Mini Mince Pies Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
We’re Going To Make Some Little Mini Itty Bitty Mini Mince Pies.


  • Dried Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Dried Currants
  • Some Apples
  • Brown Sugar
  • Brandy
  • Crystallized Ginger
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Apple Cider
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Clementines
  • Beef
  • Salt



You can get started you’re going to need some dried cranberries, raisins golden raisins, dried currants, some apples that. I’ve peeled cored and chopped pretty finely .you go in to nice and brown ┬ásugar this is a mixture of rum and brandy, some crystallized ginger finely chopped, unsalted butter. some apple cider vanilla extract, pumpkin pie spice. Some clementines and lemon these are the ingredients they’re gonna need to make the actual like fruit filling for this and then little bit, i’ll show you how to make the pastry now traditionally. You know years and years ago mincemeat pie was made with meat and then also if.


You know if, you get the canned mincemeat mixture which you can totally stop satu in this recipe chances are it’s. When they have some beef suet in there and i don’t do that. I don’t put any beef in mine just because i don’t so in this pan here. I’m putting in pretty much all my ingredients except for the vanilla does it’s gonna cook up and make your house smell incredible and be the most delicious sort of sweet and yet tangy and super flavorful mixture that is gonna fill these little tart shells. Which actually is just a muffin tin and it’s gonna be heaven absolutely stop putting in everything pretty much sighs – vanilla little bit of butter unsalted of course now every time.


I make many pies. I always think of the movie with johnny depp and i can’t think of what it’s called i don’t know what it’s called but i always think of when she makes a dummy pies please tell me
what that movie’s calls because i’m having a brain fart right now and i can’t think of it but if this did i think of every time. I make these so anyways putting in my zest of lemon. You can also use
orange if, you don’t have clementines but for me around this time of year. I have clementines on hand non-stop because that is my that’s my thing. I just have to have it so i’m just gonna put the zest and the juice of the lemon and the clementines that’s the last of the lemon and now finally last but not least well it’s not last because we still have the vanilla but for right now.


Some pumpkin pie spice like. I always said you can buy this you know in a supermarket in a jar of it. I think it’s absolutely ludicrous how much they charge for a little teeny tiny container. I’m not kidding in a my supermarket a container this big of pumpkin pie spice is $5.99. I can make this whole thing for less than that because I mean. I always have you know ground cinnamon on hand and you’ve got cloves and ground ginger so it’s spices. I already have on hand so, i just make my own anyways now – this was two days all you want to do is give it a good stir and this needs to come up to a boil and then simmer for about 20 minutes or until the fruit is really nice and soft and tender and then you want to let it cool completely it once it’s cooled.

5I’m gonna show you the next step so, while my filling is getting nice and chilled out in the fridge. You want to make sure it’s completely cold. We’re getting ready to make the pastry this is a really simple and easy pastry like a pie dough very easy. I’m gonna make my in my food processor because i really do think that it comes out perfect because the thing is you could do it by hand but the great thing about pie crust that makes it so, delicious it’s the flakiness and in order to get that flakiness everything must be very very cold and if, you work you know with your hands you know your body temperature like the warmth of your hands will actually melt the what you know will get the butter and the shortening to get really warm and you don’t get that flakiness so, doing a food processor really does the job for me so we put in some all-purpose flour confectioner sugar a pinch of salt.

6I’m gonna put the lid on and pulse this just a couple times to mix the dry ingredients together that’s good that’s plenty now. What i have here is some really really cold unsalted butter and vegetable shortening the butter gives you fantastic taste and of course a little flakiness but it’s really the shortening that gives you that sort of crisp almost flakiness that it’s just so fantastic in pie crust in my opinion and now to this. I also want to add in some clementine zest again just because. I have some and you can always substitute with with orange if, you don’t have clementine zest of course. I’m gonna put in the zest of a whole clementine and then. What i’m gonna do is i’m going to juice this like clementine and I’m actually gonna do two of them something i’m gonna need more than just one the juice of one. I’m gonna juice this in a glass that, I’ve have a little bit of ice in because I want this juice to be super cold. I don’t want anything getting my dough really warm so, this is a crucial step for me. I’m gonna start with one actually no. I’ll do one and a half just to be ready.

7The dry ingredients and the sizes resembles the size of a pea like a frisbee now while pulsing. You take your clementine just one tablespoon at a time you give that a pulse you do it again. you’ll give it a pulse because you don’t want to mix this so, much that you know again it warms up the fats but you don’t want to put too much water because, i’m gonna have to go in with more flour. I’m making it too doughy you want it to be really light that looks great. When you can pinch it together really easy you could still see if, you come close you can still see the little bits of butter and
shortening in there that is extremely important if you want to tap again.

8You get rolling you want to make sure you have a muffin tin ready and you want to make sure you spray it, well with some nonstick spray and then i’ve got a cookie cutter or a biscuit cutter just make sure it’s about three inches and then of course like. I’ve seen other people do it and i’ve done it for a long time myself. You gotta top it with a little star a piece of cross and you just cut out into a star.i saw nigella lawson and do it a long time ago and i was like. I love nigella so, i’m gonna have to do the same thing but i often do it with little hearts as well. I just can’t find my little heart cookie cutter so anyway you take your pie crust. Which is you can still see all the pieces of butter and shortening throughout. which is so important.

9You’re gonna roll this out just make sure. You constantly keep it moving so that it doesn’t stick to your surface and i love how you can see the specs from the clementine just think it’s so, just roll it out and now. I’m just gonna cut out my rounds and that’s pretty much it for now. I know you just fit them in your muffin tin and that’s it now you just take. Some of your filling about a tablespoon each then. You plop it right in each one now. You can reroll the rest of the dough and get another muffin tin ready and kind of make you know make more of them. I personally like to have extra filling because. I tell you what for breakfast warming up in the microwave put it on top of some greek yogurt top that with.

10Some you know slivered almonds amazing breakfast really delicious really simple i love it and i’m sure that you will too so i always like to have this filling on hand so now just fill them all up then just just top each one with a little star and just brush the tops with some egg wash which is just an egg with a little bit of water or milk it doesn’t really matter and this is gonna make the tops really golden brown color and now with that remaining dough. You can freeze that and that’s what I’m gonna do anyway, i’m gonna freeze that up and then that way you can actually freeze the filling as well.i’m not sure if, I mentioned that already but you can freeze the filling as well and you can make mince pie like in a second just have to throw the dough and the filling and you’ll be ready to go now these babies are gonna go into the oven the ovens been preheating at 400 and they’re gonna go in there for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown and bubbly let them cool for a little bit.

11I’ll show you what they look like once they’re done my little pies baked for about 16 minutes actually and they have to let them cool for quite a bit and they’re done and they look smell great just put them on this beautiful a little gold platter. I’m gonna sprinkle the top with some confectioner sugar oh that looks good.