Lemon & Herb Spaghetti Recipe

Prepare time: 5 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
We’re Going To Make Lemon & Herb Spaghetti Recipe.


  • Fresh Herbs
  • Lemon Zest
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Some Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Fresh oregano
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Tomatoes



I have just a few fresh herbs. I make my lemon and herb spaghetti and it is so, good so satisfying it’s really light and it goes well with just about anything grilled but it’s also really great on its own with a baguette and maybe you know glass of wine or glass of lemonade it’s just wonderful and it’s so,easy comes together in ten minutes from you know stove to table ten minutes flat. you’re going to start off with some spaghetti now. you can use whole wheat this is just plain ol delicious spaghetti right here.I’ve got some lemons. I’ve also got some fresh herbs. I’ve got parsley fresh oregano fresh thyme.I’ve got some garlic salt pepper and extra virgin olive oil that is it now to this. you can add tomatoes. you can add different herbs. you can add greens. you can add whatever you want but this is kind of really simple for me and truth be told. when I am strapped for time. I don’t have much going on in the fridge. I always have parsley cuz.


I was buy bundles of parsley.I’ll only use parsley and then instead of using the fresh oregano and thyme. I’ll use a tablespoon of Italian seasoning and it just works really really well because.I always have some one hand but I do love the fresh it just tastes like spring and summer and it’s just delicious now. I have a pot filled with water.I added a generous sprinkling of salt and that’s come to a boil. I’m going to go add my pasta to my boiling water and then. we’ll make the no-cook sauce and we’re pretty much there now while my pasta is cooking.I’m just stripping the leaves off of the stem or the time.I’m gonna do the same thing with the oregano be careful because oregano can be quite strong. I like about a tablespoon of a regular leaf leaves for the whole recipe but start a little bit shy you know maybe start with a teaspoon if, you haven’t really eaten raw oregano because it can be quite although.


I absolutely adore it. you can absolutely chop everything by hand of course. you don’t need a mini chop or a food processor but this makes my life a whole lot easier so,I’ve got my garlic.I’ve got my herbs and all.I’m going to do is pulse this until it’s.you want this to be sort of ground but you don’t want it to be a paste so,be careful and just pulse it instead of letting it run for a really long time because.I just want everything to be finely chopped.I want the zest of about a half a lemon and then.I want the juice. I want about C. I really like lemon so, I’m going to do about a quarter cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of lemon juice kind of equal parts that way it’s really lemony and really bright and really beautiful but you can do less than.you can do just a couple tablespoons of lemon juice if, you don’t care for as much lemon as.I do but the whole point of this it is that it’s really bright and lemony it’s really fresh that.I just absolutely love it.


I’m going to actually squeeze my lemon in my little sieve right over my extra virgin olive oil. I’m going to do that because you see there’s a lot of scene in there.I want to be able to get lots of lemon juice.I might only need one and a half lemons instead of a whole lemon but.we shall see and if you have mayor lemons if, you can get your hands on those you should use that because it is faint at there fantastic okay. I’m a little shy. I’m half of a quarter cup of lemon but not by much so,I’m going to leave it there and then just add this to my herb mixture and herb garlic and lemon zest mixture give everything a good little stir like so,I want some black pepper and just a small pinch of salt.II don’t need much because your pasta water should be well salted should be as salty as a Mediterranean but a small pinch will do wonders so,I’m just going to give this a little stir set it aside.

5I’m going to wait for my pasta to cook.I’m going to drain it.I’m going to bring them back here to marry the two together okay.I’ve got my sauce ready I’ve got my pasta dreams now having rinsed it under cold water.I want that pasta to be hot because it’s almost but not really gonna cook the sauce it’s going to kind of waken up all those flavors it’s quite amazing add that right in just make sure you drain it well because.you don’t want the water to kind of water down the sauce and instantly.I’m talking really instantly.when that top pasta hits the herbs and the garlic and the lemon it just smells unbelievable it smells so so, good try and get everything really mixed well and if, you can allow this to sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes and those flavors will just.I mean really get to know each other and they will be absorbed in the past because the pasta kind of acts like a sponge the past kind of says oh! I’m swimming in something let me soak it up and let me taste delicious and that’s. what this does that’s fantastic.

You could also add some chillies to this for a little heat. I don’t prefer to do that cuz. I kind of like keeping it quite lemony and and mellow although quite bright with the herbs and this is perfection.I’m going to put this on a really pretty bright platter because that’s just how. I roll all. I want to get all those herbs from the side and you could absolutely add a sprinkle of parm it would be fantastic. you could do a swirly thing if,you wanted to but I’m not going to a lot of herbs over here add them all in just a little bit but for now.I just want a little just a smidge of a helping because this is going to be actually. what we’re having for dinner followed by a gorgeous tart for dessert.

7You’re not perfectly cooked pasta already talked about this that is pure heaven imperfection and one bite it’s light yet satisfying it’s bright its citrusy its garlicky it’s everything.I love in food all in one all in one plate and it’s so easy.I mean ten minutes from start to finish. you know you can put this on your dinner table tonight.I’m starting to get my schedule together and I’ve got so many exciting and delicious summer treats coming your way.you’re gonna be just blown away so,I love to read your suggestions. I hope you enjoy spending time with me. I’m gonna slurp on and I’ll see you next time you.