Lemon Sorbet Recipe

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 35 mins

I’m Calling My Almond And Apple Pinwheels Calm.


  • Small Diced Apple
  • Peeled Egg
  • Sugar
  • Little Flour
  • Salt
  • Lemon Zest
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Almond Flavour
  • Ground Almonds



I have one small diced Apple that’s been peeled an egg some sugar a little flour and salt a lemon and some vanilla extract.you’re also gonna make some pie crust which I’ve come to in just a minute I’m not going to add any almond extract to this because I don’t want it to be so Almondine I don’t want it to be so strong and almond flavor I just kind of wanted to be subtle and sweet and have a little almond a little lemon some vanilla some fresh apple they’re just wonderful.I’ve got the oven preheated to 375.I am ready rock and roll in a bowl.I am going to add my butter everything’s better with butter and then.I’m going to add my sugar and all I’m going to do is I’m going to use an electric whisk to mix these together until they’re really well combined okay I’m going to add my egg a little bit of vanilla extract not too much.


I’m not making a huge batch only gonna make oh it makes about 24 it’s pretty good the little dough like this big so for me it’s like three per person or half a batch and then just a little lemon zest not so much that these have like a really distinctive lemon flavor but just enough to really sort of make the almond not so strong but in this case since.I’m not using an artificial flavor like an almond extract it doesn’t really matter.I just love that lovely sort of fresh note from the lemon against the sweet with almond and everything it’s just perfect so now what you need to do is whisk this for a couple of minutes.


I want this to be really well incorporated and thick so,I’m gonna do that and I’ll show you what looks like once they’re fabulous you see it’s almost like a mousse nice mousse license like consistency that is what you want alright ground almonds and then just a little bit of flour and some salt because salt is a flavor enhancer. we’ll get will keep going all right so what I have here is some pie crust now if you have homemade pie crust on hand more power to you boo but I’m also the kind of person then when I see a good deal I take it so sometimes when you find a pastry crust just plain pie crust at the grocery store and a good deal I like to grab a few boxes and put them in my freezer so that I always have pie crust on hand because they thaw really really easily now you need one pie crust for this you can also double the recipe of course this is about a 10-inch round circle.


what I’m going to do is I am going to take my filling pop that right on and then just give it a good share smear nice and even it’s it’s not going to be super super thin but I don’t want it to be super super thin and I like to leave just a little bit of a border all around because it is when you roll these they will kind of puff up you know the the filling is going to sort of maneuver into that area and squeeze to the sides so,I like to leave about I would say a half inch or so border all around but if,you come over to my house with a ruler.I cn’t opening the door because that’s not how I roll.


I don’t do things super super precise because nobody cares all right now you take your apples and you just sprinkle your apple evenly over the top and I just like to sort of do that I like to kind of really get them into that filling you just cut this in half like so and then I just kind of work from the sides and then you just kind of roll roll like that and don’t worry if you’re filling spills on it it’s gonna be delicious.