Make the Most Perfect Martini Recipe

Ready in: 10 mins
How To Make The Perfect Martinis.


  • Cold Wrap Rice
  • Silicone Molds
  • Cold Edges
  • Alcohol
  • Botanicals
  • Oils
  • A Little Sharp Paring Knife



Now i’m gonna show you a class of our team e is just three ingredients jen remove and ice audrey uses cold wrap rice. But you can get these silicone molds at any home goods store and they’re great for the same thing. I’m gonna crack the ice to expose the jagged cold inside edges. I’ve got a bar spoon here but any spoon over oh good one it’s gonna chill faster. Because there’s more cold edges exposed to the alcohol now for the booze gin and vermouth. Today i’m gonna use beefeater you want to pair to compare any two ingredients with beefeater.


I’m gonna use going lee pratt that botanicals that each helped to balance out one another. This is a jigger so half of it is a three-quarter ounce measure and the other half is 1 ounce perfect for making martini so four ounces. I’ll start with the one outside pour detention. So there’s one carefully and three more like that three and now for the remove three-quarter ounce watch this left in same thing for detention. Now we’re gonna start fifty times. I’m serious we’re gonna count one two three four five six seven eight nine and see. I’m holding the glass just at the bottom.


I don’t want to go to like this it’s gonna warm up the glass and the ice is gonna melt just slightly. So it’s diluted perfectly 48, 49, 50. Now to strain i’m going to use a nick and nora. I’ve just chilled in the fridge. So pretty like a little tulip and a hawthorne strainer like this it’s gonna catch any bits of ice that are left behind. So that goes on top just pour right into the glass. Now for the twist my favorite part a lot of times. We think about taking a twist with the wide peeler. But it’s really better to take it off with a little sharp paring knife.


I’m just gonna take off like an inch piece and i actually want to get a little bit of pit. This time because i want it to be thick enough that can actually twist it over the top and express some of those natural oils over the martini. Now rim the glass the appeal still has some of those natural oils rush that around the edge and float it on top like that is a perfect martini cheers for this and more tips and tricks from the pros with 2 for deputies comm backslash cl a ski.