How To Make Pasta From Scratch with Two Ingredients

Ready in: 30 mins
How To Make Pasta From Scratch With Two Simple Ingredients Eggs And Double Zero Flour Making Fresh Pasta.


  • Egg
  • Flour
  • Pasta
  • Garganelli
  • The Ravioli
  • A Little Bit Of Green Garlic
  • Peas
  • Ricota
  • A Little Bit Of Oil
  • Melt The Guanciale
  • Chili Flake
  • Cream In Egg Yolk
  • Black Pepper Pecorino



It could be this huge job but in reality it really does take only about 20 minutes. So let’s get started making the dough, this is the easiest dough to make because it is egg and flour and that is it we’re going to make a well on the board. It’s the way i learned when i was working in italy. It also is kind of a trick to keep the egg on the inside and not let it go outside and make a huge mess all over. We pour it right into the well and then we’re going to start to mix together and when we’re mixing, we’re bringing a little bit of flour inside of it and when we do that it starts to thicken and then turn into a pasta. You really want to work it until it becomes very smooth on the outside of the pasta. So at this point right now we’ll want to let it rest for about 30 to 45 minutes that glutens in the flour will become much more pliable and easier to work with where we run it through the machine and now it is kneaded soft relaxed. But at the same time you can see when you press on it. It comes back and that means you’re the kittens are ready to go this is basic pasta dough.


The dough that you can make anything with it garganelli tell you telling tell usually nice this is the pasta values in the restaurant. You learn how to master this and you can cook like a pro the dough is now relaxed for about a half an hour. So what we’re doing now is we’re starting to roll it out and we want to do it and we want to build in layers. You want to have the fastest things possible one of my favorite things about making fresh pasta to see. How thin i can get it segãºn read my watch underneath oh that’s how thin it is. So you’re probably thinking why would you want to go through. All this work anybody that makes fresh pasta at home your guests are really going to taste the difference. Now that we have our pasta rolled out. We can start cutting and shaping the raviolis. You can fill these with meat fish shrimp you name it. Today we’re doing the ravioli, with a little bit of green garlic, peas and ricotta is one of the great tips is is not over filling the ravioli what happens is. If you put too much filling inside the ravioli when you go to boil it. It will pop or explode inside the water so enough time making. Let’s get down in the kitchen and cook.


So you’re in the kitchen it goes talking outside, you a lot more busy than upstairs, now that we have the pasta. We’re gonna make an easy carbonara that anybody can do at home start with a little bit of oil. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to start to melt the guanciale which is the peppered cured pork cheek we do the garlic, we do the guanciale and then a few sprinkles of chili flake just a little background heat not a lot. We’re going to make a little bit of cream in egg yolk and this just helps it to temper the egg yolk. So it doesn’t cook instantly when it goes into the pasta. I’m also going to season this with a little bit of black pepper pecorino. Now this is fresh pasta and because it has that filling we’ll take a little bit more time to cook. So this will take two to three minutes so another tip never put oil inside the water. When you’re in boiling pasta, but that does is it coats the outside of the pasta and therefore makes it impossible for a sauce to absorb into it.


Here we go i’m going to finish this real quick. So now we’re at a little bit of heat and a little bit of spring onions so when you’re adding the egg yolk and cream. If you did it on top of the stove the egg was cooked right away and another chef tip. You always want to add the cheese off the flame mixing them pasta together with a sauce makes all the difference in the world it’s going to take your pasta over the top. All these little tips really secrets will make this pasta and all of your pastas that much better what’s your favorite pasta leave me a comment in the section below you. You’re making us some crispy pork bellies it’s true. Today yeah what’s up with the uniform, what do you mean i have an extra apron. Yeah okay it’s an apron so you have some special techniques get the ultimate pork belly. I mean it’s it’s a simple equation. But it’s also kind of elusive. But you think, we can do it at home. Absolutely you can do it with uh with a toothpick and your oven at home that’s new i’m under you need some pork in my life.


You guys need to be responsible for one of these okay thank you. So this is a kit that i assembled all manner of pointy things do you watch dexter. This is like no extra stir like someone up kiss. These are all your soul various styles all everything sharp and pointed that i had a tool kits at home and it could be as simple as you know this is what we use a lot of times at the restaurant which is just some bamboo skewers that you tape together. This is a cake tester that sold as a sausage pricker ideally what you want to do is only penetrate the skin. We’re looking for like a thousand holes in each one oh wow. Okay i gotta get after this what exactly is happening here. When we’re perforating this old one is during the cooking process. There’s gonna be some rendering that happens too is that the skin is made up mostly of collagen.


So this is a physical breaking down tenderizing then three is we’re gonna add a little baking soda and salt. So that’s gonna really help those senate race. So next steps what are we doing here. We’ve done the physical tenderizing. Now we need to do the chemical, we’re gonna do equal parts baking soda and salt a pound strip can take about a teaspoon of each scan of the revenant just the skin. So now they want to hang out overnight uncovered ideally in front of a fan dry pretty poor day so looks like it maybe sets up a little bit more you can see you know things kind of absorb. It’s pulling out a little bit of moisture. So what’s next we want to give it a quick rinse and get that baking soda off there. So we’re set up for a crispy the skin is ready to roll. Now we can do anything we want with the meat portion and take it in any number of directions. So what do we where we going with it what we have to do regardless is put a little vinegar on here. This is our final step to ensure that this baking soda is neutralized. Because nobody really wants bitter pork the less it foams is that we’re looking for.


So now we’re going to plop these on here yeah. So we have we actually have a couple raw things. If we wanted to this is a honey with a little bit of lemon juice. This is really nice combination here it just it sweetens it up that’s a five spice blend. Actually if you want to season that guy i skipped the salt which is never a good idea did you learn this technique. When you were in china there was a guy. I didn’t know there was a guy there was a guy cuz there’s no way you have all areas get saved knowledge he had a roadside stall and he was open till 4:00 a.m. Every night and you know i just started going there eating every night and kind of observing. You’ve just perfected it. Now you’re passing it along dalton new yorkers which is the cool part. So right now we’re gonna go 325 350 for at least so call it 70 to 80 minutes. The first step so this guy’s been in the oven for an hour and a half at 350 what’s happening in the first part of the cook is all that collagen and the skin is turning into gelatin so if you go too fast. At this point you’re going to get this thing that’s hard no we’re jacking the oven up point is to take it as fast and as hot as possible.

8Now to raise puff the scope right dear lord almighty this guy is just a little more straightforward miss the technique for the skin itself. So it’s just a salt, baking soda the more you add to it the less the skin is gonna chris just sang shawn that i could use your chinese cleaver look at that thing. Alright so we want to do is from the side or the bottom a little bit easier to get here this slice through give yourself a score. You don’t need to actually cut and then just straight push yeah oh, so you score yeah and then slam right through yeah. We’ve got a couple different condiments here you guys could finish with it’s finely minced ginger you heat up oil something with a high smoke point like grapeseed pour.

9It over add your sesame seeds your chives. I have been using this one but scallions anything like liad and then you season it with white pepper salt a little bit of sugar just to balance it out so simple. I’m sorry this is a grinder back sure of this right baby some ruby red toasted chili road here. It’s got cumin and star anise in it. If you want to give it a little zing folks. You have a crying dragon on the plate there yeah that’s so official with the dragon start playing work your way up the flavor explosion when you’ve got the different textures to your dog like the crispy, the fatty a chewy. I don’t even know what’s happening, right now thank you for teaching us these techniques very welcome that’s pork belly. In the world you better try it you make it at home you…