Nonna's Pasta with Zucchini & Tuna

Today, We Are Making Now Pasta With Zucchini.


  • Zucchini
  • Tomatoes
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Olive Oil
  • Italian Canned Tuna
  • Sliced Onions
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Pasta



You’ll need are few and simple you need some zucchini.she’s using little baby ones just because her friend grows these little ones so that’s what she’s using you need some tomatoes these are beautiful cherry tomatoes that she’s had and some of them are quartered these are zucchini flowers that she has obviously picked off the zucchini washed and tared in some places you’ve got some bread crumbs tuna this is tuna packed in oil and she keeps to oil as well that’s totally optional but, I do suggest a good Italian canned tuna, sliced onions basil olive oil pasta of your choice. we’re using fusilli olive oil oil and salt pasta it’s very simple. she’s seeing Sun shop don’t you meet two people no she doesn’t use a lot of black pepper I do symbols paper toilet paper she was you know what a black pepper.


I do but anyway yummy, I see exactly what do I always say it’s whatever you like she doesn’t like a lot of pepper so she doesn’t use it but if, you do you can use it now she has a pot ready with some water and salt in it for the pasta and then we have a skillet ready that she’s gonna start cooking things up. I’m realizing I’m a farmer perchik annoying now she’s gonna add onions. 1 Tonio bell Davina and a good amount of olive oil Cece now as you guys know from
last time we cook together she really enjoys using a little more oil than. I probably would but in some cases it really makes the dish I would probably drain the oil out of the tuna she’s keeping it because she prefers it that way. she tells me that the pasta doesn’t come out as dry so now. I get into yeah.we are gonna just pick kolakozhi hey. she’s good we’re gonna just chop these up and go to mine my man see give it English she’s telling me to be very careful with my knife because it’s very dangerous clearly she doesn’t watch a whole lot of my recipes episode but that’s okay this is actually a really sharp knife.


I’m not quite sure where it’s from she’s had it in the same box forever and ever and she only uses it on very special occasions.I love it in it zucchini day. I rode on teeny bit Sheila semen is dick wanna know anything a fin and conscious a Braavosi baby under my turkish just cutting up the few left here now.she’ll place these here so you guys could see what they look like now. She’s very my grandmother’s very very picky and that’s one thing you guys have to understand she will drive somewhere even if, there’s a produce place right outside her house she’ll drive ten minutes away it to another produce place because she likes.


Something there better one thing that she will never do is that she will never buy something for example these these were grown locally literally around the corner from her house so she will never buy zucchini that were brought in from somewhere else if, she can find them locally grown so, I figured. I’d share that tidbit because that’s why that’s exactly how I feel if something’s organic I’d rather buy local that’s more important to me that’s where I got it from
now we’re going to add these to the hot oil and onion and now we’re gonna let those cook Shawna buggy’s Helena we’re going to add a little bit of salt just draws moisture out of the vegetables as well helps them cook down a bit now you know what’s funny is that if, you guys remember where I shared a cauliflower pasta recipe.

5I threw in there some sauteed breadcrumbs the same thing with this dish which I’m so excited to show you that because, she it’s what she used to call. when she was a little girl she used to call that parmesan for poor people that’s what they used to call them because a lot of people can’t afford cheese so, they will use old bread make bread crumbs to resemble to finish our Parmesan cheese she’s adding some of the chopped tomatoes.when the notes a vast amount someone.what so she want to give me new dean about – sure. when i’ll – no when we move them when the elements in a few minutes we’ll add the pasta i’ll show you guys
before we add it though cook down for about a minute she added some fresh basil.


We’ll try to bring you more she’s adding the tuna with all the oil and everything and like. I mentioned you can absolutely keep the oil out she just prefers to add it in because she thinks it makes the pasta a little bit you know mix addition a bit more moist in fact you can see at the bottom of the pan there’s not a whole lot of oil so there’s something to that this smells and look magnificent and now as you can if you can see those repeat the flowers have kind of
disintegrated and made just like delicious sort of thick gorgeous sauce but some of the zucchini still has a shape some of it has cooked down looks perfect now pasta. we’re going to add GCC you’re going to add the pasta to the boiling water she’s going to add an extra pinch of salt so it adds one. when we once you add the pasta i’ve moved my zucchini mixture to the side.

7I need to have to borrow this burner and i’ve got a little skillet here with some olive oil not too much and he over here with we’re going to toast up our bread crumbs we want our bread crumbs to become a beautiful golden crisp color and a spring upon our gota non color you want the olive oil to be nice and hot though because what you don’t want is to add the breadcrumbs into cold oil is soaks it up what you do want is to add bread crumbs into hot oil and then that way it sizzles up immediately it doesn’t drink up all the oil.

8So, I’m not really minding that it’s I’m not draining it completely because that just kind of gives a nice thickness to the sauce so, I’m just going to put all my pasta in here the best. I can to thank you tilt it if we can see catch the edges of the pan you can see that we’ve created a really quick and yet really yummy sauce right in the pot with tons and tons of flavor. She wants to speafore picture one our Messiah and this is a breadcrumb but we do see sin of Kabbalah shave Apple crappy Eiffel cut the balut one on college she she said I Drive her crazy boat what can I do I said gem in CI me ass but that’s him.we’re gonna try together I’m waiting for her I don’t like how the zucchini hold its shape ask him out in the gate huh ha mm okay it’s excellent it’s lungfish
you see much advantage is about the vehicle program now I have to plate this up so that she can play it for you the way she wants him okay.