Melon Sorbet Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Ready in: 4 hrs 45 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make A Really Easy But Delicious Melon Sorbet.


  • Lemon
  • Sugar
  • Melon
  • Flesh
  • Chunks



I love this it’s probably on the very top two or three of my very very favorite store base flavors number one being lemon of course because you guys know. I love anything citrus and lemony in particular but melon is of second foot you know it’s the second one right underneath lemon it’s so good and easy. you can totally adapt the sugar amount based on how sweet your cantaloupe is but, I think this is the most fantastic formulas. I’m going to share with you you just need literally three or four ingredients and you are golden to start off with you need a melon of course this is a cantaloupe okay,and this is what I like to do. I like to serve my cantaloupe my sorbet in the shell. I suppose so, what I do is. I just cut it in half like that look how beautiful that is you know that’s going to be really sweet and then. what I do is I just take a spoon get rid of the seeds and fun fact.when, I was a little girl and I you know my grandmother would cut up honeydew working a little well now we used to sit there my cousins and I and just eat the seeds. you can eat the seeds. you split them and then you eat them and they’re so so good so then what do I do is. I just take my spoon.


You can take a Lenten melon baller or whatever your heart desires, I just kind of go around and just scoop out the flesh just like that you want to
leave like a good half inch border around just because you want to make sure that your shell actually stands up and holds up well,when you go to service in you don’t want to just scrape it out completely and then it like flops out all over the place so, I’m going to continue to do that to both of the halves and then. we’ll make our simple syrup so then once the flesh is all out I just take a sharp knife and I just kind of come in here and
break these apart just make them a little bit smaller they freeze a lot quicker and when you go ahead and add them to your food processor earth they will blend a lot easier because they’re just not so big and chunky all right this is almost. where I want it now here’s when you can do two things okay you can either do what I’m gonna do today and this has to go into the freezer until the the melon is completely frozen so, it will take about four to five hours overnight it’s always easier if, you want to do that you can use your ice-cream machine you just have to make sure that the insert to your ice-cream machine goes into the freezer the night before and then you can skip the freezing of the water melt of the melon doll.


You could do all you do is you blend everything together once you have the recipe all done and you just pour that into your ice cream machine and
then half hour later boom you have sorbet done but I’m not gonna use my ice cream machine today so, I’m going to go ahead and pop this into the freezer but first, I’m going to work on my simple syrup just because once I have the simple syrup done I can pop that into the fridge to cool completely and then that way both things are out of the way and I just have to blend everything together so to make the simple syrup all you need is some water and some sugar I’m only using a quarter cup of sugar for the whole thing because, I don’t think it needs any more than that because remember we are making a sorbet with fruit that’s in season and this cantaloupe is really really sweet so, I don’t feel the need to add a ton of sugar to it if you don’t want to add sugar at all you don’t have to just add a little bit of water and you’re good to go but I like to add a little bit of sugar just to intensify the sweetness but not a lot but it’s just like candy like you know like that’s you know super super sweet like tooth
painfully sweet sorbet. I kind of think so all, I need to do is wait for the sugar to dissolve once the sugar has dissolved. I’m going to add the turn the heat off and add a few sprigs of mint and then.


I’m just going to let that sit until it cools completely and throw it in the fridge but I’m going to do that and also pop the melon into the freezer
and then.I’ll show you how to kind of combine everything together and make an awesome melon sorbet all right so my cantaloupe was in the fridge overnight Virge in a freezer overnight, I also have my simple syrup now once the sugar dissolved. I added my mint let it cool and I popped it into
the fridge for that to cool overnight well and then I just need a little bit of fresh lemon juice and I’m good to go all right you need your food processor you can do this in a blender, I find the food processor to be a lot easier to work with and you’re going to have to do this in batches and I just literally lift it with this is a fish spatula and on the wise call that because it’s really the best spatula in the world it’s like barely use multi-purpose if you ask me because it’s so thin.

5I use it for everything and I’m going to work in batches so that I don’t overcrowd this and you just need a little bit of a simple cure up because
I’m like I said how many more times on two batches I’m losing two batches so,I need about half of my simple syrup for each and then a nice little spritz of a fresh lemon like that and then just use juice use close the lid and then just pulse until it all comes together batch number one looks done you can see it doesn’t it doesn’t also out and become really liquidy and you don’t have to pop it back in the freezer you can serve it right
away just going to get this out of here gorgeous and it smells absolutely. I’m not even kidding but it smells like summer it smells really sweet the cantaloupe cantaloupe. I’m on a cantaloupe a cantaloupe smells really just mmm. I’m going to go ahead and get myself a little taste now because why torture you what making you go through another batch. when I can just go right for it. I am pumped about this uh-huh cold absolutely pure and delicious just like every sorbet.