Nutella Pizza Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
We’re Going To Make Nutella Pizza Recipe


  • Pizza Dough
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Sugar
  • Nutella
  • Some Fruits



You’ll need is some pizza dough now you can make your own. You’re also going to need some unsalted butter that i’ve melted and a teeny tiny bit of sugar and of course you’re going to need nutella.he will give you awesome pizza dough for like 2 3 bucks and you can’t beat that so, that’s what i’ve done it’s just
one ball one pound ball of pizza dough now. I have my oven preheated to 425 and i also have a baking sheet here with some parchment paper now traditionally.when i make a pizza i roll it out with my hands and i cook it on a pizza stone but i’m doing this just like my mother would do it when she would make her nutella pizza or when she would make sweet ricotta pizza.


I’m gonna bake it on a baking sheet because i don’t necessarily want the bottom to get super crunchy and hard.i wanted to have a nice chew to it and now normally. I want to make a really thick border like so and stretch it out with my hands because i would want the center to be a thinner than the you know outside corner but here what i want i do want a bit of a border but mostly. I want this to all be the same thickness so, that it will have it can stand up to the nutella and it’s not going to fall apart because going to put some fruit on it as well it’s going to be fantastic so just roll this out to like an 11 12 inch or so circle.


I just take my fingers and just make a little border around the edge just a little one doesn’t have to be perfect because again you don’t want to kind of have the center so thin and the edges so thick so that is what it look like to use your hands use a rolling pin use whatever you like and now i’m going to brush the top with a little bit of unsalted butter now which if you want to see the recipe for my mom’s sweet ricotta pizza i’ll share that with you in the future if, you like but she always brushed top with just a tiny bit of butter and always a sprinkle of sugar or not you really don’t need much sugar here because you are going to be adding nutella let’s face it but else pretty enough as it is which i love but i want to add a little sprinkle because it just a tny bit of texture so it mixed with the butter just really really gives you a good flavor but you don’t need much.


I’m telling you you’re gonna need maybe i don’t know half a teaspoon or so not a lot now.i’m going to pop this into the oven at 425 for about 15 to 20
minutes or until it’s a beautiful golden brown color and check on it every few minutes as soon as. you put it in because if any bubbles were to form just prick them with a fork or with a knife just to deflate them.i’ll show you what it looks like and it’s there my pizza crust looks perfect this was in the oven for about 18 minutes. I have let it cool for a few minutes it’s not really hot but it is warm which is how i like it now. what I’ve had out here of course you’re gonna need some nutella and then I’ve got which is optional you don’t have to add any fruit but i really love it. I love bananas and iIlove strawberries those are my favorite that’s what i’m going to put on here and i am just so excited i cannot wait to be able to eat this for my dessert today ah look at that look at the spoonful it’s going to just plunk right on there and because it’s warm it’s going to make it easier to spread and i just use a butter knife and how much you’re going to need really is going to depend on how much nutella you want on your nutella pizza i say about half a cup should do the trick but you know me.

5I say it’s crazy if you just stick to that a little extra number here anyone it’s all i’m saying i love this stuff i could live off of it okay just I want to spread a thin layer leaving a border so that it resembles the edge of a pizza crust so i’m just going to take my time be patient and spread this evenly over the top i’m just going to make like a row strawberries a row of bananas a row of strawberries you know how this goes but like i said you don’t have to do this i quite like it because i think against that sweet sweet creamy nutella and that chewy crust you need a little something bright to almost cut that and I think strawberries and bananas go so well with nutella to begin with that this couldn’t possibly be bad it could be it’s just an amazing combination so,I’m just going to arrange my fruit in my desired pattern which as we all know it’s not going to be anything fancy and then we are ready to dig in now once i’ve
of course finished decorating my de nutella pizza.i’m going to destroy it by cutting into it now.