Italian BLT Panini Recipe

Prepare time:  10 mins
Ready in: 25 min
I Want To Show How To Make Italian BLT Panini.


  • Some Fresh Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Some Fresh Basil
  • Some Pancetta
  • Some Pesto
  • Choice Of Bread
  • Some Shredded Provolone
  • Mozzarella
  • Pepper



We can get started you’re going to need some fresh spinach. some beautiful tomatoes. some fresh basil. some pancetta that’s been thinly sliced. some pesto and your choice of bread and then. some shredded provolone. you can use mozzarella. you can use whatever you have on hand but it just so happens that for me. I love using pancetta instead of bacon which is more traditional for BLT and instead of using say iceberg lettuce or any kind of lettuce.I to use spinach because got lots and lots of great flavor and it’s really good for us and of course. you know have some beautiful tomatoes to go along with it so, what I’m going to do is make everything on grill pan. you want to get your grill pan nice and hot either over medium-high heat and what I’m actually going to do and this might sound a little bit odd.


I’m going to take my family slice banacheck that. I’m just going to grill it for a couple minutes on each side to develop its flavor and a little bit of texture and that’s all. I’m going to do for now and it’s going to take no time at all it takes just about a minute per side so, go ahead and do that take my last chip pieces off and it literally takes just about a minute or so, total doesn’t take any time at all but it really develops the flavor so it’s a really important step that. I wouldn’t skip but of course if, you don’t have punch. I thought which is really the Italian version of bacon then you can just use bacon so, onto assembling our sandwiches now. what I do is take couple slices of good quality bread and I like to use a whole grain bread because. I always have whole-grain on hand that’s my bread of choice.I like to spread a thin thin slice.


I have to a one teaspoon per slice of pesto now the reason. why I’m using pesto is because traditionally. we use Mayo but you know males not that figure friendly and I’m not a huge of Mayor on my sandwiches but if, you like may open by all means knock yourself out all. I’m going to do is just spread thin slats smear of basil, pesto onto each slice last one okay now here’s how she goes now. I’m going to put a little bit of the shredded cheese underneath pretty much everything so, first slice is going to get a little bit of cheese and this is one with the topper so, don’t worry about those two slices just yet and the reason.I’m putting cheese on the first slice and as well as a tap it’s because it’s going to act like glue it’s going to kind of stick everything together so, that’s you know that’s. why I’m using me that way then going to pile on the tomatoes. you can just use whatever you want just seasoning the tomatoes a little bit with some pepper. you do not need any salt because pancetta is so, salty it will be so overpowering and then.


You’ll be completely regretting that move so just pile on your punch. I thumb it’s so thinly sliced it’s going to be amazing. I don’t like to have like too thick of a piece of bacon or pancetta in my mouth because. I think it’s too overpowering and just nothing. you can taste anything else if, you do that a couple slices of bacon bacon of basil and then. I’m just going to put on a handful of some fresh clean baby spinach that’s great so,, last thing whoops losing my bit my spinach last thing on the tube is put a little bit more cheese on top because this is a top layer so, it’s like remember it’s like glue. you need something to hold it all together that’s fabulous so, now I’m just going to put a light drizzle of olive oil on my grill pan so, nothing sticks but the topper on.


I’m going to just put them right on here and those are going to be on for a few minutes on each side or until the cheese melts just flip it.once and you’re done these look great they’ve been on the grill for just about three minutes per side just until the cheese melted. I’m actually going to bring this over to my board so, I can cut it just like that oh yeah look at that oh, I’m excited for this that is awesome it is so, incredible delicious now punch at them. just listen to me get in your kitchen make the sandwich. I guarantee it once. you do you’ll never make plain ol BLTs ever again.