Berry Compote Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 20 mins

I Want To Share My Recipe For My Fresh Berry Compote.


  • Mixture Of Berries
  •  Some Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Plain All Sugar
  • Some Cornstarch
  •  A Muffin Or A Cupcake


1Let me take you over the ingredients so you can get started I’m gonna need a mixture of berries and I’m using some blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries which means any kind that berry that you like plain all sugar, some cornstarch ,and you’re going to need an orange because we’re going to be using the zest and juice of the orange. Now this is something that’s absolutely fantastic on so many different things I use as a topper on ice cream I use it. Today I’m gonna be using it with my homemade waffle. So it’s like really delicious and goes together perfectly you could use it to top pancakes. You can use it with I don’t know your croissant you can just use this however you would use jam you know on a muffin or a cupcake or even like um I use this is the fruity layer on one of my trifle recipes delicious and also to make like little parfaits for breakfast but anyway. Let’s get into the cooking shall we I have a large saucepan.

Here I’m going to preheat it over medium heat I’m going to put in my berries now the raspberries the big ones of 1/2 the small ones. I’ve left whole I’m going to put that in there with the sugar whoops and the zest of an orange. Now the one thing you want to be careful here is that you don’t mix up the berries. So much that they’re gonna fall apart because you want to keep the shape you want to be able to child that you have beautiful pieces of berry in your compost so you know try not to mush it up to too much. Now well that’s happening smells fantastic already I’m just gonna give this a light just like that’s fine I’m going to cook this over medium heat until the sugar dissolves it’ll take about 5 to 7 minutes and again don’t move it up to too much because you want to be able to see the berries in the meantime.

3We’re going to make the slurry for that’s going to go in here to thicken it up now what I have here is some corn arch into this cornstarch I’m going to add in the juice about let’s say half of an orange you need about a tablespoon or so of orange juice that’s good a little pop goes in there guys perfectly fun. It’s going to be delicious so just give this a stir with a little spoon this makes a little slurry this is going to be the thickening agent that takes this from liquid into a really nice thick consistency. So I’m going to just set that aside. I’m going to babysit my berries giving them a stir every now and then until it comes up to a boil and once it’s up to a boil just cook it enough for the sugar to dissolve my mixtures up to a boil and the sugar has dissolved. So now I’m going to add in our cornstarch slurry and just stir it in very gently as you can see you can still see the berries are nice and plumped up and have their shape.

So that’s wonderful and I’m going to let this cook I’ll let it boil for one minute and after the one minute. I’m going to just let it cool a bit till they fit ends up a little bit and then we’ll serve it now after I put in my cornstarch slurry I let it cook for a minute and then I’m just letting it cool for a little bit but you know me I’m impatient and I’m ready to eat so I’m gonna eat this with just a little waffle. Today it’s just delicious it’s one my favorite ways to increase look at that it’s like the most gorgeous look at the beautiful colors.