Chinese Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 30 min
Ready in: 45 min

I’m Show You How We Make Chinese Chicken Fried Rice.


  • Chicken
  • Fried Rice
  • Single Egg
  • Some Ginger-Garlic Paste
  • Vegetables
  • Some Onions Chopped
  • Some Capsicum
  • Some Green Onions
  • Some Bean
  • Some Salt
  • Pepper
  • Corn Starch
  • Some Carrot
  • Two Eggs
  • Soya Sauce
  • Some Sesame Oil


1First you’re going to start by chopping our chicken and marinating it and if you look closely you’ll notice these threads or these lines and the worst thing that they can do is cut opposite these lines which will result in your chicken losing moisture easily and becoming dry but if you cut along these lines you’ll have a better chance of getting more in the chicken and I see this all the structure kept intact and this is helped the protein to retain more moisture even when they’re cooked on a high flame.

2All right now to marinate the chicken I just take an egg white of a single egg with some ginger-garlic paste and some salt and pepper and finally I’ve added some corn starch just mix everything together and let the chicken sit in the marinade for about at email in the meanwhile let’s prepare the other stuff that you’re gonna need so you just going to need to chop some veggies now the vegetables that I am using are some onions chopped roughly also some capsicum, some green onions, and yes I’ve divided the green from the right further comes in some bean some carrot.

3Finally you’re gonna need some finely chopped ginger and garlic now remember ginger and garlic paste will never give you that ace that’s freshly chopped ginger and garlic will now already told you thing go to about rice in my vegetable fried rice recipe and for those of you who haven’t washed started you so basically the treatment is die simple to make the rice most if more firm and simulated the initial process is the same you need to soak a good long range rice in some water for about 30 minutes.

4Then you need to boil them so the point will they are about 70 to 80% cooked so in my pan I’ve taken some bottle and when it starts to boil have added ample amount of storage remember this is the only time that you can flavor the rice to add good amount of salt then add a soaked and drained rice in the water and let it boil now as I told you you need to cook them till they’re about 70 to 80% cooked and you can see that the rice is still breaking and it’s not mushy so this is the point is we want to cook the rice.

5Now quickly drain the water from the rice and you need to wash them with some ice-cold water now I know the question in your mind is that why do we need to wash the rice that you see the iSchool water will take care of the excess starch present and also it will make the rice non sticky but we still have to take care of the outer shell of the rice which has some leftover cooked starch so he’s basically need to dry that out so now I have taken my steamer and just line it with the cloth you basically need to steam the rice for about 10 minutes.

6This is just an optional step but this makes the big difference between a homestyle cooked rice and a restaurant style oriental recipe you can see that the rice has become a little dry and quite separated and that’s what you’re looking for okay moving on after ten minutes again rinse the rice with some ice-cold water and now you can freeze the rice the same way you treat your movie so I’m going to pour some oil and just mix everything together and don’t worry the rice will not play you can see how the rice separated and ungrouping.

7That’s what the process will give you all right the last thing that you’re gonna need are two eggs in which I’ve just added some black pepper and some salt weed them together well and now it’s time to book so I’ve kept my walk on a super high flame and first item oil I’m gonna cook the eggs first now the trick of flipping and mixing with the wok is not to move your book up and down but rather to move it back and forward. now since we are cooking on a very high flame your eggs would be cooked in just two minutes.

8So be careful of that so when the egg is cooked take the eggs out and again add some oil to the wok and now add your marinated chicken need to fry the chicken on a high flame and to make sure that the chicken is not overdone you need to keep stirring now when the chicken is almost done add the chopped onions and the spring onion right and keep stirring now most of the restaurants add egg at the end while serving but I like to add it at this point because I like to chop it into bits.

9But anyways I leave it totally up to you but make sure at this point you also add your ginger-garlic paste and cook for about 2-3 minutes now add all the leftover veggies that is chopped carrot bell pepper or capsicum beans and if you using cabbage and also add that as well I need to cook everything for about 4 to 5 minutes on high flame and make sure you keep at this point add our power boiled and steamed rice I’ll also add some salt black pepper some vinegar some light soya sauce I’ve also added some chili garlic paste.

10If you want to make it a little more oriental then add some hoisin sauce as well I just mix everything together thoroughly and while mixing you realize it yourself that you do the treatment that we have done to the rice it is not break the final ingredient that we’re going to add are some green stock of the spring onion and some sesame oil that’s it just mix everything together and your restaurant style chicken fried rice is ready.