Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

Ready in: 2 hr 45 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.


  • Egg Yolks
  • Some Granulated Sugar
  • Some Milk
  • Heavy Cream
  • Chocolate Chip


1You’re gonna need some egg yolks, some granulated sugar,whole milk and heavy cream now these are the ingredients to make the base of the custard and in a little bit when the time comes.I bring out the remaining ingredients that makes this a mint chocolate chip ice cream okay let’s get started.I’m gonna get mine.I have a medium saucepan here over about medium heat and to that.I’m going to add in my whole milk and my heavy cream and I’m going to just frame that to a simmer and in the meantime in this large bowl.I’m going to add in my egg yolks and my sugar and then using a handheld electric mixer.I’m gonna just whisk this together until the mixture becomes really kick and pale and fluffy it’ll take about three to four minutes whoops.which is just enough time for that to come to a simmer and this will be done and actually the next step my eggs and sugar look amazing look at that that is the consistency you’re looking for um.

2You’ll take two seconds while that’s heating up. when we were kids um my grandmother had my grandmother’s house she had like chickens and hens and rabbits and you name it was a little farm and back of her house and we had fresh eggs every single day and every single morning. she would take a fresh egg yolk just a yolk not the white and she would beat it with some sugar so,I got nice and thick and pale like this and we won’t eat that every
breakfast every morning for breakfast do not ask me why we loved it it was like something we looked forward to every single morning and we ate it every single morning strange but true now. you know a little fact about me okay so, my heavy cream and milk mixture is up to a simmer now with the beater running. we’re going to add about a cup of the hot mixture and this is so that you’re tempering the eggs which means.

3When we add all the egg mixture to the saucepan let us fertile your eggs perfect now.I’m going to pour my egg mixture back into my saucepan here yeah it’s gonna be so amazing and over medium-low heat.I’m gonna cook this for about five to seven minutes or until it thickens and the consistency should be thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon and I’ll show you what that looks like once it’s there once your custard thickens and this is. what I mean when I say should put the back of a wooden spoon if, you run your finger through it. you stay separated which means it’s perfect consistency so,you turn off and now I’m going to pass it through a fine sieve like..

I’m going to cover this with plastic wrap but you want to make sure that the actual plastic wrap is touching the custard so this will form a skin
which is terrible and don’t like the consistency of that so just I just put it right down there it touches the custard and now.I’m going to put this into the fridge for a minimum of 6 hours or I’m actually going to do it overnight now quick tip read the manufacturer’s instructions on your ice cream machine because.I am going to be using ice cream machine for this and I know that the insert to my ice cream machine has to be in the freezer
overnight so, I’m going to pop this into the fridge my ice cream machine insert into the freezer and then.I’ll show you what to do once it’s all nice and chilled my custards been in the fridge overnight and my insert to my ice cream machine was in the freezer it’s completely frozen that’s. what you want when you’re making this when you’re using an ice cream machine anyway now.

5You can do this recipe if,you don’t have an ice-cream machine is just going to be more time-consuming what you want to do is you want to put this into a glass glass baking, dish and you want to put it in the freezer and every 15 minutes you’re gonna go in there and you’re going to whisk it all together you can under that for about five to six hours or until it’s set it’s gonna have a slightly different texture then. when you make it with an ice-cream machine it’s got that velvety smooth texture but hey if,you don’t have one you can always do it by hand that way just takes more time so,cue my custard.-I’m going to we’re going to add a few ingredients. you need a pinch of salt. you need some mint extract and now with mint extract different than vanilla because of the mint extract. you want to measure it because this can be really overpowering and it will ruin your the toll like.your dish totally if you know you put too much in and now this is optional but to

6When I think of mint chocolate chip ice cream I think of minty green color with a little specks of chocolate all running through it so,-I’m going to
ut in some green food coloring this is completely optional you don’t have to do that if, you don’t want to but I like to so I’m going to put a little bit in. I’ll whisk this up and see if,I have the right color that looks perfect.I’m going to put this in my screen machine.I’m going to put the lid on and I’m going to turn this on now read the manufacturer’s instructions on your ice cream machine mine takes about a half hour for it to freeze to the consistency of ice cream but every single ice cream machine is different mine is a Cuisinart ice cream maker..I’m going to put this on and after 20 minutes.we’re going to add in one final last but crucial ingredient in here and then.we’re going to finish it off my screams been churning here in my machine from 20 minutes it’s about ten minutes left to go but now.

7I’m going to add in some mini chocolate chips these are mini semi-sweet chocolate chips you can also use regular chocolate chips if,you want to
they’re bigger.I prefer two little ones that’s my personal preference teachers own gonna put those in put my machine back whoa good idea for the lid on first then for my machine back on.I’m going to let that turn for another ten minute and by then it should be perfectly stacked and then.we’ll get
the serving this is done looks look at that look at that it just looks amazing.