How to Make a Jelly Roll Cake Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 20 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Jelly Roll With The Fabulous Strawberry Sauce.


  • All Purpose Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Egg White
  • Salt
  • Egg Yolks
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Almond Extract
  • Ground Almonds



We can get started you’ll need some all-purpose flour, baking powder, granulated sugar, that. I’ve separated egg whites, egg yolks, ground almonds salt, vanilla extract and almond extract these are the ingredients. you need to make the actual cake part. I’ll show you in a little bit the filling and the sauce now, the first thing. I’ll do is the oven preheated to 375 the second thing. you wanna do is take a 17 by 11 inch baking sheet coated with something else’ cookies way and then lay the bottom with.some parchment paper. I actually sprayed the parchment paper too because. I just wanna make sure nothing sticks so that.I have that done let’s get going to making the actual recipe in this bowl. I’m just going to sift together my flour and baking powder. I just want to avoid any lumps okay now that you have that done set that aside put this back here.we’re gonna get going on the bat making the rest of the batter in this big bowl. I’m gonna put in my egg yolks and part of my sugar.


I separated some some over there and I’m just going to cream these together until the listen light and fluffy awesome now. We’re going to put in some vanilla extract and you guys know. I never really measure vanilla extract. I am going to measure my almond extract because almond extract is so, strong that a little goes a long way so, I just want to make sure. I don’t overdo it that’s fine what’s that in add in my dry ingredients and my ground almonds that looks good it’s really really thick at this point but don’t worry about it because we are going to do something else that’s going to change this a little bit now.


What I’m going to do is,I’m going to just wash my attachment here because I’m gonna have to whip the egg whites and if, the beaters are dirty the egg whites will not get nice and kind of frothy and light as they show so, I’m going to wash these grab a clean bowl and come right back. I’m gonna put my egg whites in this big bowl with the salt and I’m just going to whisk these until they become nice and frothy slowly add my sugar and so,whisky them so,they get between salt and that is what you’re looking for they’re not soft peaks but they’re not stiff peaks either it’s a little bit in between so now. I’m just going to take some of the egg whites that’s good and I’m just going to mix it in with my whisk here and now.I’m going to take the remaining just do the same thing awesome so,now you just want to give it everything a good mix that looks amazing already it smells really good and just pour this into your prepared baking sheet once.


You have this spread nice and evenly this is going to go into your preheated oven at 375 between 12 to 14 minutes or until it’s lightly golden and it springs back when you touch it and I’ll show you what to do medially after comes out my jelly roll was in the oven for 12 minutes and it’s exactly. What you’re looking for so now really really need to act quickly because you need to do this while it’s still hot you want to take a kitchen towel or anything that’s lint-free and it’s big enough to handle the whole thing here because it is pretty big it’s a 17 by 11 inch pan and you want to sprinkle it generously with confectioner sugar and now.I’m going to just take a butter knife and run it all around the edges make sure nothing stuck so,now you just want to invert this on here there. you go try to Center it somewhat get rid of your parchment paper and starting on the long end with the towel included you want to just roll this up now.


I’m going to put this on a rack and I’m going to let that cool for about an hour or so or until it’s completely cooled and then.I’ll show you the next step my jelly rolls cool completely so now. we’re going to stuff it with the whipped cream and now if,you want to you there’s actually no jelly in this recipe at all but, you can also smear some jelly inside here and then put the whipped cream on top but since. I’m making a strawberry sauce that kind of acts like the jelly part of the jelly roll so, when I’ve done is I’ve put my bowl with my whipped cream in the fridge for about a half hour just to get it really nice and chilled.I’m going to add some confectioner sugar and some vanilla.I’m just going to beat this up until it’s got a nice stiff peaks that is what you’re looking for you want it to be really really thick because. you don’t want it to run out of the sides of the jelly roll as we roll it come on get out okay so in a platter near you.


I’m actually going to do this this way so you can see much better take your jelly roll off your rack it’s now cooled completely and you’re gonna unwrap it spread it with your whipped cream just leave like a two inch border around one of the long edges because otherwise squeeze it tight again it’s going to come out all over the place and you don’t want that that looks good well just to be as even as possible and then you just roll it right back up but without the towel this time awesome and you’re going to put a seam side down on a platter and now. what I’m going to do is.I’m going to wrap this with some plastic wrap and I’m going to put this in the fridge for a minimum of two hours or you can even do this overnight because you want this to really sex so when we cut it in slice it’s like a fall apart.


I’m gonna cover this put it in the fridge and I’ll show you how to make the sauce and then once this is cooled.we’ll put the whole thing together so my jellyroll still in the fridge for a couple more minutes getting nice and chilled.we’re gonna make the strawberry sauce and for the strawberry’re gonna need just some fresh strawberries confectioner sugar and the squeeze of lemon it’s that simple and easy so, what I’m going to do is.I’m going to put my strawberries.I’m going to pretty much put everything in my can even use a food processor if,you want to put a little bit of lemon or really to taste and then just sweeten it with some confectioner sugar.I like to put about three tablespoons for this amount of strawberries so now.I’m just going to blend this up until it’s nice and smooth my strawberry sauce is done.


I also took my jelly roll out of the fridge and what I’m going to do is. I’m just going to remove like just take away the first little piece here because it’s a little too dark and I don’t like that so much so take that aside for now and then.I just slice it on an angle like that and then take some of your strawberry sauce and I like to put it around the plate only because.I want my guests to see like what the actual jelly roll looks like and that’s it I mean. I know. I’ve gone a little overboard with the sauce.I personally really really like it’s that fresh bright sort of tangy yet sweet component to this dish that just makes it really over the top for me and it’s what really makes it let’s just give it a taste all together my soul bud I have to fit flavor profile. I’m a strawberry shortcake.