Nutella Crepe Cake Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
Today,We’re Gonna Make Nutella Crepe Cake Recipe.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Pinch Of Salt
  • Sugar
  • Whole Milk
  • Eggs
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Nutella
  • Heavy Cream
  • Raspberries
  • Fresh Mint
  • Cocoa Powder



You’ll need for the actual crepes very basic and simple ones you don’t need some all-purpose flour, pinch of salt,some green of the sugar whole milk eggs and some melted unsalted butter that’s it you’re also gonna need nutella of course use some heavy cream that’s been ripped to stiff peaks and then i’m just going to use some raspberries and some fresh mint to decorate it with because it makes things look good without having to do a lot of work and if, we’ve met and then. we’ve known each other for a long time you know that’s what i’m all about now i like making my crepe batters this was what my crepe batter is enjoy blender because you need the batter to kind of get mixed really really well so there’s no lumps whatsoever but because we have quite a bit of in quite a good amount of ingredients if.


I were to add everything in here once it would just everything together it would mix so well so, I’m going to do it half I’m going to do half of the dry
ingredients half of the milk half of the eggs and half of the butter so, I just thing that that works oh look at me.I haven’t even gotten started and i’m
making a mess so, I’m gonna add half of my dry ingredients like that but half half of my milk just again so that I get everything mixed really really well a couple of eggs watch these all go in there at the same time come on there you go and then half of the butter and I am just going to mix this up for a good minute or until my batter is really smooth and then. I’m going to pour it into this jug and do the remaining half okay my batter is complete I’ve already started doing some I’ve already started cooking some crepes. I’ve got a 9-inch skillet here it’s really important that you take your skill and you sort of
start tilting the pan as soon as. you put in your batter because you need to get a 9-inch round now it’s important that your pan is not too big it’s not too small it needs to be about nine inches.


I know that the bottom of my skillet is 9 inches so, that’s what i’m using as my guide. I’m not going to let this come off the side because otherwise it’s
just not going to be the right size and it won’t be the right thickness either this is what you’re looking for. I have a few here i’m going to do the rest of
these and they take like 30 seconds or so per first side you’ll know when the first side is ready to flip when the top is pretty much dry like that and then.I just flip it and then once every three or four.i just spritz my pain a little bit with some nonstick spray or some butter spray or whatever you have on hand something flavorless you don’t want to use olive oil or anything and then that should be pretty much done the second size goes a lot quicker get that off and then just do it again you have to work quickly because otherwise your your crepes sort of stick to the pan and then they get all wonky.


You need them to be you’re gonna be round so i’m gonna i’m gonna carry on look at me i’m just like a i’m like a french crepe maker i just need a friend fancy give me a friend a fancy french name what should my fans fancy french name be i don’t know one give me one i’m just gonna carry on I’ve got all my crepes here now .I took like the prettiest one and set it aside because that’s going to be the top one and it’s important that you let them cool completely and you also want to have some heavy whipped cream some heavy cream that you whipped to stiff peaks. I have that there and some nutella fun fact.

5I get these little jars.i’m gonna start collecting these like. she did but anyway these are the three things. you need and now you need to start to assemble take the first few because they’re always a little bit wonky now what i do is i just take a little bit of nutella just a little bit it make like a dot like so, this is what kind of sticks the first crepe to your serving platter like so and now you just take a little bit you don’t want to do too much because you have a lot of layers to do so just take a little bit of nutella a little bit more of that though. I mean come on who are we feeding here and you make a thin layer. I don’t like going absolutely see see that that center piece how much it helps otherwise it.


I guess rustic around the edges look a little roughly if that makes sense so, you do a little layer of nutella like that then stay. you do a little thin layer of heavy cream that’s probably too much because again when you push another one on top of it it’s going to spill a little bit that’s why you don’t want to go from edge to edge do it like that put another one on top and now you are going to continue the same process until. you get to like the level you are happy with you could do all of them. you can do half up to you really, i’m going to continue to do this and assemble and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s all together now once you assemble your cake now what i did is. I just popped it into the fridge for 15 minutes because, I want the heavy cream and the nutella just to kind of set so that way it makes it easier to cut and now you can decorate this however you like. I mean get fancy with it if, you want we both know that i’m just not a fancy person so this is what i’m going to do i take a little bit of the heavy cream.

7I like ripped jeans and pumps.some cocoa powder and some powdered sugar i’ve got a mixture of both i put a little layer of that like so sugar and cocoa powder i don’t need a whole lot then i’ve got some fresh raspberries tumble these on top let them fall where they may because that to me is what makes something beautiful just looks effortless and it looks chic and it looks beautiful and that is what i personally like to go for if your raspberries look less than perfect well then stuff them in the heavy cream. I know what to tell you make it work boo that’s what i say then i just need a little pop of something
so, what i have here is some fresh mint not going to put a whole lot i’m just going to put a few sprigs just to give me a little bit of color my mint could
have looked prettier.

8I just washed it and let it dry so, just it looks a little bit unperfect but that’s just the way. I roll and then it’s because I feel like it another little sift of sugar and cocoa and as much as, I don’t want to and I say that grinning because you know, I really don’t care, I’m going to disrupt this whole thing and give myself a little slice it’s easier.