Nutella Souffle Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 22 mins
We Are Making Nutella Souffle.


  • Some Eggs
  • Little Bit Of Sugar
  • Cream Of Tartar
  • Little Bit Of Salt
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Melted Butter
  • Egg yolk



You’re gonna need some eggs a little bit of sugar and then. I extract cream of tartar is optional and a little bit of salt and of course a little bit of
nonstick spray and also some cocoa powder so, let’s get right to it the first thing you wanna do is get you up in preheated to 375 now. what I have here or a
2 6 ounce ramekins. I’m going to spray them both we’re nonstick spray you can also just put a little bit of melted butter or softened butter it’s up to you then. I’m taking a little bit of cocoa powder. I’m going to just put it into one that. I’ll do and just coat the bottom and sides of your ramekins with the cocoa powder now what this does so of course makes it so that nothing sticks but I what I found is that when the souffle rises by having the cocoa powder it keeps it from deflating as quickly. you know that souffle deflates anyway so this just makes it so that doesn’t definitely ask quickly so.


I’m just going to take this cocoa powder and put it right into this cup shake off any of the excess and then coat the second one okay look good so, you have that done set this aside okay covered in cocoa powder so I got my festive apron on because. I knew that was going to happen so, I’m just going to take two eggs and I’m going to separate them I’m going to put the egg whites in this bowl and then the egg yolk in here now, I’m just going to whisk my egg whites
until they become nice and frothy but first. I’m going to put a little bit of cream of tartar into my egg whites this just stabilizes the egg whites and makes it so, that dang holder shape a bit better so I’m just gonna whip this up until it’s stiff peaks but not too too stiff that looks great okay so, get that there for a second. I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pop my Nutella in the microwave for just about 30 seconds to loosen it up a bit because what I found is when I just add Nutella to the mixture it gets too thick and it becomes a little bit difficult to combine everything well together so by just making it a little bit more on the loose side.


I just felt like it just combines things better and pop this in and then we’ll continue on that looks perfect resist the urge to eat it now because i’ve
trust me I have I have failed at that many many times so – my egg yolks. I’m gonna add in my sugar take these beaters. I’m gonna beat this until it’s nice and light and pale perfect gonna add in oops my vanilla not too too much a pinch of salt and my know you’ve done it mix this thing up so, you have a really nice creamy mixture all right so that that’s really nice and thick too thick to fold in all of your egg whites let’s be honest so take a third of your egg whites and I’m just going to beat them in to make the mixture a little bit lighter and easier to fold in the remaining egg whites that is much easier to work with so, take your remaining egg whites and now very gently see how much easier that is just fold them in that’s perfect okay take a ladle and
just fill in my ramekins okay now, I’m gonna pop this into the oven that’s been preheated preheated to 375 these are going to bake for about 17 to 18 minutes.