Nutella Cookie Trifle Dessert Recipe

Ready in: 3 hr 20 mins
We’re Gonna Make Nutella Cookie Trifle Desserts Recipe.


  • Some Nutella
  • Some Milk
  • Chocolate Cookies



You’re gonna need some nutella it is a star of the show you’ll need some milk and then you’ll need some cookies now traditionally the use an italian cookie called pan you stay lay which is so, hard for me to find here in the states and once i go to new york city which i wasn’t going to go to new york city just
to get a cookie but any chocolate cookie will do any sort of denser. I’m not a very soft cookie it should be a sort of a big crunchy cookie. I guess what like a biscuit think of it like a biscuit any chocolate biscuit will do and that’s all. you’re gonna need and it’s really simple easy okay. I’m you’re putting it on your trifle bowl because you can make this in a trifle bowl and make multiple wires around a prepositional trifle.


I need to melt it a little bit otherwise apart for it to kind of spread on the whipped cream so, i don’t just say a small jar i’m going to probably have some little risk but no there’s plenty of us back here probably seeing they’re going to enjoyed it so all good and i’m going to put this in a small saucepan and I’m going to keep very close attention to this because, i don’t want to cook it i just want to gently very very gently kind of soften it make it almost horrible not like completely whispers but you wanted to have some movement but put this on really low key otherwise of scorch it so she’s going to continue to do that and then we’ll should use work have we layer everything this is with me good now she’s got one layer done as.

You need to put some cream on your some of your whipped cream now she’s doing three layers so, you want to just make sure you divide your you know your cream and your nutella into thirds that’s why it’s so hard for me to give an actual recipe because, I don’t know how fade your platters gonna be i don’t know how big you know your trifle bowl is going to be you just want to play it by eye kind of the beauty of cooking is that you don’t have to always be so precise and give yourself the exact measurements because i kind of ruins the fun a little bit but this is she she she’s quite the baker it’s her she’s kind of you know in our family and even around town with our friends and family she is just known for this dessert and I’ve never had it in my life i just always having. when she makes it and it’s always okay.


There’s so much um well on the gorilla okay shall we start okay okay wander strong with camera check in each ah a fallacy okay just take a minor to tell you can see a little bit at a time and it’s gonna sort of smear a little bit but that’s know what happens and then the next layer of cookie will soak it’ve got three full layers and then you end up with sort of a fourth layer of cookie on the very top and now this looks like a mess but it needs to go in
the fridge for a while or the freezer the option is really yours now my brother would eat is just like this which is kind of you can’t even serve it as a fall apart but put this in the freezer for several hours the very best thing you can do is you put it in the freezer in the the morning and eat it for dinner you know after dinner you can also put it in the freezer for about an hour so just so that the outside will set and the inside will still be gooey it’s really up to you it’s how you’d like to serve it.