Nonna's Easy Steamed Cod & Green Beans

I Want To Show You How To Make Something Really Easy And Quick And It’s My Nonna’s Steamed Cod.


  • Fish
  • Lemon
  • Parsley
  • Garlic
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Green Beans



You can use any fish that you really want for this but she uses just need some lemon, some parsley, some garlic extra virgin olive oil and some salt and I’m gonna start me with green beans. Which i’ll explain to you in just a minute because. I’ve had a lot of questions about how I like to serve my green beans so, I’m gonna go ahead and share it with you so this method is somewhat in between a stain and a poach so usually poaching requires a lot of liquid a lot of water and not in this case. I’m going to show you why this is literally exactly the way she does it so, I’m gonna share with you. you can do exactly the same method in the oven but you’ll just take a little bit longer to cook you’re gonna need to add a little bit of water to the bottom of your skillet not a lot. you can see it’s probably less than a cup of water. you don’t want too much because you don’t want this too you don’t want your fish to boil in the water especially if, your fillets are lose my hands if your fillets are frozen. you’re gonna go all over the place so you just go ahead and you put them in there and it’s okay if,they overlap a little totally fine.


They’re gonna be delicious and it’ll be flaky and wonderful so,just leave them like that you can see they’re not submerged in water at all then you need two cloves of garlic you can use as much or as little garlic as you want. I like to give this a slice it’s really really important and like. I said you can do the same thing in the oven just make sure that you use your casserole dish or whatever a new cover it you have to put the garlic cloves on top of the fish and some in the water it’s fine cuz the water will sort of infuse it throughout but you should always have it on the top of the fish cuz just that’s how always done it. I don’t really know why just if,it ain’t broke don’t fix it so a couple of cloves like that on the top and in the water just to sort of infuse everything in the same exact thing with the parsley now the lemon doesn’t go in at this point so you just need to put your parsley on top like so then.I already start to put a little bit of olive oil then.I realized you weren’t with me just yet a little bit of extra virgin olive oil yeah eventually you know my Nana would use regular olive oil or extra virgin.I prefer extra virgin simply because there’s not a whole lot of flavor going on here so any flavor. I want to add to it.


You need to put the heat on let it let that water come to a boil once the water is up to a boil. you turn the heat down to low put a lid on. I like that simmer for about 20 minutes or so or you know steam or until the fish is fully cooked and really flaky so,what that’s happening .I want to share with you sort of my method of cooking my favorite green beans. which is just like a side dish every means whenever I feel like I’m in the mood to make them I have gotten so many questions over the years about how. I prepared them because. I have shared with you. I share them with you on sides and things like that but i’ve never explained it. you boil some green beans into some boiling water for about 25 to 30 minutes or until they’re very tender then. you drain them and while they’re hot. you put them in a bowl and wick the hot green means. you add a couple of cloves of peeled garlic you would let those you let those garlic cloves sit underneath the green beans so that in the time that this is sort of sitting and cooling the green beans will sort of that garlic will kind of infused throughout the green beans and the important thing is now. you need to you know you need to let these sit for thirty minutes one that’s happening. I’ll keep an eye on my fish everything will be ready at the same time.

4You need to do you’ve got some of that liquid now still in your pot it’s really flavorful with the garlic and olive oil and the parsley and salt shoot this liquid. you are going to add a squeeze of lemon and I know. what you’re thinking why not just just you know go right over the top because that’s not my own that does it so, I’m gonna do it the way done that does it.I’m saying it really really fast. I’m gonna do things just the way my Nona does and then. you take this liquid this lovely poaching liquid and you just pour it on top this keeps the fish really moist you can see if you’re paying attention there’s one little piece missing and I’m gonna tell you what had happened and what did it happen is that was hungry again what’s up a little snack but you know that’s.what happens when you cook at home in your own kitchen. you’re the boss this is my happy place so,treat myself once in a while to myself every day and then
you just take this gorgeous poaching liquid and you just sort of you want that fish to be flavorful and you also just want keep it moist but that is it.I’m
not gonna add any more to it. I’m gonna leave it as is now.

5I’m gonna just step this aside and work on my green beans really quickly because all these need is a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil not much of a tablespoon for all that if,that salt and then a squeeze of lemon here as well and this just really goes together well if, you want to you can serve some brown rice some steamed rice some white rice some couscous some quinoa anything you want there really for me.