No Bake Nutella Cheesecake Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Ready in: 15 mins
We’re Making A No Bake Nutella Cheesecake


  • Cream Cheese
  • Nutella
  • Vanilla
  • Crushed Graham Crackers
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Regular Sugar
  • Ground Hazelnuts
  • Digestive Biscuit
  • Butter
  • Sugar



You’re gonna need to get started i’ll need some cream cheese it’s been softened at room temperature confectioner sugar vanilla of course you’re gonna need some Nutella some crushed graham crackers, unsalted butter, softened regular sugar and some ground hazelnuts those are the ingredients and by the way did I forget to mention and this is a no-bake cheesecake. I know it’s just so easy it’s really ridiculous but it is just delicious. we’re gonna make a ganache on top later on I can’t I can’t wait so, let’s get started with the crust. I’m gonna make this in my CNE mixer just cuz it’s easy. I’m going to put in some crushed up graham crackers if, you can’t find crushed up graham crackers. you can always crush them yourself in a food processor or if, you can’t find you know graham crackers.


Where you live you can always use any digestive biscuit works just fine so then, we’re going to add in the butter and it’s really important that softened every temperature. I got some hazelnuts here all I did was I took a handful of hazelnuts and then. I toasted them in a dry skillet and then crush them in my food processor that’s it I just really want that hitl nut flavor because it plays really well with a Nutella. I’m going to put in some sugar and I’m going to put in a couple tablespoons of Nutella right in the crust one big giant spoonful if, you want to you can use um like chocolate graham crackers. I honestly like the plane graham crackers with the Nutella added to it better but you know what to each his own so, what I’m going to do now is mix this all together until my crust comes together.


I also have here a nine-inch just a springform pan and just rushed it with a little bit of melted butter that’s it. we’re gonna wait for that to come together and i’ll show you what it looks like once it’s there looks awesome smells like the Pharoah Rocher chocolates gonna be really really good. I’m just going to take this out temporarily because, I’m going to put this right back on get everything out just going to get this nice and even and then. I’m going to use my hands to press it all at the bottom and a half about an inch up the sides of the pan you know what I love about the fat by putting the here’s the car stop hazelnuts in there is that. I feel like it gives it really good texture. I am going to top this with a few additional hazelnuts as. I serve it but I like being able to get some texture right away from the crust.


So, I get that all pressed in nice even as you can you can also take your ramekin and go right in there that looks amazing okay. I’m going to just put this right back on because. we’re making the filling in the same mixer so, let’s start with the cream cheese that’s been softened to room temperature and that’s
extremely important because if, it’s not soft it is not going to work for you at all and you tella now. I could say that you should really stick to the amount the recipe calls for Who am I kidding seriously. I would love to add this whole jar of Nutella in here this is how many ounces it would be probably really ridiculous it doesn’t snow many ounces this is but anyway. I’m just going to put in a good amount which is a little leftover for me to snack on like.

5I said this is going to be very rich but hey a small sliver will do. I’m just going to cream those two together until the cream cheese mixture is sort of really nice and fluffy and then. we’ll keep we can add in the remaining ingredients. you also need some heavy cream. I just took it out of the fridge I like to keep it nice and cold until the last possible minute. I’m going to need to use it so, I’m just gonna let this go and i’ll show you what it looks like once it’s there that looks good enough for me. I just i’ve been giving it a stir just to make sure everything is you know combining from the sides so adding in some confectioner sugar like it isn’t sweet enough a touch of heavy cream this is just going to give it a little bit of more of a smooth texture and a drop of vanilla extract then a lot but a drop is definitely necessary just going to mix these although otherwise. you get covered in powdered sugar until everything is well combined.

6I will show you what it looks like once it’s there that looks incredible incredible and it really smells like just Nutella that’s. what it smells like in my in my opinion you know. I want this Nutella cheesecake too of course taste like Nutella but I also want it to have that same kind of cheesecake texture so, it is important to add the cream cheese otherwise. you could just have a Nutella sandwich and you know that will be just as delicious but that’s not the point of this give this a good stir with a spatula because as. you can see the beater didn’t get the sides as well as I’d like it to so that’s. why I always go in with a spatula cuz.

7I think it’s just easier to mix it all in that all out that’s good. we’ll leave some in there for me to snack on but for now just want to get this as smooth as. I can manage and once. you have that smooth don’t worry if, it’s not perfect because that is going to get covered in a gorgeous ganache later on but for narrow. you just need to cover this with plastic wrap or aluminum foil works better. you’re gonna pop it into the fridge or you know it’s gonna be in there overnight and I know it sounds ridiculous but me it took you two minutes to put it together but all the work will be done in the fridge overnight and it’s super important because otherwise it’s gonna fall apart and you won’t be able to cut it and then tomorrow, I will show you what to do next. which is going to be the ganache part my cheesecake has been in the fridge overnight and now it’s time for part two which is the ganache that’s gonna be on that’s going to go
on top of this and it’s like. I know if it’s like if it’s not virtue enough right so just going to need.

8Some good quality semi-sweet chocolate. I just chopped it into small pieces heavy cream and a little bit of butter. I’m going to take low saucepan put my heavy cream in and let that come to a really nice simmer almost like a gentle gentle boil and when it’s there I’m going to show you what to do next cream is ready so, I’m just gonna pour it all over my chocolate and I’m not going to stir it. I’m not gonna do anything to it the only thing. I am going to do it whoa besides make sure that doesn’t fall is just make sure that these pieces are dunked in the heavy cream. I’m going to do and I’m just going to let this sit here for about two minutes and then. I will show you how to finish it pour this baby on top of the cheesecake and get ready for the home run after a few minutes of sitting there. I’m just going to take my whisk and I’m gonna mix the whole thing together because this is what.

9I did is it melted the chocolate oh look at that. I’m going to add in my softened butter this kind of makes it shiny makes it glisten makes it delicious so,you know. I’m gonna add some just continue to mix it until everything is well combined hmm that looks incredible already so, now time to take this luscious gorgeousness and pour it all over the top of the cheesecake look at all how can that something be so, beautiful how can something be this gorgeous should be illegal but thankfully youth now spread this as even as you can manage. I think that’s good enough once you say hmm. I’m gonna cover this again because it has to go into the fridge once more for about an hour or until the ganache is nicely set and then it’ll be time to dig in and let me tell. you something i’ve been waiting all night for this okay can’t take it anymore stop. I’m gonna pop this in and hope that it gets done even quicker now once. I put my ganache back on.I pop this back into the fridge for an hour and it’s ready. I just took it out of the springform pan just took the size out of it because it’s just unclips and you can lift it right out make sure. you run a knife around the edges just to make sure nothing sticks now all. I have here are some chopped toasted hazelnuts and I like to put a bunch of them right in the centre just so, that you can kind of know that there’s you know hazelnuts in it.

10I like to keep it in the centre and i’ll explain why because. I don’t want to cover the whole top in the hands or nuts because I want you to be able to see gorgeous ganache and I want the edges to be covered in confectioner sugar so, you can kind of have like the best of both worlds. you can see the beautiful ganache. you’ve got the crispy the crisp enos from the chopped hazelnuts and then snowfall of confectioner’s sugar. I mean that that is absolutely magnificent in my opinion now. I’m going to grab a quick little knife and fork and now be right back here for special surprise look at that it’s like a Nutella mousse now a good tip is anytime you’re cutting cheesecake.