Nutella Semifreddo Recipe

Ready in: 8 hr 35 mins
I’m Gonna Show You How To Make Nutella Semifreddo Recipe.


  • Egg Yolk
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Vanilla Bean Paste
  • Nutella
  • Heavy Cream



You’ll need egg yolks, granulated sugar, vanilla bean paste or you can use a vanilla bean and Nutella of course and one additional ingredients will be some heavy cream. Which I have in the fridge because, I want to keep it cold as long as possible now let’s get to doing this now what I have here is a big
saucepan and you want to make sure you have a bowl that’s heat proof and it’s big enough to sit over your pan like so the thing that’s crucial is that you don’t want the bottom of your bowl to touch the simmering water. I only have about an inch of water in here and I had that coming up to a simmer while that happens. I’m going to add my sugar to my egg yolks along with some of my vanilla bean paste now if you if, I can get this open if.


You can always use the seeds of vanilla bean if, you don’t have vanilla bean just use a little bit of vanilla extract this stuff is pure magic. I love it I
can’t live without it. I like to use a good two teaspoons of this maybe even a little bit more who’s counting. I’m gonna take a big whisk and I’m gonna whisk this until it’s really thick and pale in color it’ll take a couple of minutes so, just be patient and the meantime just keep your eye on your water. you want to about medium-low key because you want it to be at a simmer and not boil that looks fantastic my water is up to a simmer. I also want to point out that before you get everything started to get nine by five inch loaf pan line it with some plastic wrap and you want to make sure that the plastic wrap is overhanging because.


You want to make sure the water is not boiling otherwise it will scramble your eggs, I just took my custard off of my double boiler and now what I’m going to do it’s not add just this real small small pinch of salt really brings out the flavor and everything and now. I’m going to take this glorious looking mmm custard pass it through a fine sieve only because just in that case that any eggs might have curdled you know you don’t end up it doesn’t end up in your final product which is always a good thing if you ask me. I made a mess but it’s good my mess to clean right all right now let’s keep that aside to cool just a little bit in the meantime. I’ve got some heavy whipping cream in this bowl.I’m just gonna use my hand mixer to whisk it until it’s got nice stiff peaks but you don’t want to turn it into butter so,keep an eye on it cuz it can happen really fast but you do want this to have stiff peaks otherwise it’s not gonna hold together really well so give it a min or two now looks good okey-dokey artichokey now.

4We’re gonna do is we’re going to take most of our custard that we made pour that right in there hence, I say most mix it in your heavy cream and so incredible you could if, you wanted to you don’t want to freeze this you could serve this just as is like a nice dessert that it’s not expected but it’s delicious all right now it looks plenty good to me now to the remaining custard mmm that is so, good. we’re going to add.I have never in my life ever made a recipe with Nutella and put only the recommended amount why you would want to it’s beyond me because this stuff is seriously good all right that looks good now mm-hmm whisk it together just to loosen up the Nutella yeah that’s great now quick tip.

5You want to make sure that your custard is cool enough before you add your Nutella in it otherwise it can seize up and that’s not good you have to start all over if that happens don’t get rid of this batter what you can do is you can just take a little bit of this and put it you know into a new batch of Nutella and you will be good to go and then that’s done.I’m going to take the custard we start with put that in there and get it all out of your bowl and just smooth it out as best as you can now you’re going to take your Nutella mixture take spoonfuls of it well over the top and then just take a knife and swirl
everything as best as you can you don’t want to completely mix everything together but what you’re looking for is that the Nutella is going all through and it doesn’t look super appetizing at this point but you’ve got to trust me when,I tell you it works and the reason why I mix Nutella with a little bit of the custard is because otherwise until.

6Freezer overnight need to set a good seven to eight hours. I do mine overnight. I’m going to show you what it looks like tomorrow.I’m so excited it’s gonna be that bad my semifreddo was in the freezer overnight and I took it out of the freezer about ten minutes ago because with any ice cream you always want to make sure you take it out about 10 to 15 minutes before you go and serve it.