Lobster Ravioli Recipe

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 35 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 5 mins

I Want To Share With You My Recipe For Lobster Ravioli.


  • Ricotta
  • Whole Milk
  • Chopped Up Shallots
  • Chopped Up Garlic
  • Salt
  • Little Bit Of Butter
  • Lobster Meat
  • Pasley
  • Basil
  • Little Bit Of Wine
  • Chopped Herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Pepper
  • Canned Cheery Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil



We’ll need for the filling or some ricotta and this is whole milk ricotta. You want to make sure you get nice whole milk wicked Scott great flavor. You’ll need some cooked lobster meat. I’ll talk about this in just a minute. I’ve got some chopped up shallots garlic a little bit of butter and some chopped herbs. I’ve got parsley and basil here a little bit of white wine. I’ve got salt, and pepper parmigiano-reggiano, and a little bit of olive oil. I also have a big pot ready with water a good sprinkle of salt, and I’m getting that up to a boil for actually boiling these but for now this is we’re gonna do. I’m going to take my skillet where I’ve got some oil. I’m going to add my butter now for my lobster meat you can go to your regular fish store fishmonger.


Wherever you go and they should be able to sell you lobster meatand then you just chop it to really small pieces. If, however you can’t find already cooked lobster meat like. I have you just take a couple of lobster tails you need about a pound of lobster meat in total boil them until they’re cooked through. Let them cool take them out of the shell and then chop it. It’s very simple you can do the same recipe with shrimp it’s definitely more cost effective that way but look do you really okay my butter and oil is good melted.I’m going to add half of my shallots because I’m going to reserve the half for my the other half for my sauce, and then half of my garlic, and half of my herbs how you do that I just needed it for two things. I decided to chop it now all at one time get it out of the way okay let’s give that a good stir with season. This a little bit with some salt, pepper and touch up at power now.


I’m using a little bit of butter with the olive oil because I tend to think that Lobster just has a natural kind of buttery flavor. So I wanted to almost enhance that by using a little bit of the butter. I’m just going to saute my veggies until they start to soften and then we’ll move on to the next step these look good they’re starting to develop some color. I’m going to add in my wine now. I just want that evaporate for like a second. I’m gonna add my lobster meat it now because I wanted to soak up all that gorgeous flavor, and then all the just it’s like you’ve cooked together for about a minute or so just to kind of get all the flavors combined. To heat the lobster meat all the way through cuz it’s already cooked and in the meantime. I’m going to grate a good amount of parmigiano in with my Diigo stem.


I’ll probably take is good know half a cup maybe I’d say it’s up to you really just use a good quality parmigiano because it will pay off at the end you also won’t need to use as much because if you use really good quality you know quality the flavor is much stronger naturally there you go the season this was some pepper no salt because you’ve got the cheese’s you’ve got the salt in the lobster mixture. So you’re good you let that go for just another few seconds and I’m gonna turn this off and let it cool and get everything else ready. So that we can start filling and ready to go now so what I’ve done is I’ve taken my record the feeling and my lobster feeling and I’ve combined the two. I’ve put them in the fridge for about 20 minutes or so just to set up and cool a bit because it gets a bit firmer it’s easier to work with what I have in front of me or this is some fresh pasta sheets now.I made my own.


You’re going to come or going to end up a smaller large or depending on the size of your pasta dough of your pasta sheets so what I do is first you want to shake off on the very top as much of the semolina as you can. Then I just take a little bit of that filling now. I made extra filling because I’m planning on using that this week on another recipe so,I’m all I do is I take a little bit of this filling. You put it on the edge closest to you on the side closest to you and you want to put it about a half inch or so apart from each other because you’ll need some some space there so go ahead and then just do that and then you’re just going to brush some egg wash which is just an egg begin with a little bit of water or milk or cream doesn’t matter you just need to dilute it a little bit, and I like to brush it on the one side and then in the center because this ends up being the glue that holds everything together and then using a ravioli cutter or a cookie cutter or whatever you had this is actually biscuit cutter you fold this over.


You take your two fingers and push down the side you can see it’s pushing out the air on this side which you want you don’t want any air bubbling up in there and that’s what you do and then once. You’ve done all that which it really takes you no time at all. You can also what I love about this pasta dough is that it’s very easy to work with and you can stretch it out just a little bit if, you need to don’t overfill it because they don’t happen what exactly what just happened to me and then go ahead and cut them out and put them on a baking sheet that’s been lined with some parchment paper, and semolina and that’s it. I mean you know they’re not going to look super perfect. If, you want to look perfect just like this one then do the first method. I told you where you just take one sheet and then you put another one on top but you will have a little bit of a little bit of waste with that.


I find that with pasta dough it’s very difficult to regroup it all together and then pass it through a machine again it tends to be a little bit tougher when you do that again cause too much you know it is too much gear to pull with it too much so this method just gives you less waste. I’m just going to pop these into the fridge just to set a little bit they cook a lot better once. I’ve had a chance to kind of rest in the meantime. We’re gonna get started making the sauce which is going to be spicy creamy saucy whiny not this whiny like as in booze whiney but it’s gonna be delicious now for the sauce we’re going to need our remaining herbs garlic, and shallot so got some hot pepper flakes. I’ve got some chopped mixed mushrooms here. I’ve got some oyster mushrooms. I’ve got some shiitake mushrooms. I’ve got a lot of cremini mushrooms apparently they were feeling very very generous with the Carini mushroom mixture. Then I’ve got some canned cherry tomatoes, and some white wine. just the same white wine that we use for the filling and in large skillet with high sides with some olive oil pretty eating and in there. I’m going to add in my shallots.


I have just preheating over about medium-high heat because I don’t want to steam the mushrooms. I want to sear them and get really good color so I’m doing this over high heat. So that I can achieve that and then my garlic shallot hot pepper flakes herbs because I want this to really infuse all the way through the sauce. It’ll be perfect so it’s great already alright. I’m going to add my mushrooms I’m adding everything together because it just really helps get all those flavors really because mushrooms are really like a sponge so anytime you add anything with them they soak up that flavor. So I’m gonna crank my heat up to about high and let these cook without seasoning them because the more you seasoned mushrooms with salt it draws out liquid therefore they’ll be steaming before they’ll be nice and seared and colored. So,I’m just going to give these a ha let them cook until they start to color and cook down they’ll take about five to seven minutes.


Then we’ll move on to the next step that’s exactly what you’re looking for a beautiful color. Now you can see the needs of some salt and pepper and then we’ll season the sauce all together when the time comes I’m going to be glaze the pan add a little extra flavor. Flavor it with some white wine now that smells incredible unbelievable. It takes no time to cook out the alcohol if, you don’t want to use wine leave it out look completely out of the entire recipe how it looks good. I’m going to add in my can of cherry tomatoes. Oh lovely you give that a good stir. All right I’m going to let this simmer for about 20 minutes or so actually just going to add a very small amount of water to this just from my form. I can just the clean up and get a little extra liquid all right yeah this a good 15 minutes or so you have your herbs in there already you’ve got everything going get a pot ready for some water, and salt bring it up to a boil.


We’ll be gone it’ll literally take no time at all once the sauce is ready add your ravioli to the boiling water and you’re ready to go now that looks gorgeous it’s been simmering for about 15 minutes and then crank it up to about medium-high just to let this bubble away without the lid on it. I’m going to add and this is optional but I like it. I’m going to add just a little bit of cream about a quarter cup not much just to make things a little bit thicker and more luxurious as this bubbles away for just a couple of minutes just to put together pull itself together I should say I am going to run back to my boiling water drop my ravioli in Fisher mouth and put the whole thing together. I’m just going to add the drain ravioli to my sauce now all I did with my ravioli.


I just dropped them into the boiling salted water and all. I have to do is wait for them to float to the top which only takes a couple of minutes and they are done. I mean it’s that simple and that easy. I’m just trying to make sure that they are all well coded. I mean look at that then I’m cooking the sauce for just a minute just to kind of come together and that’s it and they’re gorgeous. I’m just going to serve myself.