Nutella Pop Tarts Recipe

Prep in: 3 hrs
Ready in: 30 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make Nutella Pop-Tarts.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Chocolate Sprinkle



You need for the pastry are not very many they’re all basic one so I love that all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt, lots of cold unsalted butter an egg, granulated sugar and you need some ice water that is it i’ll show you a couple more ingredients when we need them but for now it’s as easy as pie wait.why is your than pie because everything kind of goes into a food processor that’s how you make your dough you can also do it by hand of course or in a standing mixer but a food processor.I find works really well here I’m going to add my flour baking powder and my salt get it on the counter too while you’re at it. I mean why not along with the sugar and the butter it’s really important that your butter is cold because otherwise it’s going to if, your butter is
not cold when you bake them. you’re not going to get those flaky little pockets you know those flaky pockets of butter throughout.


I’m going to put the lid on and pulse this until the butter is distributed well throughout the dry ingredients and it kind of resembles the size of small
peas. You can see the butter is in small little pieces like that which is what you want now at this point. I’m going to add in my egg now along with my egg. I’m going to need about I would say four or five tablespoons of really ice-cold water so, I’m going to start with some now and then up sit i’ll drizzle some through the tube us once,I get a feel for how much I need awesome okay let’s get this out you don’t want your flower you don’t want you make sure to too wet from the beginning so,get that on to a clean surface it looks crumbly but when you pinch it together you see how it stays together that’s what you want. I’m going to gather all of my dough with my hands.


I can feel as I’m working with it it’s getting nice and sticky and you also don’t want to work with it you know well you don’t want to work it too long
because the heat of her hands will melt the butter you don’t want that you want those pockets of butter okay perfect now. what I’m going to do is. I’m going to take this mixture divide it in half wrap it in some plastic wrap wrap each half in some plastic wrap. I’m going to pop them in the fridge for about 45 minutes all right so my dog was in the fridge for 45 minutes.


I took it out about five minutes ago I took a one of the pieces and actually already made some pop-tart so that those all ready to go I also have a baking sheet here with really terribly ripped apart from paper waiting. I also need Nutella of course and an egg wash which is just one egg bean with a little bit of water or milk and then additionally if,you want some chocolate sprinkles like.I do then you can add some one it’s really simple all I’m going to do is on a floured surface of course.I’m going to roll out my dough into a rectangle. I want this to be I want my dough to be thin but I don’t want it to be see- through so you have to just be careful that there’s no no parts are thinner than others so, just keep moving it you can see. I’m like moving it along turning it around so, it doesn’t stick and any pieces rip out so, I’m just going to roll this out into a nice rectangle and then we’ll fill cut all that fun stuff so, I want to show.

5I’m going to get about eight pieces and I know what you’re thinking these don’t look like rectangles or squares anything like that but i’ll show you how, I like to fix it because this is the beauty about baking at home you take the top pieces right like that the top edge and then you do the same here i’ll show you how. I like to kind of fix it because the beauty about this Joe by the way it’s that it’s incredibly easy to work with you can see it’s not tearing it’s not you know breaking easily or anything like that and then you just take your pieces that you just teared or you cut off the edges and you just do it like so and this will be the bottom nobody will see it not that that matters to me it doesn’t matter at all so,I just kind of do a little patchwork you know be your own Picasso at this point just clean up and make it nice and even like so and any pieces.

6We’re going to have to seal the top so just kind of spread it like so then to the top.I like to just take my fork and just do it like that so, that the air can escape remember this is not perfect it doesn’t need to be perfect it is not meant to be perfect and then you take your egg wash you run it around the edge like that alright then what you do is you take your bottle you take your top like so, you’ve got a bowl with some flour our and a fork and then you seal the edges you want to just dip it into the flour as you go so that it doesn’t stick and you can move stuff around of course then you just brush the tops with some egg wash and if, you want to you can add your sprinkles. I’m gonna I did some with sprinkles.

7I’m going to pop these into the fridge for about a half an hour while preheat my oven to 375 and then. I’ll put them in the oven but I show you what they look like before they go in alright knees were in the fridge for 30 minutes. I’ve got my oven preheated to 375. I’m going to pop these into the oven and don’t need about 20 to 25 minutes around the 20 minute mark just make sure. you keep an eye on them and rotate the sheet halfway through baking just for even baking and I will show you what they look like when they are done and cooled because I’m going to want dig into these like. you would not believe so and they go all right my pop-tarts for in the oven for about 25 minutes. I’ve let them cool for about 10 minutes and I’m ready to dig in you can see that the edges are a lovely golden brown the bottom is a lovely golden brown.