Homemade Mimosa Recipe

Prepare time: 5 mins
Cook: 10 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make A Mimosa Mimosa Recipe.


  • Some Fresh Orange
  • Grand Marnier
  • Fresh Orange Juice



You’re gonna need for it or some fresh oranges or fresh orange juice. some Grand Marnier or any kind of just an orange liqueur. you can also use
triple sec I prefer Grand Marnier my absolute favorite but hey to each his own and you’re going to need some champagne so that’s simple and that easy¬† now. you’re gonna make this in this order that’s as simple you take your champagne glass put a little bit of Grand Marnier at the bottom of your glass very sweet then. I’m feeling a little there we go that’s better I’m gonna put in a squeeze of orange or as much as you like really it should really be double the amount of triple sec that’s good and then you can just top it off with some bubbly please don’t explode there we go and when you pour the champagne in as.


You can see it mixes everything from the bottom and just mixes it and goes all the way through so you don’t even have to mix this it’s perfect as is
and you can make it just like I did by taking a bunch of champagne glasses and just doing them just the way that. I did or you can do the whole thing in one big picture it’s easy enough right it’s absolutely delicious it’s so simple and easy a total classic and this is perfect for Mother’s Day so,here’s to all the wonderful mothers out there. I hope you enjoy spending time with me.