No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Ready in: 3 hr 20 mins
I Want To Share With You How To Make A No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake.


  • Ground Graham Cracker
  • Digestive Biscuit
  • Salted Peanuts
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Heavy Cream
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Sugar



You’ll need is very few and simple ones. you’ll need some ground graham crackers or any kind of like biscuit cracker or digestive biscuit. You’ll need some peanuts a little bit of sugar. some cream cheese has been softened at room temperature. You’ll need some smooth peanut butter confectioner sugar vanilla
extract some heavy cream and some butter. You’ll also need some additional ingredients to make a ganache but that’s not going to happen till tomorrow or tomorrow for me like maybe a couple minutes for me for you now the first thing. you want to do is get a 9-inch spring form pan and spray with some nonstick spray or just put a little bit of butter in there. which is what I’ve done and now, we’re going to go in on making the crust. we are going to add now there’s also pinch of salt in with the sugar as well for the crust. you can use salted peanuts and it would be fabulous.


I don’t have salted peanuts. I have unsalted peanuts. which is why i’ve added a pinch of salt to my sugar because the slight saltiness works really really well against all the sweetness of the peanut butter. We are going to add the butter in partially the butter is just partially melted not that it really matters because it’s all going to get whizzed up anyway. so, I’m just going to pause this until it gets nice and combined and the peanuts have kind of got gone into a powder and you’re perfect Oh perfect looks like wet sand and I love that that’s the start of a good crust okay. I can smell the peanuts too. I’m just gonna get everything out of here now if, you don’t like peanut butter then.


I will direct you to my Nutella no bake until a cheesecake which is pretty much kind of the same thing as this – there’s no peanut butter but there is
Nutella in there so if, you’re someone that didn’t grow up eating peanut butter. Which I know that all over the world. I when. I was a kid in Italy.. I didn’t eat peanut butter didn’t even know such a thing existed so, I grew up eating Nutella. I’m going to put my cream cheese in my standing mixer. you can do this absolutely in your food processor problem is my food processor is a bit on the small side and when I add the cream cheese and the peanut butter and the sugar and the cream it doesn’t all get mixed really well just because it’s a small one if, it was a bigger bigger size and it would work perfectly so, if your food processor is slightly bigger. you can do it all in the food processor and it would save.


You some washing-up. I’m going to mix the cream cheese by itself for a couple of minutes to get it really light and fluffy and then.we’ll add in the remaining ingredients turn that down okay. let’s get all the peanut butter off my spoon and all into the cream cheese mixture this is going to serve a lot of people so don’t worry if, you’re thinking whoa that’s a lot of peanut butter it’s about a cup and a half but again it’s going to serve let’s see it’s pretty rich cheesecake so, I’d say you can get easily between 12 and 16 slices out of this depending on how thick you want it you get four slices ahead of it if you want really big wedges but because something is rich. when something is rich especially dessert. I always do smaller portions because you just don’t need as much of it so, keep that in mind.

5I’m going to add just a small splash of vanilla and then. we’re going to add in the confectioner sugar and let’s get it all out and then. we’re going to add in a little touch of cream and now that. we have all of our ingredients in there lift this up and mix it all together until it’s combined and creamy and luscious now this is not a cake batter this is not cookies this is not cupcakes. you cannot like overwork this and develop gluten or anything just. you want to work this well enough so, that everything is really well combined yeah it’s gorgeous looks like peanut butter mousse hey if all else fails pass this off as peanut butter mousse hi. I can’t myself.

6I’m so funny all the time anyways just putting this into my springform pan try and get it all out of there as much of it as. you can and then just smooth this out smells so good something about peanuts peanut butter. you just know it’s gonna be lovely. I do make a different peanut butter cheesecake. which is baked it’s not um it’s not no baked like this one but the other want the other version that. I make is peanut butter Jiali cheesecake so if, you want to see that one then. you better comment down below and let me know. I’m going to cover this up and just use a plate pop it right on top.

7You’re going to go into the fridge overnight it needs to set otherwise it’s not going to hold its shape so, I’m just going to put plate plate on top of this pop it in the fridge overnight and .we’ll make a beautiful ganache to go over the top now before. we go ahead and unveil the cheesecake that’s been in the fridge overnight. I want to make a quick little ganache to go over it so i’ve got some semi-sweet chocolate chips in here and this is some hot heavy cream. I just took some heavy cream popped it into this little measuring jug and I put it in the microwave for about a minute or until got really nice and hot so, I just want to make sure that the chocolate is submerged in the hot cream let it sit there for a second and now.

8We’ve got our cheesecake here that it is completely set so if, I put my hand on it it is perfectly set and I can smell the peanut butter immediately. I think that that’s like so, inviting and like awesome and delicious so, I’m just gonna let the chocolate sit for about a minute and then. we’ll give it a good and cover this whole thing with that deliciously easy gooey melted chocolate goodness. I’m gonna start giving this a whisk and as you whisk it the chocolate will melt and melt and melt and it’ll go from like this really weird light brown to a luscious gooey gooey chocolate yeah that looks awesome okay
good now what we need to do is cover the top of our cheesecake with that lovely chocolate let it ooze out let it kind of run all over the top because, we need to put this back into the fridge to set it’ll take maybe an hour so, you want that chocolate to set completely. let’s go to dowse it’s gonna cover it over beautiful in the fridge until the chocolate is fully set yep there. we go now truth be told. you really do need to have this sit in the fridge until
this chocolates completely set. I’ve only kept it in there for 10 minutes.

9I greet getting the best of me but it smells amazing it’s holding up just fine. So, I don’t not worry about it but I do have here is a wet kitchen towel or and you need something wet because it makes these clean it makes getting clean slices much better if, you have something that you can wipe your knife on and get really nice neat slices like that. I’m just going to cut myself a slice look at that look at the chocolate the smooth peanut butter and that graham cracker peanutty crumb mixture okay if, you like Reese’s peanut butter cups. I will put my last earned dollar might put my name on the fact that this tastes exactly like it but ten times better it just does its its fifth. you could call a Reese’s peanut butter cheesecake if, you wanted to but it is on peanut butter cheesecake.So,we’re going to call it it is just phenomenal it is incredibly rich yet not overpowering at all it’s smooth it holds such beautiful texture the combination of like the crumble the peanut butter layer and the chocolate is just dynamite.