Homemade Jelly Donut Recipe

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 40 mins

I’m Gonna Make You A Jelly Donut Recipe.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Melted Vegetable Shortening
  • Unsatled Butter
  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Some Yeast



You need all-purpose flour a good pinch of salt. I’ve got some melted vegetable shortening and some melted unsalted butter, and eggs, some milk that’s been warmed up. I’ve got some sugar, and some yeast that’s it let’s get started we’re gonna get going on activating the yeast. I’ve got my milk here but 110 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m gonna sprinkle over my yeast. I’m also gonna feed it by giving it just a teaspoon of sugar mix that around and I’m gonna set that aside for several minutes or until the yeast is you’ll be able to smell it when it’s activated and gets all foamy and bubbly on top and that’s when you know that you are ready to get going mix your salt with your flour so that that’s completely ready to go and now in this bowl.


I’m gonna make this in my standing mixer because it doesn’t need to knead for a while so in the bowl of my standing mixer I’m just gonna add my vegetable shortening that I’ve melted. I pop that right into the microwave along with my unsalted butter, and then I’m gonna add in my egg and this is really my all-purpose like pleaing donut dough it just works really really well and the glazed donut recipe this is the same dough. I used I just doubled the batch when I did the when I did those but it’s just really it’s perfect it works really really well and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. so I’m just gonna give these a quick little mix I’m gonna clean up wait for my yeast to activate and then.


We’ll put the whole thing together. We’re getting kneading and where that will be that much closer to getting these ready to eat. You can see my yeast is activated and it’s super in pourraient when you’re working with a yeast dough that your yeast is activated so often whenever it’s either a donut recipe or my cinnamon rolls or any dough that requires any that that’s a yeast dough. You will get a great dough every single time. I’ve added in my yeast mixture I’m adding my flour and just kind of giving this a quick stir with my spatula right before I put it and get it to kneading. I’m gonna put my dough hook on and I’m gonna need this on medium speed for about I’d say five six minutes. You want a really nice smooth dough and they should only take about five six minutes. I’m gonna put this on lift it up and let it go my dough is kneading for about five minutes and it’s exactly how I want it it’s nice and smooth it’s a little it looks like a little on the tacky side but it’s not like sticking to me as you can see but that’s what I watch now I have my bowl here that’s the bowl I had my flour in and I hold it just with a little bit of vegetable oil.


I’m just taking my dough scraper. Now I’m making a smaller batch I have the recipe in half because it’s just my husband and I and I don’t want to make too too many donuts because I will eat them so,I’m just gonna make some and I’m actually gonna take these too we’re having like a little get-together tonight with friends so I’m gonna take them there. I all the top as well with whatever was left over on my pastry brush, and now I’m going to cover this with plastic wrap and stick it somewhere warm. I’m gonna just put it in my microwave with a microwave turned off for about an hour so you want this to double in size and when it’s there and we’ll get going on rolling and cutting and move it forward my dough is about doubled in size, and just took a couple of hours and it can take up to three hours so do not panic. If it’s not doubled in an hour just give it some time make sure the spot is nice and warm. I’m gonna set that aside I have a baking sheet here with a piece of parchment paper.


I’ve put a little bit of flour down, and now I’m going to take more flour and sprinkle my board. I do have a fish spatula here because it’s got a nice flat edge it’s gonna be just the thing I need to lift my Donuts once I cut them and then I have with a three and a half inch biscuit cutter you can use a coat whatever you’ve got that’s round use that okay. I’m gonna just deflate my dough just like that and then I need to get it all out of here just pull this together with my hands and you can stretch it out with your hands. If, you wanted to I’m gonna take a rolling pin, and just get this out to about a half an inch thick now remember that I did cut the dough in half because I don’t want to make too too many because this girl will eat them all but you will have much more. if,you make the full batch which is completely up to you. So I’m just rolling this out and pushing it down with my hand and you can see I’m kind of flattening it.


I’m also just getting it to be as even as possible I want this to be about half an inch thick just gonna take my biscuit cutter I like to dip it in flour and then cut out my little Donuts that’s it that simple now I’m gonna cover these with a lint-free kitchen towel and I’m gonna stick them somewhere warm again and they need to rise for about half hour to an hour. I have a long it takes for them to double in size. So I’m gonna put this right back there they’ll stay nice, and warm and in the meantime. I’m gonna get a heavy skillet or a heavy pot. I’m gonna fill it with some vegetable oil and bring that up to temperature to cook them in they look gorgeous you know just by looking at them that they’re gonna be fluffy and gorgeous. I do have some vegetable oil up to temperature.


I have a large pan really heavy bottom pan halfway filled with oil now this is how I always tell it’s the right temperature. You put your the end of a wooden spoon in and I don’t know if, you can see but there’s a little bubbles coming around up see little bubbles around the base of that that’s how you know it’s at the perfect temperature if the bubbles are bubbling like ferociously that means it’s over 350. You can use a thermometer. I am going to just add them to my hot oil you can see they’re bubbling up really nicely. I am gonna fry up just a few at a time I don’t want these too I don’t want the pan to be overcrowded so I’m gonna fry up about four at a time and I also don’t want the temperature of the oil to go down and then will get really soggy and oily Donuts so I’m gonna do four at a time. I am going to cook these for about two minutes aside or until they’re a beautiful golden-brown color what I have here is a baking sheet.


I’ve lined with some paper towels because these are going to need to I’m gonna put them on there so that the oil can kind of get out of you know seeped down to the paper towel and then. I have a shallow bowl here with some granulated sugar and I’m gonna get some jelly ready and then we’ll get going to come together. I’m shouldn’t take very long it’ll take like a minute or so per side they’re very quick to to cook another the next batch and I’ll meet you back when they’re all done and while the other batch is cooking up. I’m just taking their first batch that I just let sit on my part on my paper towels for just a couple minutes and I’m dipping them in sugar you want to do this relatively quickly well they’re so hot because that way the sugar sticks and then. I always do like to do it again after I cut them with a jelly but for now I’m just gonna continue to babysit the rest of them. Then we’ll fill up now what I’m doing and everybody’s done a few of them.


I take one of these it’s like a little lollipop stick or I think it’s also known as a mini cake pop stick one of these little things. You can bind up anywhere or any any object in your house it looks like this I take it and I make a little like sort of a little hole on one side like a little bit like that and I kind of just wiggle it around this is how I do it I am NOT factoring this is how it works for me that I have a disposable piping bag with some strawberry jelly in it strawberry jam anything. I wouldn’t use preserves because it makes it a little bit too difficult to come out of the tip and then I just pipe it right in and if a little bit comes out perfectly fine, and I just continue to do them all it shouldn’t take very long at all it’ll just take a couple of seconds whoa buddy they’re delicious and if,you could just smell what I’m smelling in here. You’d understand why I’m trying to hurry they are all filled and now what I do like to do is I just like to go in and dip the tops in a bit more sugar.


I did disturb them a bit as I was filling them but whatever I’m gonna go right into way I’m gonna go with this one I don’t think my face book and life is sweet pun intended mmm they are so much better than store-bought. I’m laughing at myself because I know I’m covered in sugar but that’s okay they are so much better than store-bought. They’re fluffy they’re not too sweet perfect amount of jelly I mean nothing about these is bad in any way shape or form if you want to make some outrageous jelly doughnuts.