Nutella & Strawberry Filled Crepes Recipe

Prep in: 5 mins
Ready in: 15 mins
I’m Gonna Show You How To Make Nutella And Strawberry Filled Crepes.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Nutella Sliced
  • Strawberries
  • Melted Butter
  • Sugar
  • Curd
  • Jams
  • Fresh Fruit



You need you need some whole milk, all-purpose flour,eggs,salt,nutella sliced,strawberries,melted butter,sugar and to not stay cooking could use a little melted butter to brush your pan for, when you’re making the actual crepes okay now. I’ll do the whole thing the crepe batter or the whole thing to put on the blender this is so that ensures me that.I get a nice smooth batter so, I’m going to put in my flour my milk crack the eggs now this is a great great recipe to learn how to make the crepe themselves they’re great to keep in the freezer and above that above all else. you can you can make savory things out of them they can make sweet things out of them.. you can fill them with women curd or some jams and fresh fruit for a great breakfast or side this for brunch they’re amazing and they’re so, easy the melted butter with a little bit of sugar not much and a pinch of salt lid on and blend this until it’s nice and smooth batter is done transfer this into a bowl see how nice and smooth that is and no lumps that’s exactly.


What you want perfect okay, let’s go to the pan and make our crepes and my pan nice and hot just gonna spray it with some nonstick cooking spray or like I said you could use some melted butter and just brush it to your hand then. I’m going to take a quarter cup measurement right in and right away you gotta start working it you want to distribute this really well because you want a nice thin crepe and these are very easy to make they don’t they’re not they’re not difficult at all but I know that some supermarkets carry them already already cooked and usually if, you can usually find them in your produce section near your strawberries and your raspberry they usually have them passed right near there but they’re so easy to make it home with things that.


You already have in your fridge and your pantry first side done. you might mess a couple of them up but all day it takes a couple times to get them nice and perfect and these literally take two seconds to me under a minute to cook on both sides few more seconds on the other side medium heat not too hot one down.I put my Nutella in the microwave now for those of you. who’ve never had to tell them you’re missing out big-time what a basically that’s a chocolate and hazelnut spread that looks very popular in Italy. I’m going to pop this in the microwave about 30 seconds just to soften it up this is perfect exactly.What I want let me grab a spoon let me just set one of these crepes right on my platter and now. I’m going to tell us very soft as you can tell much easier to work with much much easier spread this around on half of it there we go perfect and I’m going to take my strawberries that i’ve just sliced just like that because they’re so easy to make as.