Oat Jam Bars Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Ready in: 55 mins
I Want To Show You My Recipe For My Oatmeal Jam Bars.


  • Oats
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Baking Soda
  • Cream Cheese
  • Brown Sugar
  • Jam
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Clementine



We get started you’ll need some quick cooking oats all-purpose flour a pinch of baking soda and salt some butter and cream cheese softened at room temperature some soft brown sugar. I’ve got some jam this is blackberry jam. you can use any jam you want vanilla extract and Clementine this is totally optional but I have it on hand so I’m again. I use it for a little extra something some special the first thing you want to is the oven preheated to 350 what I have here is a 9 by 9 a square baking dish that. I’ve lined with parchment paper and put some nonstick spray in there just to ensure nothing sticks because you know.I’m a little paranoid about that because they. I’m gonna go through trouble making something. I wanna make sure it comes out so, I can eat it.


I’m going to make mine in my standing mixer but this works great. which is your hand a bowl and it will you would want to put your hands in there but you could. I went spoon in a bowl it would work out great now in the bowl of my standing mixer that. I have fitted with my paddle attachment. I’m going to add my cream cheese and my unsalted butter and brown sugar now. you could totally skip the cream cheese if, you want to just add a little bit more butter the reason
why I’m adding it is for just a little some extra it’s a little richer it makes seeds it makes the bars a little richer.I just I use just adds a little something something special in there.


So I’m gonna add that to it. I’m gonna let those creamed and in the meantime just gonna zest a small clementines. you don’t have to do this. I just happen to have in her hand. which is why I’m adding it you could also use a touch of lemon zest or a little bit of orange zest it’s up to you. I just tend to think that any citrus cut all the layers of sweetness like. you’ve got a rich crust. you’ve got the sweet jam a little bit of the zest kind of Zing’s it up a little bit that makes any sense whatsoever so, just gonna zest this and I’m going to add it right to my butter and brown sugar and cream cheese mixture.


I’m just going to add a splash of vanilla. I did add the Clementine zest as well and itself already incredible. I’m just going to take my spoon and mix my drying greens together this is so easy it’s not even funny.I mean it’s it’s incredibly simple you could play up with a jam any way you want you know what this is really good with – is peach jam. I love some peach preserves peach jam so in the summertime if, you make your own using fresh local peaches. you are pretty much guaranteed to have the best treat on the block doesn’t your block have treats mine doesn’t either.I just decided to say that this kind of makes my dry ingredients in so everything’s pretty much combined and then you put munch um right around the room looks good now. what I’ve done is I’ve taken like 1/2 3/4 of a cup of the dough and I just reserved it to the side because I don’t need that just yet.I do need to take my remaining dough get it all out of here and into my baking pan try and make this as even as possible now this is a pretty sticky dough so what I do is.

5I just dip my hand in flour and then just cut it out and it works perfectly this is a nice thin layer and what I’m going to do now is going to pop this into my oven that’s been preheated at 350 for around 15 minutes or so or until it’s a lovely golden brown light golden brown and then I will show you the next step. I base what’s in the oven for exactly 15 minutes and we are ready to jam this up now i’ve got some blackberry jam and if, you know me you know blackberry jam is my absolute favorite and to that I’m going to add just a juice of half of the Clementine now I would have used a Clementine we zested except to my belly because I ate it.

6I forgot you have the juice other half up on the side. I’m just going to mix this together really quickly this so it adds a little touch of flavor but also really just loosens the jam a little tiny bit so that it makes it kind of easy to spread on my crust here now blackberry is my favorite but you absolutely can use any jam that rocks your boat.I love that berry jam it reminds me of being a little girl and going picking blackberries with my Nona And then. we would find the blackberry tree same place every year and then pick a few and then call my Nona what is a little truck back it up and then we would get a bushels of blackberries and she would make blackberry jam Madame.

7I let that demolish what you call it and it’s my absolute favorite.I’m just kind of moving my pan around and gotta get this trying to be as even as possible with my spoon but don’t be too finicky about it it doesn’t need to be any more perfect than that and then taking our reserved batter here the reserve dough. I’m going to plunk this all over the top try and get this as even as possible but really it’s just so incredibly simple you just put it wherever you feel like it and try to cover up as much of it as possible but just shouldn’t take very long oh right that looks perfect now I’m going to pop this back into the oven at 350 for an additional 10 to 15 minutes you’re looking for the top to be lovely lightly golden and then what you’re gonna do is let them cool pretty much completely before we go ahead and cut them let’s see you know

I like to eat things piping hot and also the touch things when the puppy car but this is good the pop that’s right back in yeah not even of fun. I Chi I had every intention on kind of in front of you and then this happen they are fantastic I mean really flaky rich and yet not that rich because we made them really nice and thin we can make yours thicker by using an 8 by 8 pan instead of a 9 by 9 but these are money extremely good very very easy to tap them with any jam of your choice my favorite I can’t mention before blackberry but any Jam will do this is just a go-to recipe for me when I want something to put together to
give us a treat or to have when someone comes over which is easy to do tastes.