Mini Turkey Meatball Pot Pies Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 50 mins
I’m Calling My Turkey Mini Meatball Potpie.


  • Ground Turkey
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chicken Stock
  • Olive Oil
  • Seasoning
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Eggs
  • Tomato
  • Potato
  • Butter
  • Frozen Peas
  • Low Fat Heavy Cream



You can get started I’m gonna need some ground turkey. I’ve got some chopped up celery, carrots and onions. I’ve got an egg some breadcrumbs some hopped garlic poultry seasoning unsalted butter, some all-purpose flour, salt and pepper, chicken stock. I’ve got a little bit of olive oil in my pan and you’re gonna need a few more ingredients later on and i’ll bring those out when it is time to use them so, we’re gonna get down and dirty rolling my sleeves up because, we’re making some meatballs.I’m gonna make little tiny turkey meatballs and I’m gonna Brown them they’re gonna run
through the filling and it’s gonna be so delicious into my ground turkey.


I mean it really couldn’t be easier than just pretty much dumping everything in, I’m adding some poultry seasoning which it’s got great flavor from like sage and thyme rosemary all those beautiful
things all of your beautiful flavors that go with poultry so, I’m adding that I’m also adding bread crumbs. I don’t need to add all of these but i’ll keep some back, I’m going to add an egg as the binder a good grading of soft pepper and a good pinch of salt emigrating a salt and a good pinch pepper either way tomato tomato you say potato, I say potato this is a go that’s it that’s not a right okay. I’m just going to mix everything together with my hands until my mixture is well mixed and then we’ll get it going on forming them this looks good.


You are going to make little tiny meatballs if, you want to make them all the same size get yourself a handy dandy little ice-cream scoop the size about a teaspoon so, they’re really nice and small and that they’re all about the same size so, just like that and then I just give them like a gentle roll nothing too fancy and then just keep on forming them that’s gonna need a little bit more i’ve got all my meatballs ready and you’re gonna get a lot out of this now this is going to make enough for like if you make a nice big one pop pop pie it’ll see between six to eight people or you’re going to make smaller ones and feed six to eight people it’s completely up to you I think today I’m gonna go with smaller ones.i’ve got some olive oil getting really nice and hot and the reason why I’m using this instead of my big Dutch oven is because when, I put my filling and when I want to scoop my filling out it’s just a lot easier.


I’m going to add my meatballs and I want these to cook until they develop good colour all around.I’m gonna do this in a couple of batches and show you what they look like when they’re done.I browned my meatballs really nicely now they’re not cooked all the way through again don’t panic it’s one simmer for a while it’ll all be good now in the same pan. I’ve got a little bit of the drippings
left behind which is totally fine with me. I’m going to add in some butter now the butter is going to serve a couple different purposes our veggies are going to cook in the butter giving you really great flavor but it’s also going to be what helps to make a roux which is the thickest good thicken the sauce really well or the base I suppose you could call it it’s pretty fantastic gym.i butter. I’m going to add my chopped up celery onion and carrots and now what, I’m going to do is just give these a small little seasoning with a pinch of salt not a lot just helps cook and cook them down a little bit now. I’m going to babysit these and let them saute caramelize it develops really good color and then. we’ll bring you it will bring you and then i’ll add the flower make our route and proceed veggies are looking good let’s add our flour and the flour along with the butter is what makes the roux when the thick nerd that makes it really creamy and luxurious and delicious

5I’m going to add my liquid. I’m going to add my chicken stock and that right in there all out that a really really good stir and now. I’m going to add in some fresh thyme Nestle that right there and some
fresh sage leaves they’re going to infuse throughout the pop pie it’s going to be fantastic okay. I’m gonna let that come up to a bubble actually going to Mme balls in right now. you could add them now or when it comes to a boil but doesn’t really make a difference and my meatballs right back in let this come to a little bubble turn it,down to about medium-low and let it simmer for around 20 minutes or so or until it’s lovely and thick and i’ll show you what to do next this looks positively gorgeous. I love that okay I’m going to add in some frozen baby peas frozen peas on a why Felda need to say baby in there but some person peas and i’ve got some frozen pearl, onions I’m gonna add that in there along with a bit of heavy cream this is going to make it really nice and rich and beautiful and now. I’m going to just let the simmer on low for about 10 minutes or until everything is heated back up and then the pearl onions have kind of well the thawed and they’ve gone nice and soft so that’ll be about ten minutes in the meantime. I’m gonna grab my little dishes puff pastry.


We’ll be ready to rock and roll i’ve got some puff pastry that I saw and I’m just rolling it out on a floured surface my filling looks ridiculous I mean just please please can we just talk about this for just a second here look at that gorgeous nasai. I’ve got my oven preheated to 400. I’ve got some egg wash here which is just one egg bean with a little bit of milk or water or whatever you fancy and I am going to use these ramekins which means.I’m probably going to get um I can get like four really big ones these were my grandmother’s so, I like to use these once in a while just for know I like it’s just especially when it comes to comfort food it just goes hand in hand together so, I’m gonna make pretty big ones although this would serve 8 people 6 to 8 people happily. I’m just going to fill these up because I know she would that’s what I’m going to do I’m just taking a pastry brush and I’m just brushing my egg wash all over at the edge of my ramekin that way the puff pastry will stick to it really nicely and now what I’m going to do instead of cutting this into round I’m just going to cut this into four squares because on a little bit of puff pastry – like overhang and it’s just mmm it’s magnificent that way I don’t waste any either see shake off the excess flour.

5We’ll pop them in the oven brush your puff pastry really well with your egg wash that way it develops a beautiful golden brown color and now. I’m just going to add a little bit of salt and pepper on top of each one perfect binding of that pepper and I’m going to pop these into my oven that. I have preheated at 400 and they’ll be in there for about 20 minutes or until they are a beautiful golden brown color on the top i’ll show you what they look like when they’re heavy my pop pies are in the oven for exactly 20 minutes at 400 degrees and as. you can see they look absolutely gorgeous. I have like these cool for about 10 minutes I have one on my plate. I’m ready to go it looks just magnificent let’s go into this look it look how beautiful and flaky that is I’m trying to do this really neat.