup



Some ingredients because it’s not very big you need some ground beef sliced, yellow onion. I’d love to use some dry minced onion granulated garlic some salt free steak seasoning were Shishir sauce unsalted butter. I’m using rye bread my two favorite choices are either rye bread or soured up but I prefer rye bread and in terms of the cheese my favorite is a classic white American and you can use Swiss which is a bit more traditional but hey whatever you like that’s what you use and then.I also think that a mixture of mayo and ketchup just sticks it over the top so let me run you through it I’ve got my cast-iron skillet here with a little bit of butter and to it.


I’m gonna add my onions and I am just gonna cook this until the onions.I’m just going to cook the onion so they become translucent pick up a little bit of color we just want them to cook down a bit.I’m gonna make this in my skillet in my cast-iron skillet because the patties are gonna create they’re gonna get such a beautiful crust from the cast-iron skillet so,they’re gonna cook my onions let them develop a little bit of color.I’m gonna hit them with a little bit of salt and then.I’m gonna take them out of the pan and then the pain will be ready for our onion or for our beef mixture which we’re gonna press right now so easy right you’ve got your ground beef.


I like a good chuck because it’s nice and fatty it keeps it really moist a good pinch of salt now these I think are essential I’ve got dry onion garlic and salt free steak seasoning why saw freedom I asked because I find that a lot of steak seasoning are really salty and by the time I add enough to get the flavor that I like then everything is super salted so I’m gonna just use salt free and add the stuff myself so I can control it better and then you’ll wish your sauce and then you’re just gonna mesh everything with your hands until incorporate it and then you’re gonna form patties I’m going to form four patties today but you can form six you can form how I know how big you want them that’s how you form on alright my patties are formed and you want to make them nice and thin at least that’s how.


I like to make them anyway that way they get really crunchy around you know they get a good crust and you just place them in your hot cast-iron you don’t need to add any fat to this there’s a little bit of butter remaining that is perfect form them similarly in size to your slices of bread but really it’s the 50 patties bigger than the bread who cares am i right. I’m gonna go wash my hands those just need about 2 to 3 minutes on each side to cook my heat is on medium high once they are fully cooked I’m going to place them on a clean plate and then we’re gonna go ahead and build our sandwich and get them nice and crispy it’s gonna be literally to die for my patties are fully cooked keep in mind they do shrink quite a bit when you cook them I’m gonna make two for now and then make two this is what I do you take your bread right like so you take a small schmear of my delicious sauce which is just it’s not really the sauce it’s just two to one two parts mayo to one part ketchup and it really does make such a big difference in this recipe I love it so so much and you put a schmear on each one just like that then you take a slice of cheese and I just like to kind of cut things to make them fit because I don’t like I don’t like when things go outside too much because then.I feel like it’s kind of wasted a little bit you know what I mean so I just cut around it.

5I know this looks crazy but just trust your girl she would not steer wrong when it comes to food.I have too much to lose all right then you take one of your patties place that right in the center like so and then you take a little bit of your onions not too much because the onionswe’ll fly all out of your Patti well yeah.I’ll be a patty melt of your sandwich then you just put your lid right on just like that sure you just like that now this is where it gets good you take some more butter because butter makes everything better in the same skill if, you’ve got a lot of brown bits you can get rid of it but I don’t so, I’m just gonna keep it as is you take your little melt here your little Sammie let’s place it right down there and the key here is to really press as this cooks okay cuz you kind of want to you want to make things as flat as possible you kind of want to smear everything together and have everything kind of stick like glue let’s just glue you’ve ever had in your entire life.


I’m gonna just cook those into all the cheese melts and all the bread becomes nice and golden brown and crispy. I show you what it looks like when they are there look how gorgeous that is second one done first one already where he needs to be huh oh my goodness this is gonna be outrageous just know it da da da da da da oh it’s gonna be hot though I’m so excited I’m so excited about this you have no idea I don’t even have words to say it is that good two things for me well more than that have to have rye bread you have to put them in your ketchup mixture and for me has to be American cheese.