Nutella Truffles Recipe

Ready in: 2 hr
Today, I’m Going To Show You How I Make My Nutella Truffles.


  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Heavy Cream
  • Nutella
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Frangelico
  • Salt
  • Hazelnut Flavor



You need basic ingredients. which you might already have on hand such as semi-sweet chocolate chips or you could use a semi-sweet chocolate bar. you also need some heavy cream star of the night Nutella of course. some unsalted butter and this is some Frangelico and also a tiny pinch of salt Frangelico is it hazelnut in the course so what it does is it enhances that hazelnut flavor in the Nutella it is just going to be out of this world delicious. you’re gonna have to trust me and the great thing about these is that I usually make them because I give them away to people so, that way I don’t end up eating the entire batch so in this little saucepan. I’m adding my cream and my butter. I’m actually gonna lower this a bit and I’m going to bring this to a simmer you don’t want this to boil you want this to get nice and hot now.


I’m telling you if,you want to make something for your friends at work or just to give away something small not like a pie or something like that and you’re thinking about either going the cookie route which is always a good it’s always a good way to go these are just a little bit of a step up there fancy looking they taste delicious and who doesn’t love truffles especially when you make them yourself and their Nutella truffles. I’m just saying might be the best gift .you can give away this year.just I am so just let the butter melt and bring this to a simmer and then we’ll move on that is ready.I’m going to pour this hot cream all over my chocolate chips and now. what I want you to do it’s just dump the chocolate chips under the heavy cream so that they are all pretty much the merged by that hot mixture and just leave them there for just a couple of minutes let them do their thing.


They’re going to melt beautifully and then. I’ll move on to the next step after a couple minutes. you come in here with a whisk and you whisk and whisk and whisk and hot chocolate is beautifully melted and you’ll also reduce the heat a bit it’s going to bit cooler so, when you add the Nutella it’s not going to seize up because if, you’ve got a really hot mixture and you add your Rotella in didn’t tell it’s going to seize up like crazy and then i’ll be very difficult to incorporate add a small pinch of salt makes a world of a difference. I cannot stress it enough I know you’re probably thinking why add salt to something sweet but it really is crucial so, now I’m going to add my Nutella and I’m going to whisk this together until I have a really nice creamy mixture.I’m trying to get it all out of here if.


I can manage and my friend Jellicle you can absolutely leave out the Frangelico if, you want to but it helps with the flavor you know making that flavor of hazel not really shine so, I just think it’s easier to incorporate it slowly with a spatula so that is what I’m going to do now I’m going to do is. I’m going to pour this mixture into an 8×8 baking pan you can use a metal or any kind of baking pan you just want something shallow because if I were to put this into the fridge as is it just kind of wouldn’t set right so that’s why you want to put it in a nice even so, I can set nice and even. I’m just going to pour that in there look at that tell me you wouldn’t just go ahead and drink that right up I would probably just add that with a spoon try to get that nice and flat that my treat that I’m going to dip these in.

5I’ve got some powdered sugar some cocoa and some toasted chopped hazelnuts now you can dip these in anything that you want or nothing at all.I mean it’s your truffle do whatever you like.I have here is a really small ice cream scoop you can use a melon baller or two little teaspoons and it will do the job perfectly but what I’m going to do is take one and then this is how I do it I feel like this is just the easiest way I take two forks and I also have a little plate here stay with them parchment paper. I just take two forks and I push it around like that you want to make sure it’s nice and coated and then you can touch it with your fingers and you have one that’s done and then you just continue to form them until you are all done with your batter let’s see.

6I think. I want to do this one for now oh, I love this and it does stick a little bit that’s more mommy you’re dealing with chocolate here oh it’s gonna be so,good this is my favorite the hazelnuts is my favorite because it reminds me of a federal Shay because you know it’s got like the hazelnuts in it mmm very exciting okay.