Shrimp and Grits, Seafood Recipe

Ready in: 20 – 40 mins



  • Olive oil
  • Taco sauce
  • Diced onions
  • Garlic
  • Shrimp
  • Creole tomatoes
  • Butter


1Today, we’re going to cook shrimp and grits, which is a southern classic. It’s also a dish that’s featured on our brunch menu. So to start the dish we have our pan preheated and we’re going to put a little bit of good olive oil in there and now we’re going to add our taco sauce, taco sauce is a Cajun spice pan it’s really a seasoned well on the outside and cured and it’s great for getting a great smoke flavor with a little extra Creole seasoning in it. If you don’t have toss so you can use any other kind of smoked Pam bacon would work well as well as Andouille sausage. So once we begin to render our taco sauce. We’re going to add some diced onions and we’re going to cook these for just a second. We’re not really looking to get any color on them so you just want to begin to bring out some of the sweetness on the onions.

2You just want to keep the pan moving so your, your onions don’t start to burn. Okay, now we’re going to add some garlic and it’s important that you don’t let your garlic burns the garlic will have a tendency to turn brown and then it gets bitter you only want to cook garlic for about one minute just so that the oils begin to release this just smells great. Now we’re going to do is we’re going to add our shrimp, so we have some beautiful beautiful gulf shrimp with the heads on there about a nine count shrimp and they come out to about a sixteen twenty headless shrimp. After they’ve been peeled and deveined.

3As you can see they’re already beginning to turn pink. So our next ingredient is one of my favorites Creole tomatoes and I’m picking these up from st. Bernard Parish I Drive down to st. Bernard once or twice a week to pick up these gorgeous Creole tomatoes and Creole tomatoes, what tomatoes that are grown in the alluvial soil south of New Orleans.

4So now we want to take all of the brown remnants in the pan that we’re kind of sticking to the pan. You don’t have to worry about those that’s not it’s not burning there that’s building assessment start building the flavor for our sauce. So as we’re deglazing we’re just going to stir the bottom and get those wonderful brown bits up and get that great flavor from the Tasso and onions and garlic in here.

5So as far as herbs go my favorite herb for this dish is some thyme so here we have some fresh thyme and then we’re going to add some Creole seasoning. And you can start to see our creole really coming together those tomatoes and that Creole seasoning really starting to blend. We’re not going to add any salt and pepper because the Creole seasoning already has a lot of salt and pepper in it. So as you can see the sauce is beginning to thicken up nicely as its reducing, so now we’re going to add some, some heavy cream and now we’re going to just let that come up to a boil and it just has to reduce for a minute.

6so now we’re going to turn down our stove just a little bit and we’re going to add some of our parsley green onions and then we’re going to finish it with just a whole piece of butter and what we want to do is we want to emboss if I that butter into our sauce. So if we just sat here and let the sauce boil without stirring it you’d get an oil slick of butter on top, So we want to keep that up keep that sauce moving and it’s a really great way to finish a pan sauce and just a piece of butter at the very end. So once our butter is fully emulsified into the sauce, we can remove it from the heat and here I have a plate with some grits.