Nonna's Stuffed Peppers Recipe

We Are Making Her Amazing Stuffed Peppers Recipe.


  • Herbs
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Cheese
  • Rice Pro Bowler
  • Egg
  • Ground Beef
  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Peppers



Your need and we’ve got some herbs we’ve got some chopped up parsley and basil you got some some garlic, some chopped up you can use any kind of cheese you want mozzarella or you can use any kind that you like we are using sycamore channel it’s got more some cooked rice pro bowler. You’ll need some cooked rice egg ground beef this is some chopped up grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes or plum tomatoes. whatever tomatoes that you’ve got i don’t need some parmesan cheese salt and egg and you’ll need your peppers now she already went ahead and roasted the peppers very simply by just putting them on the gas burner until
they’re charred all around putting them in a paper bag and then once the paper bag is done its job they let them sit in there for about 15 minutes. You peel off the outer skin and then. she puts them on a calendar with a plate on top on top of another plate because that way all of those look all the liquid from the peppers kind of drains out of the pepper. which she reserves because she’s gonna put him in the little tomato mixture that she makes i love well i remember asking my friend okay if. I do not show ya david okay but she add the ground beef to a large bowl add.


Your cooked rice this is about a half a cup of uncooked rice that she can cooked herself one egg dukedom all the cheese she cut into small little cubes. you can also use a smoke 20 fume under one don’t nobody good shuttle went boom that’s nice jimmy snowball bitters and cap o going each other a little bit of salt because the cheese is quite salty half of your parsley and basil mixture look goofy and a drizzle of olive oil.she’s gonna take the liquid from the roasted
peppers as she reserved she’s gonna put a little bit in here the liquid actually helps really and the rest of them in the tomatoes then the liquid really helps keep the rice and everything in the ground beef mixture really moist as it cooks she’s also added a drizzle of olive oil to the chopped up tomatoes okay that looks good enough that she’s added like i said a little bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt to the tomatoes nothing’s gonna be ready this stuff but i’m not doing ellen she tells me to do so it’s her time i wrote a one that i meant to do.


When, I my booty you got all but can they fight over chaos no, i want her to stuff the peppers otherwise. I’m afraid i might make them explode i’m too scared a little bit more liquid i’m gonna wash my hands and then we’ll get ready to stuff them just taking some of her tomato mixture like put them in the bottom of a tin or any baking dish and then just carefully stuffing her roasted peppers because remember because they’re roasted are very fragile and you don’t want to cook the rice all the way you want to cook it too it’s about ten minutes away from being fully cooked because it’s going to continue to cook in the oven as he’s cooked to get or as they continue to cook together it’ll take a little bit longer.


You don’t want to have them completely you wanna have the rice completely cooked between by the time navin goes into the oven it’ll be overcooked otherwise the end result will just be overcooked she’s stuffing them really carefully as you can see where’s the peppers are fragile so you want to be careful and she places them right in her baking dish on top of some of the tomatoes that she kind of dressed with the little pepper juice and the salt and olive oil.i’m so,excited to eat this and if you hear kids outside those are my cousin’s right out there so it is the way it just is what it is this is how it’s like. when we come here we’ve got cousins all over the place. We’ve got kids running wild. we’ve got people coming on mopeds selling bread and all kinds of different things.

5She’s gonna go back to the other pepper to see. where she can fit that little tiny tiny bit left, I told you there’s absolutely no waste here whatsoever and she’s somehow and i think I’m I learned to do this more more myself. she somehow always makes the perfect amount of something it’s crazy because she doesn’t measure. which is kind of difficult to give me the recipe but she doesn’t measure and yet. she gets look like perfect for beautifully stuffed peppers with
nothing left over. I don’t know she does that. I’m gonna add the garlic to my tomato mixture and then. I’m gonna put this all over the top try to toggle pan just reach. she just drizzled a little bit of oil on metal yeah oh yeah a bit more on the top and then cover it with the remaining fresh basil parsley mixture bouquet poster poster this is gonna go into a preheated oven around.


I would say 400 degrees fahrenheit for about 375 or so for about 40 minutes and then we’ll show you what they look like when they are done the peppers werein the oven for around 40 minutes and she also said that if you don’t like as much color on your peppers you can bake them at a lower temperature but you have to be careful because otherwise it the tomatoes won’t evaporate so, you end up with a much more liquidy sauce when she bakes them at a higher temperature.