Nonna's Italian Fruit Tart Recipe

Prep in: 1 hr 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
We Are Going To Make Her Famous For Torn Fiber Study Fruit Damn Tart Recipe.


  • Whole Milk
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Flour
  • Egg Yolks
  • Lemon
  • Vanilla Paste
  • Herbs
  • Lemon Zest



You’ll need just a few basic ingredients. Which i’m sure you already have on hand such as whole milk, granulated sugar, flour ,egg yolks. You need a lemon and some vanilla paste you could also use a vanilla extract or a little bit of von ejina which ever you got now i’m making this exactly like she made herbs
for this pad for the specific recipe. So in a large saucepan you’ll add all your ingredients i know crazy but that’s just how she does it she doesn’t empower anything she just adds everything all in one go so that’s what we’re doing egg yolks try to get all of them out and then you’ll need a little bit of lemon zest you could also use orange zest it’s really a preference just in a little bit of citrus you could leave it out completely but a little bit of citrus goes a long way and then. You’ll get a little bit of vanilla paste again you don’t have to use vanilla pay so you use any vanilla that you have on hands or that you prefer using a little bit of this.i like to call liquid gold get that off my spoon and now.


I’m going to whisk this together until to mix all of my ingredients perfect now that all your ingredients are mixed you’re going to put this on the burner about medium heat and you’re gonna let this cook for about seven to eight minutes or so stirring very gently with a wooden spoon or a heatproof spatula until the mixture thickens and i will show you what it should look like once it’s there this has thickened beautiful you can see it coats tobacco spoon if, you run
your finger through it stay separated it is perfect but now this does need to be strained because there are some lumps in there from the flour so, i just pass it through a sieve because we want a really really smooth and delicious custard for our fruit tart or anything.


You’re really using it for this custard is pretty much perfect for anything and she uses it a beautiful nun that uses it as her main custard for all of her dishes so, pass it through and this will thicken as it cools because it needs to go in the fridge to cool completely and it’ll take several hours so just patiently pastor there weren’t that many lumps but those few that are in there you do not want in your final dish okay make sure you get it all from the bottom started from the bottom now we’re here and i’m going to wrap this with some plastic wrap the important thing is that the plastic wrap is actually touching the custard so it eliminates that thick skin that forms on the very top. you don’t want that so i’m going to wrap this up a plastic stick this into the fridge for it to cool completely.


You can even do this the night before and you are in business back to my nona so to assemble the pie so, now it’s time to make the crust my phone busting okay moving just under 300 grams of flour ,table 100 grams of butter. I would probably use a standing mixer she doesn’t have one so she just uses a table particularly silence she’s going to get a pinch of salt now if, you have been following me for a while that you were here last year. we were filming together
and this is gonna be a little different than the normal or in the kitchen episode sir no no one near sort of perfectly prep during like that cuz anything goes and that’s just the way we roll around here so we hope that you can appreciate that she’s i’m not quite sure she’s scattering more ingredients as.

5you can use baking powder and vanilla powder you can use vanilla extract of course but no make. You remove a vanilla milk on you lena so you add the vanilla now at this point it’s very different than the crust that we’re used to pie crust that we’re used to is really flaking we use cold facts because it’s important to build those layers and the pie crust here it’s a little bit different actually kind of really soft and tender and buttery which is why everything is a room temperature trust me it’s still going to be delightful look at this look at this lemon yeah normal one dumping about yeah.


I’m going to grate half of this lemon since it’s pretty big you could use a whole lemon if, you’ve got just like a normal sized lemon this is a really really really fresh lemon and she said if, it’s a little bit green it’s actually a really good thing and it’s amazing how different they smell them the lemons we get in the us the right from outside actually she had big clementine tree in her backyard and her friend has lemon trees hmm what’d you do dr. Mccarthy no no in casanova and also because of fresh eggs look at the color of the egg doesn’t get any fresher than this i tell you that she gets fresh eggs every couple days because her friend her friend has a bunch of chickens and things like that so she gets fresh eggs every couple days.

7She’ll make him a pie for the eggs or cake or something if-, a friend of hers gives her eggplant. she’ll make them a thing of eggplant parm it’s quite amazing yeah pachi pachi pachi pachi man on affricate remove a look at my calendar for you over that solution this is your imagination ssccc if, you need more additional flour if your dough is a little bit sticky. you can always add a bit more i mean it also depends if the humidity it depends how dry it is you might need a little bit more but start with 300 grams and then build up from there she takes every little tiny bit off of every utensil kind of amazing she does not waste a thing i tell. you she’s adding some liquor it’s a mixture of give me some it’s a guy made a limoncello like a shot glasses and a shot glass half say got half the money look if, you don’t want to add it by all means leave it completely out but you’ve know her.

8She likes her liqueur and she don’t drink liquor um. you know just like a cup of it but she just always puts it in her desserts and I know a lot of people gonna ask if it’s safe with children and it absolutely is you’re not gonna get tipsy or anything from it it just gives you amazing aroma oh jello almeida no homo salamis you gotta take off my rings in fact. she saw me put them on and she’s like you’re gonna be making dough right you don’t need that some of two fatty nano that’s a kind of a bug and we’re making this because my uncle’s coming to town he lives in sicily he’s coming into town in just a couple of days and we’re gonna make if, i got g done i g see it’s what i said i said if it’s hot you know temperature-wise if it’s really hot. you’re gonna need to add a bit more flour but anyway we’re making this for. we’re making two in the new tart pans.

9I brought her the my uncle’s coming into town we’re saving one for when he arrives in a couple days actually maybe tomorrow night and then. we’re gonna eat one tonight which by time. we film this it might look a little bit dark in here so, again we hope you forgive us but that’s just the way it is around here it’s real life i want to take you into my grandmother’s kitchen the way it really is i really didn’t want to add any bells and whistles to it because to me for you to get to know me a little bit better i think it’s important that you see the way we really are this is how we are benziger born oh she won’t look at you funny nano eureka paco paco little bit more flour a little bit at a time just. you know she’s heading a half bag of the punta could add you
could have added it in an earlier step if.

10You wanted to if, you don’t have it you could always substitute a couple teaspoons of baking powder however the internet is amazing nowadays and if you go on amazon you can order pretty much anything but almost a step born. I know that’s a day fitness if they go into someone’s pyatt or be a gift for them she’s buttering some tart pans those are the tart pans with a removable bottom that.i brought them that i brought her i finished needing this and as you can see it’s now really soft and it’s not sticky at all it’s beautiful i’m gonna cut this i’ll order ashima normally i made a dress like you gracias guests about you i load up i’m gonna cut this in a little bit less like 3/4 my 2/3 maybe cooper gonna be today i could see that’s very low i could see a box and mail i’m a
deficit gross and meadow jimenez baggage i’m gonna dangles pageant man thank you she said cut in half and half of those and he left over we’ll make cookie out of the dough works well for me how do you see apple i’m gonna take a little extra flour on my rolling pin and i’m gonna start to roll this out move it
constantly so that it doesn’t stick

I’m sure you sprinkle it with some flour and then i just she does the same exact thing. I do when you roll it on pin take your start playing close to tart pan close to you and then roll it out so, she decide against the cookies for that and we took out another tart pan to make a third fur tart now she preheated the oven anna wanda. I’m a technician wanda no chin when the quanto tempo okay put this in a 350 degree oven she hers outside a little bit not as hot but 305 degrees 25 minutes or so until lightly golden brown and it’ll be perfect and we’ll show you what it looks like once it’s cooled down enough we’re gonna tidy up clean up and get going on getting our fruit ready to top this way the crust was in the oven for relatively about 40 minutes only because we had four pies in there one time because believe it or not with the little bit leftover dough she made a jam tart yes she did so that took a little bit longer but normally if, you were making this one at a time or two at a time it’ll take about a half hour for them to be golden brown and then it’s crucial that you let them cool completely and now.

12I’ve got my cream here ready and you’ve sliced up some fruits and a heads-up if you’re using bananas make sure that when you slice them you squeeze some lemon juice over them otherwise it will turn brown we’ve got some cherries that are pitted and just half and then some kiwi sliced and strawberries those are the fruits that.we’re using but by all means use any kind that you like you can use peaches you could use a pineapple you could use mangoes you could really use anything that you like hello – one day i wanna grab a tart just watch the last three you don’t know bo she mad and i am having a my diet from my dad oh okay you really want to just keep an eye out you don’t want to have too much cream but you certainly don’t want to have too little so we’re probably going to
use this for three for all three bases it’ll be plenty.i’m busting man okay,so now it’s time to layer the fruit you can do this in any way you like reduced by mukki.

13I’m gonna put one right over here to cut some more kiwi for the other pie. I’m just layering things on just play some fruit around you know really be good in this – oh now i always talk about how if, you want to give yourself a nervous breakdown by all means pick cherries by hand instead of a cherry pitter everybody will be with em eh okay that’s what she made me do i had a pit half a kilo of cherries by hand it took me forever but i don’t say no.i do it with a smile on my face now the last step once you’ve put all your fruit on top of your upper custard is to cover it with some gelatin now for me anyway this is the only gelatin.i have ever used when making fruit tarts it was only gel.i kind of know i how’d you know how to use it’s meant for this kind of thing in fact
,you look at the picture on the package it’s got a fruit tart very similar to what we’re making it what it does is it preserves the fruit and you can
absolutely leave the step out if you’re just using this if you’re eating this right away but if you’re going to eat it within a couple days.i suggest you do
cover it otherwise the fruit it’s going to start to look a bit odd now you can get this in any italian supermarket it’s made by panda angele it’s called
torta gel.

14You take the content of this package a couple tablespoons of sugar and some water and you mix it together and then you put it on the stove for a couple minutes or until everything is melted and then you let it cool for a few minutes and then you spoon it on top it’s very very gently now this is going to go in the fridge to set for a while you want to make sure that the the gelatin is set and then we’re going to give this a try once it’s done so once you’ve let these set for a bit you wanna make sure the gelatin is fully hardened you can go right in and dig in tameka step down the longer you let this sit the softer the actual crust gets it kind of becomes moist from the juices of the fruit and the cream and then we should have an effect then it gets all nice and moist
from the cream and the natural juices.