Italian Quesadilla Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 40 mins
Ready in: 1 Hrs
How To Make Quesadilla Recipe.


  • Some Tortillas
  • Some Prosciutto
  • Some Fresh Shredded Mozzarella
  • Some Pesto
  • A Little Bit Of Olive Oil
  • Some Mozzarella



So let’s get started by going to the ingredients you’re gonna need some tortillas, some prosciutto. You can use any kind of leftover daily meat. You have some fresh shredded mozzarella, some pesto. You’re going to need a little bit of olive oil and that’s it. This the beauty of a quesadilla. You can just do whatever you want you can mix and match with whatever you have. Now i have a large skillet here that’s nonstick and there’s absolutely nothing in it. I’m just going to drizzle tiny bit of olive oil that’s it, crank it up to but medium. I want to start making my first one. This is how easy it is you take your tortilla you take a little thin layer of the pesto. I mean this is something that’s super easy.


You can do it for a dinner party for a starter. You can do it if you have people over for say the super bowl or any super bowl or any kind of you know cocktail hour that you’re putting together or whatever it doesn’t really matter just takes no time few ingredients all up to you. Now you have your first layer you’re going to put this right in here quick shred it some mozzarella shredded mozzarella not shredded some mozzarella and then just lay a few slices of the prosciutto right on top you can do a hold the whole thing. You could just use half of it. It depends on how much you like it is very salty. So i’m going to go with half of it that way when you fold it over. It’s just going to have the right amount.


Now that the mozzarella is beginning to melt. I’m just going to fold it over do like so and then just cook it for about a minute on each side while it’s folded just until the cheese is completely melted just going to put my last one off. As you can see i have all of them done. Now all i do is use my pizza cutter and just cut right through see you have your cheese. You have a fabulous pesto look at that gorgeous it’s such a quick like little thing that you can put together in no time and like i said you can just use anything. You want if you have leftover turkey thing is that if you have cheddar you can use it with cheddar. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just whatever you’ve got left over. I just call it my italian quesadillas because it’s got mozzarella and it’s got the pursued and it’s got the pesto.