Key Lime Pie Popsicle Recipe

Ready in: 8 Hrs 15 mins
How To Make Key Lime Pie Popsicle.


  • Heavy Cream
  • Whole Milk
  • Some Fresh Lime Zest
  • Lime Juice
  • Some Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Condensed Milk
  • Some Warm Water
  • Hot Tap Water
  • Some Crunch
  • Some Graham Crackers



The ingredients you’ll need is heavy cream and whole milk that i’ve mixed together some fresh lime zest and lime juice and some sweetened condensed milk which you guys know if you’ve been with me for a while spring condensed milk and i have a love affair that goes way way back. So really is easy and simple everything goes in a blender. I’ve got a mixture of heavy cream and whole milk and it really is important that you use whole milk and heavy cream, no light no 2%, no fat-free. You need the whole like though the real stuff, because this is really rich and creamy and it’s what makes it so good. I’m gonna add in my fresh lime zest and juice.


You also want to make sure. You use very fresh lime juice nothing out of a bottle for this and the gloriousness that is sweetened condensed milk. I mean i could eat this stuff out of just with a spoon out of the can and quite often have but this is going to be the thing that just thickens this. It gives it the richness and the sweetness that i love and this is how also how i make my little big key lime pie. I also add some sweetened condensed milk try and get it all out of here with my spatula leave the rest behind for me.


Now i’m just going to put a lid on pop this on and get everything well mixed perfect tall i mean come on. I’ve got my popsicle molds here and now what i’m going to do look at this look at the consistency of this i know what you’re thinking that looks creamy and delightful. Trust me when i tell you they are excellent. I’ve got a little left which i will freeze in a different popsicle molds.


Now i just stick my little topper in make sure you secure it my popsicles were in the freezer overnight. Now i’m just gonna take one out and i’ve got some warm water here it’s actually hot tap water in my large cup or a large glass. I’m gonna dump that in whoa put too much water. I’m feeling like i’m living on the edge are you seeing this donk. I was thinking whether that was a theme song or something from someone. But i don’t think so look at that, look all this all the little zest of the lime running through that just makes me happy seeing it that just makes me happy.


Now if you say to me lara in salvador voice and my dad’s voice i need some crunch because my key lime pie i make it with a graham cracker cross and i need some crunch this is what i say to you get yourself some crushed graham crackers okay and sprinkle on and then one as you eat this you get little bites of crushed graham crackers no oh it’s actually a fantastic oh good i really liked a graham-cracker part. So every time i take i eat some of it and go back and cover it again with some graham crackers it tastes like a key lime pie.


But in popsicle form, if you don’t want to put this in popsicle mold. So you’re saying to me lar. I don’t have time for popsicle molds put this in a container pop them into the freezer and then just google my own ice cream scoop the wall is really if your pickle my friend mmm. I don’t know what to say it is perfection, it’s sweet, its tangy, it’s fresh, it’s amazing goto to get this recipe, recreate these tag me on the social media. I would love to see your recreation and let me know down below about your favorite popsicle flavor is i’m really torn between this one and nutella both really. It’s really good hope. You enjoy spent time with me, after the next time you nothing felt like is bad at me hmm okay everybody.