No-Knead Rustic Bread Recipe
Prep in: 18 hrs
Cook in: 1 hr
I Want To Show You How I Make Some Rustic Bread.


  • All-Purpose Flour



We are going to need my can use all-purpose flour but. I totally totally suggest getting some bread flour.I just feel like you get a better crumb It’s just better all around but that’s sort of that’s my opinion because whatever you like your kitchen your rules. Your flour your life. I don’t know what
Else to say all right so, I’m going to just set this aside because, I need the yeast to sort of proof and activate and then. I’ll show you what it looks like When it’s there excellent now take this mixture make sure you get all the yeast out of there and I just start with the wooden spoon and then. What I do is I.Do like to switch to my hands just to incorporate the last bit of flour simply because it tends to get a little bit tough towards like right now for example It gets a little bit tough with the one spoon so, I just take my hands and then all. You do is just I I literally have no method to my madness. I just turn And squeeze and try to incorporate the flour so, it’s not like. I’m meeting in any particular way this takes me a couple of minutes the goal is to just get That flour absorbed all in that moist dough it’s pretty much it couldn’t be easier. I mean it really is if.


I can do it anybody can do it kind of thing but there’s something really therapeutic knowing like. I’m weird you need to know that and you already knows. I Just sleep better at night once I know that my you know my pantry is full my fridge is full i’ve got something already cooked and prepped that’s just the way.I am i’ve always been that way and the fact that. I know that i’ve got this rising but before. I go to bed I just know. I sleep better trust me on that all Right so, this is what you want it to look like everything has been absorbed as. you can see it’s tacking a little bit sticky now. what I’m going to do now is.I’m going to cover this with plastic wrap.


I’m going to pop this into my microwave don’t turn the microwave on i’ve had a lot of people that tell me that make that mistake you don’t want to do that You want to just the reason why I put it in the microwave it’s because it’s draft free so that’s what you want to keep it for about 18 to 24 hours. I like to Do it around 18 hours and then i’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there now I have one that’s already ready because it’s about to be the weekend and I’d love to have a fresh bread and then this allows me to make a nice fresh loaf tomorrow. I’m Italian. I like my carbs there could never be enough homemade Fresh bread so I’m going to get this now once it’s all done. I’ll show you what it looks like all right so, now pretend it’s been 18 hours.


Since, we’ve seen each other good morning good afternoon what you want to do at this point is pre-heat your oven to 450 and then alongside that you want to Pop your Dutch oven or any heavy bottomed oven safe pot you want to pop it into the oven it has to be a heavy-duty cannot be a thin pot because it will burn.Your bread this is nice and hot which is where I want it I’m going to leave that there for now and just tack on my dough and as you can see this is what it’s Going to look like 18 hours later it’s going to be bubbly and it’s going to be really thin see that but that’s fine this is what you’re looking for i’ve got A floured surface and then I like to just use a dough scraper to get it all out of here and very simply all you need to do is just kind of pull this together you see the flour the flour is crucial to getting that beautiful crust that you love from a nice loaf of bread and all I do is just pull it together like
So into a ball oh it’s so nice and wobbly all right take off the lid let me just pop it back here put your dough that’s gorgeous into your hot pot like so And then.

5I like to take some flour sprinkle it over the top and just want to brush it on put the lid back on be careful cause your lid is hot and now this needs to go Into the oven. I know it sounds crazy but it’ll work this whole thing needs to go into the oven at 450 for 30 minutes after 30 minutes you remove the lid and You let it go for an additional 15 minutes and i’ll show. you what it looks like when the bread is fully done you’re gonna love it I know you will my bread
Bakes for an hour remember it was covered for 30 minutes and I took off the lid and baked it for an additional 15 minutes I do want to warn you to take a
Look at it in after 10 minutes once you’ve removed the lid just to make sure it’s not overcooking.