No-Bake Pina Colada Cheesecake Tart Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
I Want To Show You What I Like To Call A No-Bake Peanut Colada Tart.


  • Some Cream Cheese
  • Confectioner Sugar
  • Pineapple
  • Shredded Stuff
  • Chunks
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Crushed Graham Cracker
  • Crumbs



We can get started because it’s really easy and really simple okay for the filling. you’re going to need some cream cheese it’s been softened at room
temperature give me some confectioner sugar. What I have here is a can of pineapple that. I just drained. I don’t like the super shredded stuff so, I just like to take the chunks and just mash them up with my fork. I like to texture better some heavy cream and then. you need some unsalted butter that’s been softened or partially melted with some crushed graham cracker, crumbs and some sugar that really is it now for the topping which is going to come in a little bit that’s what the coconut comes in but you don’t need that right now so let’s get started I’m not going to use any machinery.


I’m going to use these guns upper-body workout this morning so, pretty good with myself ok so, to make the crust it’s super simple you mix together. your graham cracker crumbs and your sugar and you add in your butter and then just work it with your spatula just until the mixture resembles like coarse sand. you can do this in a food processor if, you want to but you know. I’m going to make the filling in the same Bowl anyway minimal cleanup make it easy keep it simple because like.I said it’s hot it’s summertime. I don’t want to spend too much time by the sink washing stuff so I’m just under this by hand it’ll take just a couple of minutes that’s the perfect consistency. you see when you pinch it together it kind of holds kind of like when you’re making sandcastles. when you were a kid that’s what you’re looking forward.


I’m going to throw that into a 9 inch tart pan with a removable bottom and I also do think that when you buy nonstick. when you use non-stick baking dishes and things like that everything just comes out a lot easier but you can also just spray it with some nonstick spray. I don’t always find it necessary for something like this because there’s so, much butter in the crust so, it comes out easily anyway because this has to set for a while and then. I just like to
use my hands to just really press it in alright that looks good don’t panic if, it’s not perfect because remember it’s going to set for a while so, you’re good to go all right in the same bowl add your cream cheese.

4You can use a wooden spoon or a spatula just to break it up a little bit and just to soften it before we add everything else and you can do this in a standing mixer if, you want to just make sure you fit it with a paddle attachment but you’re just loosening it up. I like to start with a one spoon and then.I switch to my spatula just because you know. I don’t know I really haven’t. I have absolutely no reason for that. I just. I just do sometimes it’s easier alright this looks good got to it. you add everything else your sugar your pineapple and like. I said. I like the kind that’s like in chunks that way. you can break them up a little tiny bit but you still have those chunky pieces. I don’t like when it’s super shredded because if.

5You do that. I don’t taste any in my mouth like I don’t have a chunk of pineapple and if, I want something that give me that pina colada flavor. I got what a chunk of pineapple no time and then your heavy cream just to get everything moving and grooving and then you just mix it mix and mix until everything is smooth and well combined and look all. you see how many pineapple chunks are in there that’s perfect that’s exactly exactly. what I want just spread your mixture in your tart pan I just love that. I can see pineapple running through it makes me happy makes me feel like everyone’s going to get a piece of
pineapple or plenty it’s gonna be fabulous now at this point.

6I’m going to lightly cover this with some plastic wrap and I’m going to pop it in the fridge overnight you want to keep it in the fridge for a minimum of about four to six hours but really, I think when you do it the night before and you unveil it the next day it just takes away the stress of wondering whether or not it’s perfectly set so, I’m just going to go ahead and do that it’ll be perfect for tomorrow after lunch and i’ll show you what we’re going to do next because at that point we are going to need to top it my tart was in the fridge overnight don’t mind a little piece of crumb that’s working off there. I break everything okay it is what it is it’ll be covered by whipped cream no one will know okay so the additional ingredients.

7You’re going to need or not very many but all together make for a great great tart. you’ll need some shredded coconut most of the time. I tell you. I like it toasted in this case. I do not so, i’ve got some trying to coconuts. I have got some maraschino cherries pitted of course. I’ll leave the stems on but you can remove them if, you want to powder sugar coconut extract and you’re going to need some heavy whipping cream that’s it if, you can take can tell i’ve been snacking on the shredded coconut that’s right it’s like. I’m still chewing okay so we need to go ahead and whip up our cream our whipped cream so in this large bowl.I’m going to add my confectioner sugar my heavy cream and my coconut extract now normally. when I add vanilla you know I don’t measure.

8I always start with a half teaspoon because I can wait work my way up but if. I start too hot and I can’t not get back down so, I’m going to start with a half a teaspoon. which I think it’s going ,to be plenty and now with my hand held with. I’m just going to whisk this up until it’s nice and stiff peaks perfect you want you want to have like stiff peak so, that it holds together but you don’t want to go so far that your cream turns into butter so, now you take this. I’ve also tasted this it’s plenty coconutty so, I’m not going to add, any more in but if, you want it stronger. you can but I’m telling you half a teaspoon is perfect for this amount and then. you just add your whipped cream on top and it looks like it’s not going to be a huge mound of whipped cream but it’s.

9Just going to be a nice thin layer because really. you’re you’re not needing any more richness here okay. you’re just doing. you know you adding the whipped cream with that extra light or flavor and creaminess because although the cheesecake II filling is creamy it’s also dense and now the whip fresh whipped cream it’s light its smooth its velvety it’s fabulous okay. I’m all about that okay now like. I said before normally. I like my coconut toasted but in this case.I really think it adds like really nice texture and I don’t know I just really prefer it on toasted but if, you want to toast you certainly can do that. I just think it works a lot better without it being toasted and I also think that this way it almost becomes a part of the filling as you eat it so.

You’ve got that perfect balance of bases of pineapple coconut flavor from the cream and then just shreds of coconut for texture so, it’s perfect. We’re going to add in as much or as little as you want. I want every single bite to have coconut on top so, I’m just gonna take my time and if something spills over the plate oh well. you’re cleaning it and then well because no island life is forever right without a maraschino cherry or an umbrella. I don’t have the umbrella in this case but. I do have maraschino cherries you need to add some and you can do whatever pattern you like. I kind of just go all around touch cherries it’s as fancy as it gets around here folks. I do not have the gift for decorating but how sweet is that pun intended and how beautiful does that look.I caught myself out of peace and I use the peas that I mangled across a little so no one would notice but look.

11I want you to see how the filling stays together nothing’s losing out all over the place it’s set it’s good to go and you have my permission to dig in like right now, I’m gonna go for it I’m really thrilled. I know it’s a little bit too tone-tone but it works it’s yummy. why are you gonna judge it like that oh my word shame it’s times like these. where I’d want to slap myself because this is so phenomenal.I want to have it on my dinner table every single night my hips wouldn’t trust it but you know and it’ll it is it is phenomenal it’s easy it’s simple but I promise you you will love it the coconut comes through the chunks of pineapple come through but yet it’s creamy its mellow and everything is just a right a mouse or nothing is overpowering or tastes like artificial or anything money if, you’re having a bake sale or something you should follow it make this because you would win Nobel Prize that’s all good Alara in the
kitchen you can see