Mini Fried Chicken Hors d'Oeuvres Recipe

Prep in: 1 hr
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 30 min
Today, I’m Gonna Be Making Mini Fried Chicken.


  • Some Wings
  • Little Chunks Of Chicken Breasts
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Seasoning



I’m gonna put this chicken in a form they won’t be too scared to eat when they’re sober. I’m gonna be making mini fried chicken order to make my fried chicken breast. I’ve basically made things really mini because push people love small sure to start with. I’ve cut some tiny little strips to make single wraps some wings to make hot wings and Deepti little chunks of chicken breasts to make the infamous KFC Double Down now to make proper golden butter you need flour eggs seasoning and a bit of baking powder and to add some extra flavor. I’m going to throw in my life blood you haven’t heard to double-down some beautiful person invented it for a joke it’s basically a burger. we’re sort of having something normal like bread they sandwich bacon and cheese in between two slabs dirty fried chicken. we need to keep the batter nice and thick


o, I’m gonna add in some more flour you don’t want to in a kind of slimy hardigan. you want your chicken a nice fat puffer jacket now you’re just gonna smother.your breasts in the creamy butter fried chickens just got this stigma 15 year old row boys munching on their junior special box playing grime off their phone there’s nothing wrong with that they don’t have to have expensive luck khun’s to enjoy fast food. I just already get these high-end fast-food restaurants our paints are Express and go my burger kitchen instead of going to chicken cottage like a normal young person will do where it goes to these hyped up restaurants really understand.


Why, I want to buy 15 pound pizza which they have to sit down and eat with a bunch of couples off a chopping board that’s covered in rocket and Parmesan but, I think this is just about done now but yeah! I got some golden and delicious now to make this whore a housewife and to make. your double downs is super easy it’s just one chunk of chicken breasts slapping some fried bacon and take your very sophisticated floppy burger cheese slow me in there and finish it off.