Nutella Popsicle Recipe

Ready in: 5 mins
We Are Making Nutella Popsicles.


  • Whole Milk
  • Heavy Cream



You’ll need are very feeling simple. you’re gonna start off with some whole milk and I’ve got here whole milk and I also have some heavy cream here of course.I started to show it some nutella and some sweetened condensed milk now if, you substitute any of these ingredients.I cannot promise you that these are gonna turn out as good as they are using these ingredients these are rich these are something you make once in a while if,I’m gonna get started. I’m gonna make this in my blender easy peasy starting with the milk you don’t have to add anything in any particular order.I’ve got my cream my sweet condensed milk but you guys know.


I could eat straight out of the can I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I love sweetened condensed milk it’s just it’s one of my favorite favorite things in the world and I really could eat the entire thing so, I’m going to right now but I really could and i’ve got the star of the show which is some Nutella. I love Nutella pop that right in there I’m doing it mmm that’s I’m going back in mmm okay lid on blend this until it’s nice and smooth yeah truth be told. I would put a straw right in there and good a town but I’m not going to i’ve got my popsicle mold here which you can pretty much get it local supermarkets nowadays or I just get mine online and I am gonna fill this baby up about 3/4 of the way nope. I’m gonna leave this back and put it into a different mold and then all.


I’m gonna do actually couldn’t fit more in there,I could I could really make this like I could really fill this all the way let’s hope there’s no spillage. I
usually don’t go this far up but when it comes to Nutella you know. I’m trying to eat as much of this as I possibly can now. I’m just going to put my little lid on just like stout and these are gonna go into the freezer overnight I know but they need to freeze completely and think about it you can make this the night before just need to enjoy every bite of it okay this baby is gonna go into the freezer overnight and I’ll show you what they look like when they are completely frozen and ready to dig in my popsicles are in the freezer overnight they’re completely set what I have here is a large measuring cup you can use whatever you’ve got a large glass whatever and they filled it with hot water and this is just gonna help my popsicles release and I just kind of laid in there for not even a minute maybe 10 20 seconds or until. I kind of start to see that it’s melt not melting but thawing the outside up leave it.