Kale Apple & Walnut Salad Recipe

Prepare time: 10mins
Cook: 5 mins
Ready in: 15 mins
How To Make Kale Apple & Walnut Salad.


  • Some Fresh Kale
  • Some Walnuts
  • Some Goat Cheese Crumbles
  • Some Olive Oil
  • Some Champagne Vinegar
  • A Little Smidge Of Honey
  • Some Whole-Grain
  • Mustard
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • A Little Extra Olive Oil
  • Goat Cheese
  • Add Feta
  • Pears
  • Different Nuts
  • Vinegar
  • Citrus
  • Add Some Dried Cranberries
  • Oils
  • Some Onion
  • Little Jars
  • White Wine Red
  • Wine Vinegar
  • Some Roasted Sweet Potato Fries
  • Some Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges



This is such a great way for me to explain to everyone that you really can have salads in the colder months it’s just about finding different ingredients that are available in season and this just doesn’t for me. It’s one of my favorite go twos and i hope you’ll enjoy too then we take you over the ingredients let me get started. You’ll need some fresh kale and i’ll talk about this in a minute. I’ve got some walnuts here that i’ve roughly chopped i’ve got some goat cheese crumbles. I’ve got an apple some olive oil, what i have here are some champagne vinegar and also a little smidge of honey in here. I’ve got some whole-grain, mustard, salt, pepper and a little extra olive oil that is it to this salad.


You can do anything you want think of this. It’s just a base like a basic ingredient, if you want to change different greens by all means go ahead and do so you don’t like goat cheese but you prefer feta. Add feta you don’t want to add apple, you want to add pear and pears, add different nuts, different vinegars, different citrus. You could add some dried cranberries to this really the world is your pickle and in this case the salad is all you boo. So you do what you want you use things you love and also things. You have on hand i always have kale on hand. So that’s what i’m using first i’m going to do them. I have a skillet here dry skillet, there’s nothing in it. I’m going to add my walnut pieces. I’m going to toast them to really release their oils and flavors. Now that what i have here is some kale that i have just stripped from the stem is really unedible it’s really hard.


I want to get rid of that and then i just chopped the using ruff like bite sized pieces. Now you can find in most grocery stores, you can find pre-washed baby kale greens right next to the back love spinach right next to the box of arugula they should have it. If they don’t have it that’s really great on to do nothing to it, no chopping zone nothing it’s really nice and tender kale greens. But if you don’t have them and you only have very regular kale available which is what i was able to get my hands on this morning. Then i’m going to share with you. How to make it nice and tender to my kale which has been washed. I’m going to add a drizzle of olive oil not much about me being less than a tablespoon really. I know that you’re thinking what am i doing, but just really hear me out. What i’m doing with clean hands, i’m taking the olive oil and massaging my kale. Now what this does is it breaks down the kale a bit it, makes it a little more tender and not so um and not so tough it makes. It really nice and tender.


However you want you can see my kale, it’s actually gotten greener, it’s got an even deeper in color from massaging it and i only massaged it for about two two or three minutes not too long. I’m going to add my apple right to my kale this gorgeous. You can also add some onion in here if you wanted to but i’m not going to i’ve got my toasted walnuts. Now i’m going to make my dressing really quickly. I love making dressings into these little jars because it just makes really easy just shake it up to my olive oil. I’ve got some whole-grain mustard, you could also use dijon if you wanted to i’ve got my honey and my vinegar.
This is champagne vinegar but if you want to use white wine red wine vinegar or whatever that’s really fine the honey is a great counterbalance to the acidity from the vinegar and then some salt and ground black pepper. I do need a good pinch of salt and then just put the lid on right howie that’s one thing. I’m always scared about with these jar dressings is that i don’t have the lid on really well damn. I’m a pain my kitchen towel wrap it around so that if anything happens it doesn’t go all over your kitchen and just shake to make the whole thing off together and then just pour this golden gorgeousness all over your salad.


Now just using clean hands toss everything together and it is just so smelling so good i love it. I don’t mix the goat cheese crumbles and at this point because i like to make sure that my greens are really dressed well. Then i take them put them into a nice serving bowl like so that way the goat cheese crumbles stay right on top and don’t get like soggy or anything from the dressing my apple some beautiful dried cranberries would be lovely here take my mop pain wipe my hands really quickly and then just take you grow cheese crumbles and again whatever cheese. You prefer my friend do as much or as little as you want at this salad believe it or not. It’s just for joe and i just a light snack.


But it’s actually going to be our main dinner because it’s very filling and done. We did have a really late lunch so it’s all good. I’m going to take a nice bite. I want everything, i want kale, i want apple, i want goat cheese, i want it. All i’m greedy like that money that is delicious i love it. Hi my name say it’s delicious not too tart from the vinegar just such a great balance of flavors and again play around with flavors you like add whatever you have on hand some roasted sweet potato fries. In here not potato fries but some roasted sweet potato wedges would be really nice here as well.