Nicoise Salad Recipe

Prep in: 45 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 55 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make My Salmon Nicoise Salad.


  • Potatoes
  • Baby Yukon Golds
  • Green Beans
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Fresh Parsley
  • White Wine
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Some Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Oil
  • Salmon
  • Tomatoes
  • Salt



We can get started you’re going to need some potatoes that have been cooked down you can choose whatever you like, I’m choosing to use these little baby Yukon Golds that, i’ve just cut in half you’re going to need some green beans fresh green beans. I’ve got some hard-boiled eggs. I’ve got some pit kalamata olives, fresh parsley ,tomatoes, white wine ,vinegar ,Dijon mustard ,some pepper, extra virgin olive oil. I’ve got a platter here that i’ve got some big lettuce nice and fresh and cleaned and dried just kind of laid out and ready to go and as for my salmon.


I have two beautiful pieces of salmon fillets that have been pin boned and ready to go now I have my oven preheated to about 450 or 475 I want to pop this in there for about 10 minutes just to roast the salmon and get a really lovely flavor. I have a salmon on a nolo baking sheet that i’ve just lined with a little bit of aluminum foil very simple now. what I also have here is asaucepan filled with salted boiling water and that’s going to be for blanching the green


I’m just salt and pepper aiding my salmon and you could do the same thing with tuna um using baby chicken you know it’s completely up to you but I do enjoy it with salmon and I often like to make it with salmon just because it’s a great way to stretch a buck and really make the salad delicious and interesting and so so good now. what I’m going to do is. I’m pop this into the oven for 15 minutes and then. I’m going to show. you what it looks like when it’s done but in the meantime. we’ll get going on blanching the green beans.


I’ve got my trimmed green beans. I’m adding to my boiling water and they’re going to be in there for two minutes if, that one you just for about two minutes now, I’m going to just blanch them really quickly two minutes run them on the really cold water you can also just put them in a water bath and it’s perfectly fine and you’re done. I’m going to run the cold water till they’re stuck there stop you know they stop cooking now for my potatoes. I just cooked up some baby Yukon Gold potatoes that i’ve have is in salted boiling water until they’re done about 15 minutes that’s it you can use any potato. you like you can use leftover potatoes that’s in gray as well but it’s really completely up to you. I mean I don’t think i’ve ever seen the salad made the same thing every the same way every single time things always change the potatoes change sometimes. I’d like to use purple potatoes.

5I can get my hands on them for beautiful color and it makes it really interesting heirloom tomatoes would be great you know play around with what you have on hand or where you can find fresh check your local market but as for now.I’m going to let these blanch for two minutes run them on the cold water to stop them from cooking and then. We’ll pull up the whole thing together so, once I blanch my green beans for two minutes. I just shot them in cold water until they were completely cold drain them and they’re good to go now my salmon was in the oven for 15 minutes and it’s beautifully roasted.

6I’ve let this cool quite a bit otherwise if,I went ahead and handled it up either while.I would first burn my hands and second walls to put hot salmon on the lettuce big no-no it’s going to wilt the lettuce completely and that wouldn’t be good so, let’s get going on making the vinaigrette it’s really simple. I’m just going to take some Dijon mustard honestly quite a bit of it. I loved you gen mustard it is so good I particularly loved it in chicken cordon bleu my layer of it between Swiss and ham it’s delicious now. I’m going to just finely chop some parsley. I like the parsley running through my vinaigrette adds a little something interesting sometimes if, I can get my hands with some fresh chives. I like to add some fresh chives in here as well just adds a little
something extra now traditionally a Nicoise salad always has and chill beast with it my husband and my friends coming over don’t particularly groove on raw
anchovies on a salad so.

7I’m leaving them out but feel free to add some right on top it would be absolutely delicious all right we’ve got our parsley let’s season this with some salt and some pepper every time I put some pepper. I feel like singing so I’m pepper he something something I’m not I don’t remember the 80s song but you don’t I’m talking about fill in the words if, you don’t I’m talking about I know a white wine vinegar you could also use champagne vinegar or red wine vinegar. I like white wine vinegar so that’s what I’m using that’s good and then. I’m just going to whisk this and add in my extra virgin olive oil and that’s it really simple vinaigrette it’s going to taste absolutely delicious and it couldn’t be any easier and we like things easy around here I don’t like complicated stuff life can be complicated enough food shouldn’t be you feel me all right this is done let’s test it i’ll take whatever I’m cooking oh yeah party enough. how okay it’s right out to do I like to dress each thing while. I address my green beans tomatoes and my potatoes with a little bit of the dressing so, that everything whoa so that everything is beautifully dressed with the vinaigrette got tons of flavor and then.

8I like to place these ingredients on my platter in just love this section it says scattering everything all over. I like to put what’s closer to me there. you can see better. I like to put my potatoes all in one side right here in this corner then we dress the green beans should probably use tongs for this but I like to be a rebel in life put these in another corner as well so, you see what. I mean just like lovely big pieces of it and you’ve got this beautiful bib lettuce being like the mattress that kind of holds everything beautifully together okay now, I’m going to do is I’m just going to cut my tomatoes and two lovely big wedges these are going to add beautiful color as well as flavor oh and this is just such a crowd-pleaser it makes the salmon really stretch so
that if.

9You’re feeding this will easily feed four to six people. you don’t have to get a ton of salmon like at stake you know a piece of salmon for each each one that wouldn’t be that wouldn’t be fair because that’s a lot of money alright and then. I’m going to take my olives and just kind of push these right here just for interest. you can use any olives. you want you could use a mixture of olives as well that would be absolutely beautiful now, I’m leaning the center for my salmon but in the meantime. I’m just going to take some of my eggs that. I’ve cut up into quarters these are just some horrible eggs.

10I do them the same every single time by just placing them in the saucepan with water oops bring them up to a boil let them boil in there for a couple minutes and then just run them under cold water and they’re done alright now, let’s take the salmon oops. I just does not want to stay together there. you go now what I’m going to do is take my salmon. I’ve let it cool for a little bit you don’t need the skin for this which is great because it sticks right to the aluminum foil and I just like to take it with my hands and just make lovely large pieces so, that’s got great texture and it’s not super mushy.

11I like to put that right in the center because it is the star of the show so and then once we have that we can go ahead and just drizzle a little bit of the marinade or the dressing. I should say a little bit of the dressing now. we’ve got left over right over the top and that my friend is completely done it’s can assemble this ahead of time if, you want to I would suggest if, you’re going to do that keep the dressing completely on the side so, that nothing gets machine but that is it I mean how beautiful of a salad is that I just need to eat a piece of salmon and then take it