Mini Blueberry Pies Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 25 mins
I Want To Share With You A Recipe From My Mini Blueberry Pies.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Some Salt
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Vegetables
  • Lemon
  • Salt
  • Italian Vanilla Powder
  • Blueberries
  • Egg Yolk
  • Cornstarch



We’ll need for the crust are very few and basic then I’ll walk you through them you’ll start off with some all-purpose flour, some salt, some granulated sugar, unsalted butter and vegetable shortening that are very very cold. I’ve got a couple of egg gives actually three egg yolks. I’ve got lemon some panda Angele this is Italian baking powder. you can use regular baking powder and money Molinet. which is Italian powder vanilla and you’ll also need some ice water. I have some water just in the freezer and a little measuring cup to make sure it’s really nice and cold okay couldn’t be easier in my bowl I’ve got my dry ingredients and I want to get these all mixed up really quickly because this crust is really going to come together in no time to my flour sugar and salt.


I want to add a half of an envelope of my panda Yong jelly now this is my Nonna’s crust this is the crust. I make very often because it’s just she makes it it’s incredible and it’s good for just about anything and she always uses panda Anjali because a little bit of that baking powder really makes your class lovely and soft but still crumbly and flakey from using cold fat so, really the combination of two is amazing and some bunny Lina this is just powder Italian vanilla if you don’t have it no big deal just used a little bit of vanilla extract it’s going to get all that in and now to this. I’m also going to add the zest of half of a lemon. I need the remaining zest and juice for our blueberries so I’m, just going to use half now and reserve the other half for later just going to briefly mix up together and pop everything my standing mixer that I have fitted with a paddle attachment you can also make this in your food processor but my food processor is a little bit small and it doesn’t mix everything together the way I like it to when I’m adding so much stuff in it and then, I’m going to add in my cold fat now I cut my butter and vegetable shortening in little pieces and popped it in the freezer for about a half-hour so I can really insure myself that the fats are nice and cold


I use vegetable shortening I know a lot of you can’t find it on your side of the world so you can’t find vegetable shortening by all means just use all butter it’ll be just fine. I’m going to mix this until the fats are incorporated in the flour mixture and they’ve all crumbled and they’re like the size of peas throughout the flour and then we’ll add in our remaining ingredients this is looking good enough. I’m going to add my egg yolks and then as everything is mixing and the egg yolks are getting incorporated I’m going to start adding a little bit of my ice water at a time about a tablespoon of water at a time and it’s really hard to tell how much.


You need you just have to keep an eye on it because once everything kind of comes together then you added enough water but don’t add it all at once because you might only need a couple tablespoons or you might need four or five it totally depends just do it a little bit at a time and keep your eye on it and I promise you it’ll come together really really quickly and once you sort of know what you’re looking for making pie crusts for you will be a breeze and it’s one of the most rewarding things that you can make in the kitchen because nothing beats flaky buttery delightful pie crust that looks gorgeous. I’m going to stop I’m not going to add any more because even though it sort of looks crumbly still you can tell that it’s holding together really really well and I also want to stop.

5I want to stop this from mixing because I don’t want my dough to get warm I don’t want the butter to start melting because that will defeat all the work we did because I want to keep that butter nice and cold so that when you roll it out it sort of runs through your dough and it’s just once it cooks and bakes it just gets flaky and delightful and gorgeous and now all, I want to do is divide my dough in half, I want two pieces of this it’s a like sand sticking you can see the pieces of butter running through and that is crucial and I’m going to wrap each piece in some plastic wrap and pop it into the fridge for about an hour to rest and then.


We’re going to get going on making our filling now to make the blueberry filling I’ve got some fresh blueberries here I also have some vanilla sugar if you don’t have vanilla sugar which by the way all it is is granulated sugar and then every time. I use a vanilla pod I just take the seeds out and then take the pod and stick it into a can of sugar and I always have vanilla sugar on hand but if you don’t have any you can just add a small touch of vanilla extract to this or completely leave it out so I’ve also got some cornstarch. I need the juice and zest of this lemon, I need about the remaining half of my lemon now, I’m only going to use half lemon zest in about two and a half teaspoons of lemon juice so that should be about the juice of this whole lemon because this lemon is not exactly feeling like it’s super juicy great.

7I have to squeeze it over my finger so, I can catch all the pips seeds whatever you call them yeah so you see it’s not super super juicy if, it was really juicy then I would only use half of the lemon juice but I have to really squeeze to get any juice out of this baby and I did roll it but this looks good so, now I’m just going to take a spoon I’m going to mix everything together because I want to make sure that that cornstarch is coating every blueberry and out when blueberries are in season or lovely and not soft but they’re not as hard as they and when they’re not in season so you must add the cornstarch because they’re going to release a lot of juice and you don’t want this you don’t want your pies to be runny and the crust to be soggy the cornstarch is going to thicken those juices and make everything just absolutely gorgeous now.

8I’m going to set this aside get my pie crust out and start rolling now, I took one of the pie crusts out of the fridge, I want to work one at a time with one of the time because ,I don’t want to keep both of them out here because of all the lighting that we have in the kitchen it gets pretty hot and I don’t want my pie crust to be hot I want it to stay nice and cold so the fats stay nice and cold and now I just got to roll this out on a floured surface now I have a muffin tin that, I have sprayed with some nonstick spray by the way look at the butter see that that’s beautiful I’ve got a nonstick muffin tin that I’ve sprayed with some nonstick spray just to make sure everything comes out really easy and now I’m going to roll this baby out and you want to make sure you keep rotating and you keep working and you move fast because if the pie crust starts to get warm the butter starts to melt and then the pie crust will start to fall apart.

9So, working quickly is the most important thing when it comes to pie crust and you want to just keep moving it so it doesn’t stick in any particular place and I’m going to roll this out until it’s about a quarter-inch thick now, I have a three and a half inch biscuit cutter a two and a half inch biscuit cutter and then I’ve also have a little start shape cutter but you know this is totally optional and what I’m going to do for every one that I cut out that’s the bottom. I’m also going to cut out the top so keep that in mind and then,I’ll show you what to do with the star so just keep cutting and work fast because again you don’t want your pie crust to get warm because if, it gets warm and then you could run into some issues just make sure you remember that you need both the top and the bottom for your little pies and then this is how easy it is you take each one you pop it into your little muffin cup here you add a small spoonful of your blueberry mixture then this is what I do with a start cut out.

10I just make a little cut in the center and this is totally optional but, I feel like why not then, I just take my egg wash which is just an egg that I’ve beaten with a little bit of milk or cream or whatever your heart desires or water and then I just place this right on top and then just seal the edges like so and now I’m going to continue to do these I’m going to continue to work quickly and then that way we can pop them in the oven really quick now I’m actually going to do just these for now because it’s getting really hot in here and I don’t want my dough to get really warm I’m gonna brush the tops with more egg wash because this is going to help them get beautifully golden brown and really develop beautiful color and texture I’m just taking a little bit of that and popping that on top now if you want it to you can make the whole dough and family like I am and then just color the filling rewrap the dough and then finish it maybe tomorrow if you want to make different filling tomorrow you can certainly do that it’s really great to just like reroll everything together tomorrow or whenever you feel like it and have some fresh little mini pies on hand now.

11I’m going to pop these into my oven that’s been preheated to 375 and they’ll be in there for about 20 to 25 minutes or ensure the beautiful golden brown I’ll show you what they look like when they’re there my pies were in the oven for around 20 minutes and they look gorgeous I have let them cool because that filling was bubbling after I took them out but it’s gonna run a little spatula around look how beautiful I mean really I just love the way the juices from the filling strip come right out and it’s just to me oh the most beautiful thing uh-huh heaven in my mouth tomorrow this is what I picture heaven to taste like look at me funny when it’s blueberry hmm hmm no need this in your life so good so easy understand.