How-To Make Potato Skin Nachos

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook time: 1 Hrs 35 mins
Ready in: 1 Hrs 55 mins

We’re Gonna Make Potato Skin Nachos.


  • Some Russet Potatoes
  • 12 Ounces Of Streaky Bacon
  • Some Sour Cream Scallions
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Bake Potatoes
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Extra Potato Skins
  • Paper Towels
  • Some Vegetable
  • Canola Oil
  • Thicker Meat
  • Some Scallions


1This about five ingredients for any some russet potatoes about five or so about 12 ounces of streaky bacon, some sour cream scallions and a mixture of cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack cheese. It’s been shredded or any kind of cheese you want really a good melting cheese. So you get started you’re gonna heat your oven to about 400 degrees and you’re just gonna bake these potatoes. So you know put them on a tray you can bake potatoes whatever method works for you I don’t care I’m what are we just gonna put these on a tray and then bake it at about 400 degrees about an hour our potatoes have baked it in the oven for about an hour the nice and tender and then. I’m cool down completely, we’re just going to cut them and basically scoop out the insides all of the filling and stuff. This is perfect for mashed potatoes or gnocchi we were making a whole lot of new okey, one day and we had all these extra potato skins. That we didn’t want to waste. So we decided like what can we do with these fan skins.

2Let’s make nachos, you don’t have to like remove all of the filling. It really doesn’t matter, it’s just gonna fry up and get crispy. So you can leave like a little bit in there, this piece will be more like a lot crispier than these like thicker pieces. So I mean this is perfectly edible though just like that people go apeshit. I feel like for loaded baked potatoes and so you’re giving them that and people love nachos. You’re giving them the best of both worlds nachos and loaded baked potatoes all together like who knew. You know it’s awesome cool, so i’ve scooped out all this and we’ll put this aside. I don’t need it right now. So now I’m just gonna fry these up so it’s gonna line this with some paper towels, some vegetable or canola oil get it about 350 degrees and we’ll just these guys in there.

3Let them fry away you’d want to fill with too many in here the oil will like the temperature will drop. So you want to keep like you know a nice good amount in there. So we’re looking for a nice golden color it maybe takes like a couple minutes to get these we want the inside to be golden and the skin side as well. This guy the skin is pretty much like ready to go right. Now that’s nice and golden other ones, where it has like a thicker meat in there I guess if you want to call it. It might take a little longer you kind of know when they’re really done. When they really stop bubbling up so much oh that looks pretty good. I’d be happy with that and just be careful like make sure. You can see like some of the jerk, like the oil like kind of cut it, like cups in there just drains in the oil as you take them out. You know the holes get the skin and the flesh is really good for you in the potato. You know they work in army together and then you deep-fry it and it’s even better for you. Who know you’re here at munchies we do things.

All right these are nice crispy golden don’t forget to seize them. When they come out because the salt kind of sticks them better tada. All right those are ready to go and except, we’re gonna fry our bacon and get our toppings ready for this so with the bacon. We can fry these you know like the whole like this and then crumble them up after or we can slice it and then just like cook it all together. I’m just gonna kind of slice it and rip it. All together so just gonna cut it whatever sizes. You want it doesn’t matter you can have big pieces and then a little couple eat it more later too. We’re gonna add this into a nice hot pan throw it in there.

5Okay [Music] bacon your rules gonna play by the rules. Here we go like that fine, we won’t learn of anything from mayhem Lauren that there are no rules in cooking am i right like it’s not about the process or the journey cooking sometimes about the final product of destination it is break it up in there. So you want to like make sure the pieces kind of separate a little bit. So you can ice and crispy. If we’re gonna get therapy we would get there hungover or not we will make our potatoes get nachos and they’re gonna be delicious. All right nice and crispy pour that right into here. So it’s gonna strain out the bacon and the fat right through there.

6Put that heavily Chris bacon. Oh it’s good now right here symbol our nachos. We’ve got a nice you know sheet tray. I’m gonna put it on you could use a large one. If you wanted to I’m gonna put on a small one. Because I want to get like just everything kind of covered in cheese and stuff. So we’ll do a nice little single layer of these guys to start. All right just like that next up we’re gonna put some of this cheese on top this is about and maybe like 2 to 3 cups of cheese. So it’s no cheesy like it but I want to make sure everything is covered. So I’m gonna like really get in there and just these are nachos and nachos has had a lot of cheese.

7So we’re gonna load these up no one is more disappointed than the person who pulls up a nacho and it has like nothing on it. So you want to try to make sure you like evenly spread out all this stuff just like this. We’re gonna pop this into a 400 degree oven and cook it just until the cheese starts melting and bubbling and stuff maybe like 10 minutes or so [Music] all right look at those. So these are looking really good then that cheese is nice and melted. They’ve got a little bit crispy ER. So next up I’m just going to slice up some scallions and you can use chives because the scallions. If you wanted to W finer scallions all over not only does it give it a nice beautiful color.

8But it has that nice onion flavor. So it’s pretty good, so the sour cream he’s kind of Dalek all over I also like to serve it with extra sour cream on the side. Because this is in all those instances where not everyone’s gonna have sour cream on their nacho. So you’re gonna want to have extra, so that you can add a little bit more to it. If you want so here we have it potato skin nachos. They’re perfect for share with their friends. They’re perfect for eating you know the Super Bowl usually a big potatoes not the kind of thing. It’s a very individual portion this is the office of that it’s for sharing so like this is like baked potatoes with friends. I’m gonna choose the perfect one. I think this one looks like good. It’s nice and cheesy lotta bacon not a sour cream perfect I love it [Music].