Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
I Really Want To Show You How To Make A Mushroom Risotto Recipe.


  • Chopped Onions
  • Celery
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Arborio Rice
  • Parsley
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Hot Pepper Flakes
  • White Wine
  • Freshly Grated Parmigiano
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Beef
  • Dry Porcini



Let’s go over the ingredients so we can get this thing rolling going to need some finely chopped onions, celery, garlic. I’m some mushrooms I’m using some baby portobello cremini mushrooms additional garlic some arborio rice or risotto rice, some chopped up parsley ,some unsalted butter, dried porcini fresh thyme, hot pepper, flakes, some white wine, freshly grated parmigiano, olive oil ,salt and pepper and some beef stock that I have actually warming up right back there because you want it to be ready and on a gentle simmer okay. let’s get this thing rolling in this pot.I have a little bit of water that’s up to a simmer and what I’m going to do to it see it’s pretty hot now what I’m going to do to that is.


I’m actually going to add in my porcini porcini these are dry porcini.I can never find fresh porcini so, I always use the dry they have a very awesome sort of deep woodsy flavor and it add a lot of
flavor to this dish now if, you can find a mixture of wild mushrooms in your supermarket. I going to suggest you use that but I can’t find a bunch of different mushrooms.I can only either find some portobello mushrooms or some cremini or button mushrooms so, that’s. what I’m using today because they have the best flavor in cremini mushrooms of whatever was available so now what I’m going to do is. I’m going to take my porcini I’m going to turn this off cause it’s a nice simmer. I’m going to add them to the water and this is going to like reconstitute the mushrooms. I’m going to just let these sit here for about ten minutes and that’s going to also provide great broth.

We’re going to add to the result so just give it a little extra flavor now switching pans here. I’m going to put this over medium heat medium-high I’m gonna sit this aside it’s just going to steep there while. I go on to the rest of the recipe in that big skillet. I’m going to add in some extra virgin olive oil and mushroom risotto you know it’s really done in two parts you do I do the mushroom saute make the risotto and then. you combine the two I’m doing it you know usually you do this all the same time because I want to show you how every step is supposed to be done. I’m going to do this you don’t want a piece of the time so in this pan with my olive oil. I’m going to add in my garlic and I’m going to wait for this to heat up together.

The olive oil actually just needs a little bit more though because I don’t have quite enough and I want this to sizzle and I want the garlic to become really nice and fragrant and lightly golden it’s my garlic.I’m going to add in my mushroom that. I’ve just chopped small piece.I’m in the Portobello month the mini portabellas these are called mini Bella’s or also known as cremini mushrooms they were pretty small so, I just quartered them and I just sliced the bigger ones and little bigger pieces anyways put in my half pepper flakes. I’m going to season this with some salt and pepper awesome give this a nice stir and this is gonna cook for about seven to eight minutes or until the mushrooms have cooked down develop the good amount of color and then.I will show you the next step mushrooms are it’s just how. I want them they’ve got good color they’ve cooked down.

5I’ve taken out my reconstituted porcini and i’ve given them a rough chop but now these are gonna go right in here along with a little bit of parsley cuz we’re gonna keep the rest of this for later and some fresh thyme here that a nice stir looks great and now.I’m just gonna take the mushroom mixture right onto a plate. you don’t even need to wash the pan or anything because you’re gonna go right into this and make your result obese so try and make it as easy as possible here put this key back on a little more olive oil and then here we’re going to add in our veggies now.I’m gonna put this on about medium heat because, I want the veggies to cook down but what I don’t want is for the best use to develop a lot of color because I want the result to be very smooth and very delicate so, I don’t want to create tons of color in the veggies so, I’m just going to put them in and I’m also going to see with a little bit of salt and that also helps bring out the moisture out of the veggies so,that doesn’t develop as much color because it’s moisture come.

6You know takes water out of the veggies so it’ll help cook them down but not develop too much color so, I’m gonna do. I keep my eye on these make sure that they’re just how. I like them get them nice and translucent and soft and I’m also gonna grab my beef stock and put it over here so that we can pretty much kind of get this thing rolling because this is really the base and then we kind of combine the whole thing and then. we’re being close to being done my onion mixture looks great I’m going to add in my aborto rice and it’s really important that. when you make result so that you use a result of rice now it’s gonna give you that sort of creamy texture if, you want to use it any regular rice you’re not going to have the same texture texture and consistency so, do go ahead and make sure you buy the right rice so, I’m going to let that toast up for one minute and in the meantime.

7I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take some of this porcini broth that it’s like amazing right now and I’m going to take most of it and I’m gonna put it right into my beef stock to kind of mix it together cuz this has got such fantastic flavor. I don’t want to get rid of it but you want to make sure that you’re just you leave the little bit from the bottom behind because it can be a little bit gritty because I mean are the grittiness that comes off of the mushroom as every constitute just automatically sinks down to the bottom so,you don’t want to take that with you but any little pieces of mushroom but they’re perfectly fine so just toast up the rice for about a minute get a nice and coated in the olive oil and mix it with the veggies and now we’re going to add in the white wine white wine is a crucial part in my opinion of making risotto but if,you don’t want to use wine you can always substitute it with a little bit more beef stock or chicken stock something like that you just need a little bit of liquid now. I’m going to wait this is really important. when you’re making risotto you want to wait until the first ladle full of liquid you’ve added is completely evaporated really that way you know this. when you make risotto is a constant stir and add type of thing you don’t want to want you know add all your liquid and then walk away because, you’re not going to end up for risotto so this is going to take about 18 to 20 minutes i’ve added my wine once that’s reduced.

8I’m going to season it first with some salt and pepper because it needs it. I’ve tasted it and it definitely needs a little salt and pepper now, I’m going to add in a ladle see how thick it is. I’m going to turn this off, I’m going to put in another later full of broth one and a half right down to the bottom here this is started meanwhile it’s off now so you want to add in your butter and your cheese stir this around okay doesn’t have to be perfect because we’re going to come back to this in five minutes you’re going to put the lid on heat turned off and you’re going to let this sit for five minutes and I’m going to show you what it looks like once it’s done and then it’s just time to pretty much serve it up and dig in my result was sitting covered for five minutes and it is perfect the consistency is amazing and I’ve said this many times before and I may be total for you anytime you know Italians always say that a good result should be coming on that which means with a wave to it like a wave it should be it should have some if, you pull it back it should come back on its own that means.

9You resulted with a spoon result does meant to be in with a fork and like I said before if your result though if your result go six together and you can put a spoon and it holds then you want to get rid of it because it’s no good I want to sprinkle a little parsley on top of mine.I’m actually going to stir in the rest of the parsley in here and I may tell you leftover leftover mushroom risotto mix for amazing result of cakes which is probably going.