Nonna's Italian Green Beans Recipe

Prep in: 5 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 25 mins
Today,We Are Making One Of Our Favorite Green Beans Recipe.


  • Beans
  • Garlic
  • Basil
  • Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil



I’m able to find in my local supermarket this are her shrink beans sautã©ed with garlic and basil and tomatoes kind of same process very easy and very simple the ingredients. you’ll need are a handful. you’re going to start off with some green beans and these they’ve already been boiled until nice and tender that’s just how she prefers them if, you want yours to have a bit of a bite then make sure that you cook them a little bit less these were cooked for about 20-some minutes and perfect for her. she’s draining them and they’re ready to go. I’ve got some cherry tomatoes. some have been quartered some have been half depending on the size they’re really beautiful and juicy garlic olive oil salt and basil.


Now, really the best thing the best green beans to use with a really nice thin one sometimes are called French green beans sometimes. You can find them called Italian green beans but most of the time they’re called French green beans.we’re gonna get started right away Lopez another was is that the thicker ones she’s the way. she says it is that the thicker ones are meant to be sort of dressed with olive oil salt pepper and a little bit of lemon these are really good to make in sauce so, we are going to head over to the stove and start cooking a good drizzle of olive oil. we are going to add some garlic to it how much garlic. you adds completely up to you a couple of cloves will do is fine for today and we’re going to wait for this to get nice and fragrant just take about a minute or so, over about medium heat and then.


We’ll carry on post Pig another 100 she was adding the -tomatoes he’s not going to add all of them because we don’t need for we don’t need more for your map that we’re making si si si si one day my Laguna it’ll take about maybe seven or eight minutes until this kind of comes cooks down a bit and kind of turns into almost like a sauce but not so so thin you just don’t want to have texture so we are just going to actually going to add a pinch of salt because I want
this to be well-seasoned and the boiling water that cooked these string beans was salted so we always want a really balanced Mounds flavor so, this is the method on go there okay. let’s let this cook for 7 to 8 minutes and then we will be ready to add the green beans.


She refuses to pay for basil parsley um celery garlic these are all things. she should feel like they should be free these are pretty much ready so I’m going to meet. you guys at the table so, we can get started and serve.