Marbled Cranberry Bread Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 40 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make My Marbled Cranberry Bread.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Whole Milk
  • Warm Water
  • Unsalted Butter Melted
  • Plain Old Sugar
  • Salt
  • Some Yeast
  • Bread



You already ingredients so, we can get started you’re running some all-purpose flour, some whole milk, some warm water and about 115 degrees
Fahrenheit some unsalted butter melted, plain old sugar, a pinch of salt and some yeast and these are the ingredients. you need to make the actual bread and then. I’ll show you how to make the filling and then the topping.


Let’s get going to making the bread let’s activate the yeast first and we’re taking our water witch like, I said it’s warm at about 115 degrees
Fahrenheit. I’m going to take a pinch of sugar like. I always said it likes to feed the yeast like the feet of something so sugar works really well for that and then just sprinkle over your yeast this is one packet of yeast or about two and a quarter teaspoons if, you have the little jar oh you should be able to smell it and like if it smells like yeast then. you know it’s good. I’m going to set that aside for a few minutes to activate and in the meantime in the bowl here of the standing mixer.


I’m going to add in my flour and then the remaining sugar and some salt. I’m just gonna give this a head start just combined it quickly that’s good enough now, we’re going to add in pretty much the remaining ingredients which is the milk the melted butter and the yeast which is bubbled up really nicely see how it’s nice and foamy that means the yeast is activated and it’s good to go it’ll take a couple minutes put this back on let it mix until it’s all incorporated and then we actually want to let this go for about seven to eight minutes or until the dough is sort of really smooth
like a baby’s bum bum like you know how the cinnamon roll dough is and any bread dough so let that go.


I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s ready but actually get a bowl ready and just oil it with some vegetable oil or whatever, I actually use
this oil spray it works.I just need it to not stick so get that ready and I’ll show you what it’s like once it’s done ah baby is ready. I can and get it out oh that’s perfect look that’s really nice and smooth not sticky doesn’t need any extra flour really happy with that form it into a ball put it into your oiled Bowl smush it around so, that gets coated great cover this with plastic wrap and stick it somewhere nice and warm and let it rise for
about an hour so, you really want to make sure it’s doubled in volume like. I always say the perfect spot for me is either in my bedroom or in the microwave with the microwave not turned on of course so, I’m just gonna stick this into the microwave because, I think that’s a bit more appropriate.I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s done now well the bread is rising it is time to make the cranberry filling and basically. what we’re doing is making a cranberry sauce so if, you have leftover cranberry sauce around or if you even have a can of that whole berry cranberry sauce this would work great for it just don’t use like the jelly kind because then there’s like.

5I just don’t like it anyways in this little saucepan that’s actually medium sized saucepan so, it’s not that little I’m gonna put in my fresh cranberries sugar of course coz cranberries are super super tart and then a little tiny bit of butter just give it more of a sort of a luxurious taste and then the zest and then the zest and juice of an orange half try to squeeze as much as possible awesome great let me just give us a stir now this needs to cook for about. I would say about 12 to 15 minutes or until the cranberries have popped and then. you want to put this into the fridge to cool completely and then. I’ll show you how to assemble the whole thing as you can see my dough has doubled in volume really well now, I’m going to just put some flour on my work surface because we’re going to roll this out great. I have a 9 by 5 loaf pan there sprayed really well with. some nonstick spray now just going to punch this down all that smells so, good okay that looks awesome. we have the filling nicely cold and a few additional ingredients for the topping which is just going to be some unsalted butter all-purpose flour raw sugar and a little bit of butter melted here so got my dough ready. I’m just going to roll this out into a big rectangle that’s it that looks great so now.


I’m just going to take my filling and you spread this out but give like a half-inch border around all the sides look at that that looks great and smells fantastic and then just roll it like a jelly roll starting and a long side ear one of the long ends just like you’re rolling a cinnamon roll that’s all. you’re doing and then just make sure that you pinch the seam that’s good and then seam side down. you kind of want to put this bread in here in the zigzag motion just like so, looks odd but it works just trust me on this make a few slits at the top brush it let the butter set that  aside for just a minute while.

7You just make the topping which is again really simple with the butter the flour and the sugar doesn’t have to be too perfect you just want to get them all mixed together and the butter kind of distributed well in little tiny pieces and just take this mixture and sprinkle it all over the top of the bread and now. you’re going to cover this once again. I’m going to use a lint-free kitchen towel like this one. I’m going to cover and put it in the same warm spot for about 40 to 45 minutes or until it’s doubled once again and I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s there my bread has doubled up quite nicely as you can see now. I’m going to put this into a preheated oven at 350 for about 40 to 45 minutes or until. you tap it and it sounds hollow that’s what you know it’s done and then. you want to let this cool completely out see what it looks like when it’s there.

8I’m bread baked for about 40 minutes and I’ve let it cool completely before just putting it on a platter and it comes out so easy because you sprayed that pan like it’s no one’s business now it’s right. I mean you can smell it immediately of course it smells amazing now it’s more ready to cut in here actually should cut probably right there so,you can see a bit better look at this cranberry mmm you know I’m going for a really soft piece going for that right there this tastes like a million bucks do you iPhone it’s ridiculous it’s not sweet that’s like what’s falling to me cuz we put sugar in the cranberries you put sugar in the dough yeah it really isn’t very sweet at all and the cranberries had that Tang still comes through or you would definitely taste the orange in the background it.