Italian Fried Artichokes Recipes

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Ready in: 45 mins
How To Make Italian Fried Artichoke.


  • Fresh Artichoke Hearts
  • Canned Artichoke Hearts
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Flour
  • Freshly Grated Parmigiano
  • Some Eggs
  • Some Veg Oil
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Juice
  • Some Paper Towels



If you use fresh artichoke hearts you would have to you have to boil them and cook them partially cook them and then come again and then drainable abut the glass so really the best thing to do is to use either canned artichoke hearts or to use frozen. So let me show you the agree this i’d come salt pepper you need five ingredients it’s amazing and they’re so so good all purpose flour these are the artichoke hearts. I’m using these are actually in brine that i drain and i bring some of the brine off but they work perfectly. Here i love them so much lots of freshly grated parmigiano salt and pepper and you’re gonna need some eggs and some veg oil.


It’s not flour oil, safflower oil or veg oil peanut or anything clear anything flavorless is what you want. I have some in my cast iron skillet coming up to temperature. I want this really nice and hot because the artichokes will literally cook within a couple of minutes which is awesome. All right i’ve done to my artichoke hearts. I’ve i’m through they you know delayed drain them rinse them in the sieve with just regular cold water just to now get rid of all the brine with just a little bit and then. I put them on a paper towel line to play just to absorb any extra liquid. So now i need to work on the eggs. Now to my eggs i need pepper a good pinch of salt and i need honey jonel


Now i’m not going to add any salt to my flour you know i normally would definitely season everleigh of my dish. But because i’m using the artichokes that were in a brine. They’re already salted, so really i just want to salt a little bit of the eggs. But i don’t need to salt the flour otherwise i’ll just get too much salt. But if you’re using frozen, you want to make sure there are thawed and you want to make sure that you soft the flour. So that everything is perfectly seasoned and then i need a good amount of freshly grated parm. I would say about a half a cup here and it’s really a step you cannot leave out because what happens is the parm and the eggs kind of get together and when you whisk them.


All together they get really thick and that’s what you want because it’s gonna really stick to the artichoke hearts. All right i’m just going to whisk them together until everything is really well combined perfect. Okay now you can set that aside and this isn’t what my mother does she doesn’t pretty much all at once. If you have a batch that’s any bigger than this and you want to do this you know in two parts. But she just takes the artichokes, you want to dust them in flour like so then shake off the excess and then just dump them into the eggs and leave them there for just a couple of minutes while your oil heats up and that is as easy as it guess.

5Now we make these a lot around easter just cuz it’s like one you know artichokes are back in season and spring and it’s awesome and we just we don’t use any dipping sauce for them. You can also use marinara sauce. If you want to you can use lemon, lemon juice can make an aioli for it. Whatever your heart desires but we literally make mounds of these and we just snack on them. It’s kind of like you i always say this with fried food. You never leave the scene of the crime because my mother makes them my nonna makes them. We just you know we’re in the kitchen or around the table and they get gobbled up my mouth is watering. They got gobbled up, the second they come out and it’s just like the best feeling. You know it’s like the best memories when i make childhood recipes or recipes like a rat beating it’s like.

6I can actually vision, i can envision standing there eating them with my cousins and my aunts and my uncles and it’s just i think that’s the best part of food and it’s why i shared them with you. I love to share so much with you. It’s because,it’s just transporting all right i’m gonna finish up flowering all of these these are looking a perfect. Now what i like to do. You can use tongs but i’ve got this two little wisp thing is actually from the pioneer woman’s cooking line. I just take the artichokes and just add them and then you can move them around and it instantly cooks them which is what you want and then you want to also have a plate with some paper towels ready. Because you need to get them out and get them you know drained. So i’m gonna continue to add more and then i’m gonna cook them in batches.

7I’m not gonna cook all of them, they want or my oil temperature will drop. I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done my second batch these look fantastic. You can see they’re really golden. Now these are not gonna stay super like crunchy kind of like if you were to do, like a bread crumb coating they would get really crunchy. You know but these are different these remain a little crunchy. But just overall they kind of almost melt in your mouth. They’re just phenomenal and you really need to give them a try they cook in like not even minutes like a minute or two it’s just so good. They’re so easy and they’re fantastic and like i said anything that helps you know without having to anything that helps me not having peel and cook artichokes from scratch just to use the artichoke hearts.

8These are just pieces of egg by the way, these are really good. I’m all for it and this recipe just works really well with either frozen or like i said if they’re in a jar or in a can just make sure that you drain them really well that’s all. If they’re frozen they need to be thought of really well that is it they’re just such like little lovely nibbles of yumminess and when they good for this one right here guys. It’s not as hot mmm i have every intention of showing you the inside, you see you get a really lovely golden crust and then the inside is just like perfectly tender and they don’t take too long to cook because there’s nothing on the inside that you need to cook. You really just need to you know cook the outside cook that egg layer.